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Found 14 results

  1. I had a look through a late game save file with Duplicity and found that the game logs every use of at least the research station. In this particular game there where almost 5000 timestamped entries for this one station (I had dirt shortages so lots of small limited research jobs). I have not checked other stations such as metal refineries etc, but removing this logging may help reduce the huge save lags and memory requirements in later game cycles.
  2. Something I noticed recently, which has been annoying me quite a bit, is when the game starts to get laggy, due to all the stuff going on etc. Critter behaviour seems to go out the window, suffering even more than the rest of the game. When wrangled or attacked in the wild, they will continue to walk around for a good while before popping or becoming trussed and ready to be shipped. In ranches, it takes ages for them to respond and go to the grooming station, or to the critter drop off point. When I looked at it, my rancher took almost an entire cycle to groom 4 glossy drecko's. And it wasn't the grooming that took most of that time. It was the whistling at the grooming station that took forever, as the critters just idled in the pen even though they weren't groomed while my rancher kept calling for them. Does anybody have any tips on how to avoid this behaviour of the game?
  3. So, I have been playing this game for quite a while, so I have a decent idea about what impacts the game lag... But... Than I realized that I never actually tested some of my assumptions... If you are not interested in the experiments, feel free to skip to the end of the thread - the "takeaway section" For the start of the chain of the experiments... I prepared an almost empty map for myself. Than, for the first set of experiments. I made sure to turn this into a box with insulation tiles as the walls and filled the entire box with equally spread oxygen... My hope is that it will minimize any calculation for gas movement and heat exchange, so they do not interfere with the actual experiments. Experiment 1.0: Test: filling the entire map with ladders to maximize the possible amount of routes. But do not give duplicants access to those ladders. Expected result: game will work without lag, because the game does not actually get to calculate those paths. Result: No lags were observed. Experiment 1.1: make dupes mine something, but do not allow the access to ladders yet. Expected result: game will work without lag. Result: no lag observed. Experiment 1.2: Make a mining task that will give access to the ladders. Expected result: game will explode. Result: game almost explodes as soon as they mine a path to the ladders. There is major lag and even moving camera around in pause mode is hard. Experiment 1.3: have an access to the ladders through a closed door. Expected result: lag will be gone. Result: lag was gone as soon as I hit lock button on the doors. You can only imagine what kind of relief it was when you can move your camera again. * actually, I did not even hit the lock button in quick build mode. Most of lag was gone before the doors were actually locked by a dupes which is unexpected. Though, the game staggered quite a bit while the dupe was walking to the door to lock it, but way less than when the door was on other mode. Opening the door introduces lags as expected. **not giving a way out through the auto door works the same as just locking it... Clicking allow button on the permission to move right makes game lag harder and harder with each dupe allowed and less when a dupe is removed from permissions. Experiment 1.4: Lock dupes inside the minibox and add a few flying critters into the open space. Expected result: game will lag. Result: Suprisingly, the game only froze for a few second when unpaused, but did not lag afterwards. * adding many times more critters. I managed to achieve very minor lag of the game... Though. I observed another thing. At the start of the cycle and sometimes in the middle of it, the game would freeze... The number of critters would make the freeze longer. Thats 400 pufts in the open and it just causes period freezes for 5-10 seconds once or twice during a cycle. Getting rid from all the pufts, gets rid from any freezes. ** putting 400 pufts inside the confined space makes the game run smooth, though, I there was still a loading freeze at the start of the cycle. Closing and opening the door does not seem to have an impact on the game. I find it very interesting that the game calculates something for critters at the start of the cycle, but putting critters inside a closed room does not seem to ease those calculations. Accidental Experiment 1.5 Trying to save and restart this map. Result: game took quite a long time to load and when it loaded, you could not play for about a minute as it kept on loading. -------------------------------- ---------Takeaway---------- -------------------------------- Mostly, with this experiment, I have confirmed what I already knew. To cause less lag in your game: 1. Give your duplicants as little options in their paths as possible. Here is what will cause you lag more: If your base ever looks like that, make sure to fix it. Just having access to more options causes more lag. Also, on the side note. Every single time I added fire pole to my base, my base would start lagging, I do not even need to test for it. Here is what should cause less lag: 2. As a continuation of point 1, block your duplicants access to areas that they have no business visiting. 3. As continuations of point 2, confine your duplicants to their personal workspace. Only let miners have access outside your base. Make farmers sleep next to farms and make them never be able to leave the farms. Make ranchers sleep with the critters... Etc. 4. Use automation to lock down areas which duplicant will not visit during the specific time of day... For example: They have no business inside their bedrooms, mess halls, toilets, rec rooms, washrooms, etc during the time of day that is not a break time. So, use automatic to lock those away and open at specific time of day... This design uses 2 doors, one is open/closed by automation, the other is an one way door, to make sure that dupes do not consider going out after they went in and vice versa... (also, this a reason why narcoleptic sucks, they can easily fall asleep during the time you close/open the doors and be stuck where you do not want them to be.) I plan to do more lag tests, but I would like to hear what other people know and tried.
  4. Hey you forum lovelies, Thought i'd share this little 5 minute video with you - worked wonders for my FPS and general feel of the game. I now have less input lag when clicking the usual offenders (overlays, compactors, doors, etc) and I genuinely hope it helps some of you struggling folks too. Makes use of a free piece of software called Process Lasso and seems to be borderline idiot proof - although I did try my best to break it Full disclaimer : Results may vary, some of you are way bigger computer nerds than I am, and I no doubt miss-spoke a fair few times (I was rushing to get this video out before stream). This process greatly improved my gaming performance, as would cocaine and/or energy drinks. This will not instantly fix your 1500 critter, cycle 5000, 2 dupe "speed run" - that can only be fixed with a slap in the grill - however, it will hopefully help anyone who isn't a total pleblord. Mwah as ever! -Life xox *Edit* For those of you who didn't check the video description : *Note* Some people have stated that disabling SMT works better for them, this video was recorded with SMT enabled. For more info, google "Simultaneous Multithreading". You lazy slackers
  5. Hey peeps Just ran an experiment and thought people might be interested in the results. So lately it seems like the popular storage method is dumping everything into a single pile via chutes/dispensors. I wondered if that was more cpu intensive than storage compactors, so I tried it. Based on what I'm seeing, it looks like storage compactors are better. I didn't manage resources super carefully, so my hatches would've eaten some rocks and more regolith would've rained down (although my dupes couldn't access the surface so that wouldn't be a huge factor) while moving stuff from one location to the other, but dupe/critter count should be the same, as well as anything related to pathing. As you can see, i've got almost 7000tons of minerals alone, so quite a bit of material. In the big-pile approach, the pile was in a vacuum on a mesh tile, so theoretically it shouldn't be running any heat calculations on it. Also, the door was locked to maintain the air seal, so dupes didn't have access to the materials, which I also thought would improve performance. Any thoughts? I'm kinda surprised by the results myself, and curious if anyone sees any issues with the approach. (looks like the screenshot didn't include fps, you I guess you'll just have to take my word for it.) Everything in storage compactors: 22fps (+/- 1) compact 22 fps.sav Everything in a big pile (in a vacuum): 20 fps. (+/- 1) pile 20fps.sav (Edit: Attached save files)
  6. The lag toward the end game is terrible. I have a pretty decent computer and I can barely get 10 frames out of it once I reach around 400 cycles. I saw some other people's posts claiming that the game only runs on one cpu core and ignores the rest, creating an overload and therefore massive lag. (I'm not much of a computer guy so pardon the lack of appropriate jargon). I was just wondering if there was some way to fix the lag, not "play the game this way" or "avoid critters"(tired of hearing that, I like critters). My point is, I, and others, shouldn't have to play a "certain way" to avoid frustrating lag. I would be overjoyed if there wasn't any new content or bug fixes but instead all attention was focused on fixing the lag issue so everyone can play late game, not just those with supercomputers. This post may sound passive-aggressive but I assure you it is not. I love Klei and I love Oxygen Not Included. Just would like to get past liquid oxygen without my game exploding
  7. Hey guys! Going for the temporal repair for the first time. Just building my first liquid oxygen/hydrogen generators. As is typical, my game is down to like 5fps. I've got jetpack use limited to a single dupe, and loaded all my materials into single-material compactors, but it's still getting slow. What are the latest tricks to reduce lag?
  8. Version 1.0


