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Should the ancient herald be added as a super-boss in DST?

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Should the ancient herald be added as a super-boss in DST?

The ancient herald is, in my opinion, one of the conceptually most interesting bosses created by Klei: I love the idea of this sort of "herald", a "harbinger" of the end of the world that comes in conjunction with a perennial eclipse that marks the beginning of the apocalypse.
Even visually, it has the air of a mystical entity, solemn, who pursues its task of prelude at the end of time diligently and silently following an inscrutable will.
I think that such an enemy visually and conceptually beautiful should be further valued, even outside of Hamlet. I believe he could become one of the most loved raid bosses on DST; maybe in a season dedicated to him.
After 2 game cycles (autumn-winter-spring-summer-autumn-winter-spring-summer), a new season could be introduced, similar to aporkalipse, which could also be called in the exact same way.
During this "season", which could last about 20 days, the whole world would become more hostile, hordes of dogs would come continuously, the pigs would be perpetually "werewolves", each tree cut would generate a hostile treeguard only against the player, etc ...
A new "micro-biome" would become accessible in the world, perhaps on an island of its own, called the "herald's altar": here, bringing some artifact (perhaps linked to the lunar island or to the ancient fuelweaver), one could finally evoke the 'Ancient Herald, and then begin a fierce battle to end "aporkalipse" prematurely.
Obviously the Ancient Herald should be more leathery and dangerous than its single player version. I would also propose the statistics it could have:
25,000 health points.
150 damage.
Insanity aura of -100 per minute; -400 per minute when "in combat".
Basic area attack.
Ability to summon various game creatures, including shadows, ghosts and the ability to rain frogs.
It can cause meteor showers, and some meteors can be fiery and cause very heavy damage (+100) as well as set the player on fire (similar to the meteor of the internal bracket of The Forge).
Obviously, at death should give a loot worthy of the battle, the Vortex Cloak should perhaps be enhanced and made as spacious as a krampus sack.
And nothing, it's just an idea on how to enrich the sea, the game and offer a noteworthy challenge in the long term by "recycling" the resources that Klei already potentially has.


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I'm not super sure if the Ancient Herald would fit into DST, or if it's even a good idea for them to be brought out of Hamlet, since I do like that the DLC's have their own unique content. However, I do think it would be interesting to further explore the Herald's lore and an item like the Vortex Cloak seems really useful.

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The Ancient Herald has a lot of significance to Hamlet and its lore, and porting him over would feel super unnecessary and out of place, and porting over the Aporkalypse in any form would be that x100. Both of these things were designed in the context of Hamlet's world, lore, and gameplay, and you'd have to modify them so much to fit outside of it that the time would be better spent making something unique.

There's tons of potential for shadow bosses, just look at how different the shadow pieces, Fuelweaver, and Ancient Herald all are. So why not just make a new one rather than plucking something out of Hamlet?

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4 minutes ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:

do you know that because of you i have check the character mod for charlie in workshop, looks so interesting

you will make me use a character mod xD

W-what? that wasn't my intention! But since you mentioned it sure... use it, and lets try to get this thread back on track

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going on topic

I love the concept of ancient herald but as others mentioned is a killing sales to have it in dst

also with bee queen and dragonfly they have covered the summon boss kind, not as cool as herald but they are.

but the concept of a "side season" that appears if you dont stop something is always wellcome

pd. talking about ancient herald lore. What is it? id dint find anything of him

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Few months ago, we talked about ideas for new Islands. I've got some ideas for a dark island, where the bone helmet and the dark lantern could be necessary. More than that I thought about a nightmare season, but it was with the player choice. Like being able to summon it, so being able to choose when. More than more than that, it was also an idea in order to satisfy those who asks for more difficulties, without creating a seperate mode.

So, I like the idea of a nightmare season/period. A dedicated boss of course, with the world turning bad. Insanity waves could be good. Beating the bee queen for her hat could be a must do.

Then, I don't really imagine an impossible fight with boss, shadows, tree guards and dogs at the same time. Some difficulties should not have to be crazy difficult too... For example, I like the idea to not being able to find food during this period, so we'll have to prepare ourselves. For food and maybe a lot of stuff.

I guess it won't never happen, but why not ? There's at least many doable things to approach these ideas.

A dedicated island is a good start. When you reach it, you could be stuck for few days. Only the beach could be accessible, then a door with a warning mystical sign. If you pass it, be aware...

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1 hour ago, Charlie Dark said:

That's it WX-78! 

Just name THIS... person!


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OMG, it's charlie.I am really a stupid that every night I scold her for disturbing me. Just If I knew that she is as beautiful as your profile pic then I would never did that. What have i done !:wilson_worried:

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The only problem I have with bosses in this game are how heavily Anti-Single Player they end up being.

Sure only a select few people can solo bosses while half asleep with their eyes closed.... But not everyone has the same degree of skill or patience as you #mister or Mrs skilled game player.

It is especially frustrating when you see how much faster enemies die when your playing with others.

Boss health and difficulty does not scale based on the amount of players playing, so something that would take a Solo player several days to kill and by using elaborate set ups... will be over a lot quicker if you just have a group of people with football helmets and Hambats smashing their attack button.

what SHOULD happen is bosses should scale based on how many people are playing- if your playing Solo they should be easier to handle Solo.. and if your playing in a large group they shouldn’t die so easily.

think of it like how Borderlands balanced out its enemy scaling, for my level 5 friend.. the same enemy I’m fighting is a level 5.. that’s what he sees and he deals with.

but on MY screen as someone who beat the game twice over and is now on New game plus.. that level 5 Skag Pup my low level buddy is fighting is actually a bad** Alpha Mutha Fire Skag on my screen..

(that’s literally what they were called in the game, so don’t think I’m trying to say curse words plz!)  

Were fighting the same enemy together.. just the one I’m seeing is a lot more dangerous than the one he’s seeing.

to put that into a TL:DR bosses in DST should be easier to kill when playing Alone, and should NOT be as easy as they are to kill now when everyone gets together wearing armor & spamming the Attack button.

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