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  1. Hmm, I like the concept, it can go good, but it can also horribly fail. I fear it will end up like Smite BLITZ where the devs will just go silent and forget about the game in a few months. So Im skeptical, but I can hope
  2. what can I say except, this is most likely illegal
  3. Dunno, its post update yet I still see some slightly discolored outlines And just to make it more visible, here is a blacked out version
  4. Any Chance to make Woby's lines not... this awful? We had black outlines for years, why change it?
  5. Huh "silhouette_barnacle" isn't that peculiar (that's the name of the Troubled Waters' Silhouette)
  6. Never expected Beards to be handled so weirdly... why aren't they like Wurt's Powerup/Woodie's (still non existent and probably not for a looooong time) Transformations? I feel like either reworking the beard component to work with skins like this or just put the beard into the character's file would have been a better way to handle it instead of making a new menu just for beards
  7. On Other: They Removed the only fun mechanic of Wendy's HP tying into her Damage Modifier. Think what you want, but I really prefered that over the boring time dependant damage modifier
  8. They said that for now they are focusing on the Ocean because its Bland, then move onto the Lunar Island, so that's probably where it will end. Something huge will be revealed like the Ancient Gateway and probably a new hyper boss to defeat
  9. It does, Downsides force you into different playstyles, Example; Wormwood gets no HP from Food, this forces you to look into alternatives like Fertilizer, Bandaids or Teammates Wendy's Downside is a Damage Multiplier, she deals less which forces you to look into alternate ways of attacking; Abigail. But now with the changes, mainly that Abigail gives a Petal Debuff to Enemies for them to take increased damage, why should you not fight anymore? Your Downside has been completely nullified. When your Damage Boost no longer is done with HP, but time, you got even less reasons to not fight. But I dont expect to make anyone see what I mean...
  10. So, Wendy's Downside doesn't matter, once again, great, why do they even add Downsides when they dont impact the character gameplay anymore