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Some ideas for Wilson's Mad Scientist shoes.

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As of May 2, 2020, Wilson's Mad Scientist set has no shoes. I have made threads before about how this set does not have shoes, merely using the default socks that appear on a character when they appear to be missing something.

I then made another thread when the old one was archived.

In the first thread, I linked a post where user @jantonio showed that Maxwell's Guest of Honor set had no shoes. A bit after the thread was made, Maxwell's GoH set was given Winklepickers in an update to complete the look. @FuffledBeeQueen stated in the second thread that it may have been intentional to not give this set shoes or boots. I was unable to find a source proving this, however.

I realize that I did not give any ideas as to what potential shoes could look like to complete the set in my other threads. I took some screenshots showing some ideas that could work if they were modified a bit. For example, here's one where he's wearing WX's Merrymaker shoes:


B3669CCBBE1A249B54B28A5E41F72EF9F7A09A7E (1126×634)

They're dark brown, but they help complete the look and the yellow soles go really well with the yellow accents on the gloves. I also think that plain boots could work on this set:


240998C4FF60981DC0F67F2528D561D79FCCFE06 (1126×634)

Or use his default legs when wearing the torso piece of this set. Either way, I would like for shoes or boots to be added to the set to complete the look. Thank you for reading.

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This is the last time I'll be bumping this thread. I guess I'll have to live without a pair of shoes, trudging along the unforgiving wilds of the Constant with only a pair of socks...

...Is what I would say if I didn't have anything better to do with my time. Here we go again!

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