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  1. If you switch characters while woby has items, he can delete the items in his inventory. Only things that drop are important items like eye bone.
  2. Other new skins might have this bug like the new axe.
  3. I like it when my chests are full of loot, thats why i keep playing.
  4. lol not even a bug tbh, just dont build on the edge of the boat.
  5. This might not be that urgent but if a server lags super hard the flingo's snowballs don't land and they make a conga line. this can lead to a never ending lag because snowballs do not despawn.
  6. verify game files i think for both you and your friend.
  7. 1. retrofitted world i've seen have not gotten any of the moon wobster dens. 2. some newly created worlds have a likely chance no moon wobsters will spawn.
  8. Happens when a carrat starves to death in a gym, they become bugged out.