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  1. bunnymen stock 2 carrats on themselves for long adventures. :>
  2. Carrat Visible in Gym but Unable to be Retrieved

    Happens when a carrat starves to death in a gym, they become bugged out.
  3. Bearger is male

    Can't wait for the gnarwhale topic aswell.
  4. [Game Update] - 393281

    unfinished content and info < small patch
  5. cpu loading time, also wear armor.
  6. backpack bug, will be fixed most likley on monday.
  7. if you have full inventory and pick up a carrat holding a bag, the carrat gets sent to the backpack without the bag.
  8. dang son, you guys are the best for updating this late.
  9. they stand in the station as if there done but they are 'sleeping'.