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  1. its also interesting that the Moon is a shell with something or perhaps nothing inside
  2. Could we see some mods make it in the game?

    The most annoying thing in DST is the "hit-boxes" of thing being quadruple the size of the actual entity... srsly, why can't I place a Crockpot close to a Thermometer, its LITERALLY A BIG STICK, NOT A DEERCLOPS GOD DAMN IT
  3. Could we see some mods make it in the game?

    Oh yes please make all the anime and other crappy characters a part of the game, I beg you Sarcasm...
  4. Hallowed Nights Suggestions

    There is a difference between being frightened and grossed out Also when will JoeW post some sorts of news or updates ): I really am starving for something, literally give us a new teaser img or LITERALLY ANYTHING
  5. honestly I'd love to see just a silhouette of THEM, with perhaps glowing eyes or something, so it seems like some supreme evil
  6. I think they said it is intentional for him to not have Shoes
  7. Leather Suit: a poll

    Might wanna move this to Suggestions and Feedback tab instead
  8. Which way is the story taking?

    If I understand it correctly, after the Gorge Gateway escape they got spat out back into the Constant, perhaps considering the Gate without proper navigation tools as useless? Then since they were gone they find the 2 new "Teammates", Wortox and Wormwood, and survive together. Then Charlie decided "Im going to nuke the moon for reasons!" blasting the Moon's Shell (The Trailer seems to show that the moon is a hollow 'shell', also judging by the chunk looking like a shell shard rather than a hemisphere) with probably her new found power as we discovered she was sapping the Gateways power during Forge (and presumably Gorge) Then the Survivors discover the waters and the mysterious island/moon piece [... Wherever the story goes next, probably around Hallowed Nights/Next Beta] The new Survivor Wurt emerges persumably from the Gateway looking for the other people (Seems like Wurt is a Mermified Goat from the Elder Bog (Gorge Realm))
  9. Hallowed Nights Suggestions

    It's legit, its in a dev's steam inventory
  10. The last character?

    There is still 1 more on the schedule
  11. Wurt

    I mean it could be a play on the name Gertrud, I guess
  12. Wurt

    The question is, when are we going to meet her
  13. Hallowed Nights Suggestions

    I thought about making a mod for her, but Im unsure what to give her and what to make her clothing
  14. Hallowed Nights Suggestions

    Where are those Green Warts you speak of? her Face is as pale as Wilson and yet her face is the most unique of all Like seriously if we made Woodie's Rework come first, we can force Klei to make her reality #MakeWaverlyHappen
  15. Wurt

    Honestly Wormwood's Cactus Skin still makes him look very girly for some unknown reason, especially in his Final Form, He literally turns into a Desert Queen and that's why I love that skin the most