    DON'T STARVE TOGETHER VERSION If you are running your game on a potato,like i do,this mod can be useful for you. Configurable to remove the rain drop effect on terrain and to limit rain and snow particles. STEAM WORKSHOP VERSION
  9. Version 1.3


    If you are running your game on a potato,like i do,this mod can be useful for you. Configurable to remove the rain drop effect on terrain and to limit rain and snow particles. 1.1 -- Added option to limit also snow particle effect. 1.2 -- New Icon -- Aviable a version for Don't Starve Together 1.3 -- Hamlet support STEAM WORKSHOP VERSION DON'T STARVE TOGETHER VERSION
  10. Wilson plz

    Ep 1 n Ep 2 un Ep 3 is oat so iz Ep 4 un Ep 5Ep 1 http-~~-// This is Symage's art, I made the vid. Here's the thread:
  11. I use a mac laptop and the lag is almost unbearable on google chrome when playing Don't Starve. It will run at normal speed for about 5 minutes then start lagging and will keep getting worse the more I progress throughout the game. It gets especially bad around mobs like spiders and pigs or around high density areas such as forests. When playing the game no other application is open other then google chrome and I use a fairly new laptop so I dont know what to do.
  12. Bug Submission Please choose a category [sound] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72968 Issue title Lasting Shadow Hand Music Steps to reproduce -Have sanity low enough so that Shadow Hands start trying to put out your fire -Make a Straw Roll -Use the Straw Roll to go to sleep right between the Shadow Hand and your fire Describe your issue I went to sleep using a Straw Roll right between a Shadow Hand and my fire. The next day, the Shadow Hand was gone, but the music that plays when they appear kept on playing.
  13. just fyi first post ...anyway, been playing for a couple days now and it just occurred to me that i have never died due to starvation.. mostly die from what i think of being routine such as clearing out a spiders nest.. done it tons of times, but since i think it is so easy.. seems that is when i die the most.. anyway just saying hi, great game so far devs... looking forward to surviving longer than 6 days
  14. So I have been playing Don't starve since the 17 november update, and today I updated to the 30 november update but when the sun goes down, my frames drop, but only when the sun goes down, when its day or night time my frames go back to normal. How do I fix this? Do you have the same problem? And I read that on the nice and naughty update they are going to extend the max frames from 30 to 60, is that true?