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  1. If it says that the game is not responding, tap wait. Do not close it will work.
  2. Well I think u didn't install from the official stores. Its missing obb files
  3. I don't have issues other than placing and planting items. It is very frustrating that your backpack opens up whenever you try to place anything in the lower half of the screen. Also it would be cool if the resolution of map was made higher. Everything looks blurry in the map.
  4. I know this has been asked several times but I'm stating it again:- Changelog file:- \\\\ Specific crop seed drop rate changed from 1-2 to 2 Normal seed drop rate:- 33% //// Birds are getting fatter Thay munch 2/3 of my melons for the sake of seeds I NEED MOAR FALSHION MELONS thank you
  5. Hey, how about using the piano actually brings up the ui with keys that can actually be played? Like Examining the cookbook brings up the cookbook ui. And there is a plot twist: playing keys does not play the piano- it plays the instrument the character is voiced. Eg-flute for Wendy. It would be fun.
  7. Please make it so that pressing spacebar around birdcage will only make player collect spoils and not attempt to take the bird out.
  8. Better make an online server. There are various websites that make a server for you. is a free one and its great.
  9. Thanks for your replies everyone
  10. The recent edition of lunar stuffs are really cool. However I find it too difficult to manage to do moon stuff. Whenever I try to sail across, either I forget very important stuff behind or die at the middle. I barely manage to travel across the seas to the moon island but again the return trip is game over for me. Please help me answering the following questions to me, considering I am playing Wilson and I'm doing it solo. 1. First, what season or what day is the best to initiate the exploration? 2. How do I configure by boat (What things should I build on it?) 3. What items do I need to bring? 4. How do I manage my health, sanity and hunger in my trip? 5. Finally, if I do manage to find lunar island, what are the things should I do? Thanks
  11. You call them small camps? I havent built a single sufficient camp in my entire dst carrer. Each of your camps is a megaa base for me.:(
  12. I really hope they introduce an item to make wormwood insta full bloom any seasonin the future.:(