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  1. It's annoying to plant Berry bushes, grass tufts and saplings because the item slots open immediately when the item is put on the lower half of the screen. This is so annoying because we have to move our character far down and put items on the top. Please fix this, Klei team.
  2. You must not be in game to enable/disable virtual stick or it won't work.
  3. Well, most of the community is asking for wx 78 rework lately. This is so true- his gameplay feels a bit of boring because the only one perk being to upgrade him with gears that give him flat stat boost and the ability to charge with lightning which is not always possible. I would hereby suggest some points that would fit the needs of most players by keeping his gameplay fair and fun. WX-78 gets a new tab- the programs tab. WX-78 can now craft programming station that allows him to create programs that fits his needs. The installed programs last forever but only a maximum of 3 programs can be installed out of the following. 1.Machine upgrade program(costs 5 gears) This program upgrades his basic health, hunger and sanity stats, similar to his perk. 2. Efficient component efficiency program(costs 4 gears and a yellow gem) Allows WX to mine, chop and attack with 1.33x rate the normal. A rather interesting and effective program. 3. Emergency Lighting(costs 3 gears and 1 glowberry) WX glows when he is standing in the dark. But it drains his hunger twice as fast when doing so. This allows the character to mine, chop and fight at night without much worries about light. The radius of light is still smaller though. 4.locomotion update(costs 6 gears and purple gem) WX moves 30% faster. Not much info needed I guess. 5. Meditation program(costs 2 gears and 5 furs) WX 78 can now rest anywhere without tents and lean to. This does the same effect. But keep in mind that he is vulnerable and needs 3 seconds to wake up from this position. 6.waterproofing program(costs 3 gears and a deerclops eye) Makes your robo waterproof. Does not become wet even when drowned but your tools will still slip though. 7.Reboot program(costs 3 gears) WX removes all programs and gains the gears. He loses 3 gears as crafting this program costs 3. WX disadvantages WX is now affected by lightning. The remaining defects are same. THANKS
  4. Its been a while I played dst and I recently bought wormwood. But now I am having a lot of problems playing him recently because he can't heal from dishes. I have opt out for bee boxes and spider farms for healing items but I'm having no luck. They require papyrus/ stones which are rather rare. what should I do? How do you play him? What are your priorities? Please share
  5. Sorry Jim just got the Game when it is on sale. I got 2 copies. Thanks