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So What About "Troubled Waters"

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So with Warly update we also get this information. What so you guys think about the next update? It's look like an flower but I think it's look like a dionaea typed meat-eater plant. Also the head of this flower look like the starfishs that living on lunar islands. The ground looks like crystallized/glassic. So it's another reason to think it's about that flowers will be on lunars.

So what do you think/know about next update. I hope they don't leave us with just a flower that giving few things. Because it's don't make sense. Also maybe it's not flower, they want to we think it is.silhouette_barnacle.png.f1c64def65a355a5adb8f8207bdb02a8.png.9b29d73648a020f0cb1a68ef6c22b6aa.png

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It has to do with return of them and lunar island, obviously, I thought of a carnivorous plant and an an enemy, you know, anenemies catch  players and stuff. Maybe the flowers will snap at you?

And yes, maybe it isn’t a flower at all anyways!

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Just now, Hornete said:

Something related to barnacles? Its file name is "silhouette_barnacle" or something like that, a barnacle flower/plant perhaps? Who knows.

Yes saw it few second after I share this post. It's don't look barnacles. I don't get it.


Just now, PrezPara said:

Maybe lunar island caves are actually being made and this is one of the mobs going to be down there? I doubt they would just throw a mob down on lunar island without any new bosses or content.  

If you keep giving us hopes like that everybody will call you god soon

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If I had to take a stab in the dark as to what I think this is.. how about a stationary turret type plant? that spits poisonous spore pellets at us.. 

I mean I have to think they waited until literally 2 days ago to finally launch hamlet on Xbox One, if I was a game developer (I’m not but if I was..) Hamlet is filled with the whole Poison damage over time stuffs, And so Klei knew the very moment they released Hamlet on Consoles that people would be here in their forums begging for Hamlet like features... 

The Shadow in Question seems to be rooted in place by shattered crystals- So Unlike Thunderbirds in Hamlet (that if you get to close they zap you with lightning & then relocate) These things will instead be Stationary...

I can’t say for certain if they’ll be a Land Mob or a Mob at Sea BUT the Update name itself... “Troubled Waters” relates to an Old song with lyrics (Like a Bridge over Troubled Waters..)

I find this to be the most interesting thing about the upcoming update because.. What have people been doing since the launch of return of them? Building a Boat BRIDGE from the main land to the Lunar sland and forgetting anything else exists in between.

Thats where a Hostile Defensive mob that pellets you with turrets from a distance prevents YOU from going where your not ready to go..

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If it's related to the water, we'll maybe find this somewhere on sea.

I would like to be sure for a new cave biome, unless we find some.... sea cave, why not ? A sort of dark lake with a little island in the middle, with ruins if it could avoid a 3rd server.

I bet on a sea biome at the end.

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