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  1. Now comesth the question, why was this Idea Thread Moved whilist all the other Idea Threads are still in General...
  2. Please, not Wheeler, out of all the characters
  3. I saw the mystery update too, even checked the files and no edits, weird
  4. Le gasp? Woodie Short but actual Lore?!
  5. That's the reason I adore Wormwood with his (not as strong as in singleplayer) downside!
  6. Hey all, So since Klei is making reworks for everyone, I kinda wanted to drop my 5 cents into the debate, mainly with a part of the trinity, the Strongman and none other than Mr. Wolfgang (von Goet- nevermind). Let's start by getting his description And now for the actual perks Wolfgang changes forms based on his Hunger Status from Wimpy to Normal to Mighty With his new Forms he gains advantages/disadvantages, Speed, Health Changes, Damage Modifiers and Hunger Modifiers Wolfgang's Sanity Drain is increased by 10% Now these perks are kinda interesting, but not really. In my opinion basing something on Hunger makes them a food-hog, so that's already a negative impact. So let's start with the first edit idea; Changing how his Form changes work. Now Wolfgang's Forms are based on his internal workout value, which can be increased by training on Training Stations. The Longer you use these stations the more mightiness you gain but also lose more hunger (because we all know how Workouts can be exhausting). This value drains overtime, so you wont be mighty forever. The more careless you are about working out, the Wimpier you become and eventually land on the Wimpy Form. Now for perks coming with these Workouts could be managed in many ways, I just showed ya a dumbbell station, but this could be expanded to a Treadmill and such. These stations give you buffs for stats, let's say you run a lot on the Treadmill, well your Speed Boost increases (needs a cap tho) if you lift a lot of dumbbells you gain a strength modifier. Now keep in mind Im not saying Wolfgang here, since these stations could be used by anyone! Of course our fellow survivors have no real idea how to use them, thus their increases from these stations are way tinier than Wolfgang's. TL;DR crap the Hunger Based Forms and implement 'Mightiness' which controls the form swaps, add Stations to train modifiers For his Forms, instead of flat changes, let's make them increase or decrease the caps/efficiency of the Modifiers. Let's say you are normal, so your benefits from training would be equal to the standard Wolfgang modifier, keep in mind we are keeping his from other characters to make him the character that benefits the most from them, if you are Wimpy these decrease to a normal Survivor's cap/efficiency, if you are Mighty then of boy you get yourself a strong increase! Now controlling the forms actually benefits you a lot since you could run like a mad man or punch like you mean it! TL;DR make his Forms improve or worsen the Benefits from the Stations In addition to that, Wolfgang's Wimpy form would have a reduced movement speed as it is at the moment, Wolfgang's Normal Form should carry heavy objects such as statues slightly faster than others and Wolfgang's Mighty Form should carry them at normal speed, he's a Strongman, c'mon! as well as a flat increased Damage Modifier because he's mighty, DUH! TL;DR have some forms special attributes regardless if trained As for his Downside of having fear of Monsters, Night and Shadows, let's make it a bit more impactful, because 10% increase sounds like an effin' joke. Now Wolfgang's Sanity Drain during Dusk and Night are stronger, and maybe these times would even affect Wolfgang's Damage Output? This just keeps it basic to not make it too strong since you can't really control this in early game, but let's say even with a Tam during Night or Dusk you sanity wont increase, but also not decrease. Wolfgang near monsters has a chance to drop his weapon out of fear, or get scared, whenever scared Wolfgang can not attack, forcing him to flee. The chances for these things to occur are tied to his Sanity/Insanity. If Wolfgang is completely Insane, he will be very likely to panic out, if he's completely Sane, he can handle it. Now will this majorly impact him? I think so! If you can't attack enemies that can attack you, you are a "sitting duck" (can't do anything in a fight), so you should keep Wolfgang sane to not make him too frightened of what he's seeing! Maybe even make a Group of Monsters freak wolfgang more out than a single enemy! TL;DR Wolfgang should have a better downside, something that makes him less useful if overwhelmed/insane That's all, it ain't much of a game changer, but makes Wolfgang less 2D in my opinion. Do you agree? Maybe not? Share your thoughts in the Comments, especially if you love playing Wolfgang. If we won't voice our Opinions now, we may recieve another not fully thought-out change just like Winona.
  7. I think moving Maxwell to the end would be more fitting, since his short would probably reveal how he got "everyone" into the constant
  8. Where are the new Verdant skins?

    Im still waiting for the classic 4 to be done for everyone, FSSR (formal (GoH), survivor, shadow (Triumphant) and rose (Roseate))
  9. updates characters need

    Everyone means everyone, not Everyone but [Character] period
  10. <Shameless Plug> Happy Valentines!
  11. Redesign the Oasis

    tbh I just want Date Palms to replace the random Birch Trees
  12. Hey all, to all those that celebrate, have a loved one or a crush, enjoy yerself today! to all those that are alone make the day 'bout you and get yourself something nice. Or if you wanna try it, use one of these Valentine's Day Print-out Cards, free of charge!
  13. Wortox's tail suggestion

    Technically you can add the pieces to whatever clothing item, it just has to be specified what the build contains to add it to the character
  14. Wortox's tail suggestion

    Ya I agree, its annoying and you can add tails to non-tailed characters which is very weird (imo)
  15. Tbh Im a big fan of both Klaus and Fuelweaver, they both have their own unique style, Klaus punishes you for taking out his deer which are a big pain in the butt yet are what makes him so fun, the magic powers of the gems really shine there, Fuelweaver has some interesting mechanics, I love the Mind Control and overall how he plays with your Sanity, and ofc the Death Animation is so dramatic and beautiful.