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  1. ive replicated and have not been able to reproduce it, any mods you have on client/server that might affect it?
  2. Me and the homies waiting for FFF fix. qwq
  3. changing characters makes you able to hitch without the item causing a server crash.
  4. might also affect bunny trap aswell?
  5. Why can't we have both? Toggle option for lower end pces.
  6. Changing to a different character resets all learned costumes you use to be able to use.
  7. does not seem to attack but he is in heat for some reason.
  8. grooming and sewing kit are bugged while the middle structures don't burn, intentional?
  9. you have to re learn them, they are like blueprints.
  10. @thegreatJash for future refrence, go to documents>klei> dontstarvetogether. client log might be usefull but if you are host and know the cluster go into that folder and take the server_log, it will help finding crashes.
  11. client_log.txt here is the crash. might be a mod issue.
  12. movement prediction.