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  1. Basically, the Trade Inn joins the Xmas spirit and his machine has 4 slots once per day until xmas! Other than that it returns back into 9 slots
  2. Give Leira some love, Peter said the Vingettes are made by her <3
  3. what new content would you like to see?

    Ahem. Gorge Farming rework, or riot
  4. Has the gift cycle finally refreshed?
  5. All the new stuff is so cool! Thanks Klei for pushing out some nice content <3
  6. Rip me, didn't get the Thermometer in time :c
  7. Well to put it simply in, making a new animation is not exactly a 1-2-3 and done job. If you are unaware, a player "puppet" does not consist only of the elements you see on the players. There are many hidden layers and those need to be animated too. Im in the process of recreating a player puppet, and let me put it this way, its a not of crap. Still missing a lot of Body Pieces
  8. Because the Devs for once had mercy upon me, so that I can mod my current skin stuff in peace! at least I like to think about that...
  9. Charlie Lore coming soon?

    A lot of people speculate that Charlie is now 2 people, something from the shadows inside charlie's body with charlie herself. So technically if Charlie were to be somehow free'd, the shadow part would most likely be gone and roam the night
  10. 1. Thank you for not releasing more winter's feast skins 2. Thank you for being more in touch with the community now, Im super happy that we got this info right after the event!
  11. Charlie Lore coming soon?

    The main issue is, if Charlie is free, there is nobody on the Throne AND HER FRIGGIN' NAME DOESN'T START WITH W, IT WOULD BE THE END OF THE WORLD
  12. [Game Update] - 297854

    May the Lunar Reign be amazing
  13. hey Klei, What's next ?

    Possbile order -> Winter's Feast -> Chinese New Year of The Pig -> Actually new content If they manage to squeeze out content inbetween those 2 events, I'd be surprised
  14. This game improves my vocabulary!

    Honestly, most of the Character Titles improved my vocabulary, like the Un-per-turb-able (Undisturbable), Bereaved (greatly saddened at being deprived by death of a loved one), Affluent (Rich), but there's more that just can't be exactly complied into 1 list