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  1. Dont forget the buffed drop rates Sorry to hold yer horses, yet Its Exclusive to him
  2. How I understand it, Joe means that Wortox is neutral to this overall story, while everyone got pulled into the constant and has beef with maxwell and charlie and all that crap, Wortox came in via another way and he's just there, at least I hope he is just that, not that his existence doesnt matter at all Anyways, about the short, I believe Wortox may be the reason why Wes can't talk, a goode ole devil deal-ey-o
  3. 1. Klei literally added spools as a way for those not wanting to spend a cent in the entire game to get Wortox. 2700 spools is laughable and definietly getable since the Drop rates were buffed up to 9000 2. People like Klei because unlike most companies they do user-friendly decisions, EA would already make at least 20 DLCs for this multiplayer game. Just because their strategies are good, that doesn't mean people shouldn't praise their actions. Good companies making good marketing and high user happiness are the most successful 3. Indeed, toxic behav towards opinions ain't exactly something cool, but its the internet, its literally an endless fight 'who has the right opinion' 4. Kool
  4. To all those that complain wortox is a 'furry', well you dont have to play him We already knew he was going to be a Baphomet/Goat Dude, so you should have seen it coming, I didn't see the new design coming tho, I really love him nonetheless
  5. Wortox: Dad? Why are you trying to kill me?
  6. One more thing that I will add (kinda forced myself to do it) in the first release is a pipe fence gate skin for all the owners of the piped fence, kinda a Klei goof on that one, there's no reason to use piped fences if you can't have a metallic gate to match it
  7. How does Good Hearted and a Soul Eater/Demon/Baphomet actually work together... that just sounds like a Paradox
  8. Omg, he's so cute I wanna hug but at the same time I want to keep my soul, one question tho, are souls somewhat visible? or are they in a meter like woodie's log o' meter?
  9. DST Four Seasons in NUTSHELL

    I can do it better, 4 sentences for each season Autumn: Relax and Chill Winter: Freezing to death and wearing fancy Walrus Hats Spring: You will Drown in Rain Summer: Getting Roasted alive while an oversized antlion is terrorizing you because she's hungry
  10. Catapult Ammunition Speculation

    I'd honestly like that, but instead use some common items, like for example bee mines, how I imagine it could work is if it has some ammo item in it, it uses that first, and then uses boulders again, I'd love to see things with barely any use become an ammo, like the napsack too
  11. Honestly, if you could just say something whenever [date] hits like "Hey Guys, sorry we will have to delay [content] for a bit since we aren't ready yet" or just something similar to just give us some information and not sit here "HYPE HYPE, CONTENT TOMRROW!!!" until the disappointment arrives. I've been hyped all the weeks (this and before) for the new character, yet my hype semi died down because nothing was said that it was gonna be delayed. We just want you to share some more info with us if something goes road B instead of road A
  12. New character this month

    just some info, even a "Hey guys, JoeW here, the Mysterious Character is almost ready to dispatch, we just need a few more days/one more week to polish them up" would satisfy me
  13. Lore of item drops?

    in reality she sits at a sewing machine and tailors them together, this is why the dark side is so cranky, no breaks allowed
  14. Isn't that literally every mod character ever, fast but weak
  15. This is the thing, some people are like (which I am one of): Wes is kinda meh, if they would change his character traits to be more fun to play instead of just be this bland wilson with higher hunger rate, he'd be more cool! - Really, I just see Wes as a slightly worse Wilson, there is literally barely any chalenge behind him. And there are people that are like: NO, WeS hAS to STaY aS a CHellAnglE cHarKtEr bcZ WeS haS to SUck, maKE hiM WorSE - Can't relate to it, because just making a character worse ruins the character, literally look at Willow, before the rework (which hopefully will make her better, future me, please report to me sooner about this) nobody plays her unless they are griefing