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Found 9 results

  1. So I recently my friend got this game but whenever he hosts when I press tab it shows that he has a constantly "BAD" connection while everyone else has a "GOOD" connection. Also even tough it show our connection is GOOD we lag to the point of unplayabillity. Then when he joins any other server he lags super badly. From what I know he has pretty great internet and he uses a Toshiba laptop. He is planning on just refunding the game by tomorrow so any help will be greatly thanked.
  2. Why this game is lag ? answer is The more you play = more lag you will get Well It look like that because this game require a ton of calculation that will put to your both CPU/GPU. I will explain why Note : 1. I'm not dev of this game but as a programmer. This is what i think It may or may not correct 2. CPU will process all command in this game (like what gas is this , what need to change , all If command , how can i let GPU know what to display, etc) 3. GPU all numerical calculation will be done by this guy (mass , temperature ,etc) Cause of lag 1. Gas in each tile have a mass and temperature that need constant calculation (and weight too) 2. Storage compactor Yes it storage this guy is real deal if you have significant amount of this 3. More Dupe more Fun! 4. liquid/gas pipe 5. Germs in next update will add as attribute of gas and air(polluted) will help it spread around your base take a good care of that or your game will more lag 6. other stuff i don't think it affect much performance How to reduce lag 1. play small base 2. block off place u don't need 3. don't put storage too much
  3. Hi , i hope created the topic right place. i want to delete items on whole world and on the ground. like cut grass silk seed and another items like them. not mandrakes flowers and placed things like structure. So can i do that with console command ? Sorry for bad english. iam trying to learn
  4. Ok, so will keep a short message Got 30 dupes , cycle 200 , game is playable but annoyingly laggy... Please fix... Hard to magine how someone can have fun playing 500+ cycle..... Priority NR1 i think to look into My PC - i5 7th gen / 16 GB RAM / GTX1060
  5. Wilson plz

    Ep 1 n Ep 2 un Ep 3 is oat so iz Ep 4 un Ep 5Ep 1 http-~~-// This is Symage's art, I made the vid. Here's the thread:
  6. I use a mac laptop and the lag is almost unbearable on google chrome when playing Don't Starve. It will run at normal speed for about 5 minutes then start lagging and will keep getting worse the more I progress throughout the game. It gets especially bad around mobs like spiders and pigs or around high density areas such as forests. When playing the game no other application is open other then google chrome and I use a fairly new laptop so I dont know what to do.
  7. Bug Submission Please choose a category [sound] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72968 Issue title Lasting Shadow Hand Music Steps to reproduce -Have sanity low enough so that Shadow Hands start trying to put out your fire -Make a Straw Roll -Use the Straw Roll to go to sleep right between the Shadow Hand and your fire Describe your issue I went to sleep using a Straw Roll right between a Shadow Hand and my fire. The next day, the Shadow Hand was gone, but the music that plays when they appear kept on playing.
  8. just fyi first post ...anyway, been playing for a couple days now and it just occurred to me that i have never died due to starvation.. mostly die from what i think of being routine such as clearing out a spiders nest.. done it tons of times, but since i think it is so easy.. seems that is when i die the most.. anyway just saying hi, great game so far devs... looking forward to surviving longer than 6 days
  9. So I have been playing Don't starve since the 17 november update, and today I updated to the 30 november update but when the sun goes down, my frames drop, but only when the sun goes down, when its day or night time my frames go back to normal. How do I fix this? Do you have the same problem? And I read that on the nice and naughty update they are going to extend the max frames from 30 to 60, is that true?