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  1. Character Quotes

    The Moon is not what it seems, eh? I assume Moon stuff talks to the Survivors telepathically, which is why Webber and others say that they are talking/wanting stuff from them. I wonder if the moon corruption has something to do with those Whisper/Telepatic Connections of the Moon junk. Like thinking of it, a creature as dumb as a hound would be easier to corrupt than a player character. And I find it quite interesting that according to the "Moon" Sculpture, this island is literally a blown off piece of the Moon. Does this mean the entire Moon looks like this island? And More importantly HOW did that piece just drop, the crater seems HUGE!
  2. So... Warly and Wormwood, eh? Im just gonna beg Klei does their ghosts
  3. Lunar Biome Boss Ideas

    You forgot to remove all the fur, the mutations tend to remove all but flesh and bone
  4. Moon Glass Axe & Moon Glass Cutter

    Yep, it makes you Enlightened (Enlightened is good, Lunatic is bad) and removes the bright filter, so bring your night blades and armors out
  5. Roseate Skin or I'll unleash the Crimson War
  6. Oh yeah I've had something odd happen (Im unsure if its on my part or yours, but I've gotten this odd error recently) which happens rarely when I exit a world. It doesn't seem like a Lua Bug so I think it could be something on your end. Caught it whenever the beta started
  7. 10 - Great overall content, the Sea is no longer a chaotic wave mess and we finally can sail with our friends! The fact that all this is considered "small" by Klei as well as we have more to come is exciting. Of course there are flaws, and something that I'd love to see change a bit, but as of now I dont wanna say anything bad about this dope content
  8. Here's a small comment towards the feedback; I understand people would want stuff from shipwrecked like Corals, but it doesn't fit thematically. This is not a tropical ocean, it's your standard ocean, so keep this in mind.
  9. We need a /shanty emote!

    Yeah, Im sorry Klei, you add Boats, you must add a shanty emote
  10. Horror Bosses

    Im assuming that later on, other things such as the Deerclops can become... those fleshy mutant things...
  11. Sudoku

    basically how I understand it he went onto the plank (you can jump off of the boat to return to the portal) and walked away from it, but confirmed it later so he drowned
  12. from the names in the code, the new Anti-Sanity is called Lunacy
  13. Skin idea: mutant

    I'd rather go for a Celestial Collection, something like we had with the Shadow Magic (Triumphants), but with the Moonlight Magic instead
  14. So I've been playing with my cousing exploring all of this new stuff for the past 5 hours, Jamie, how dare you call this content "small", It's HUGE, like seriously, its amazing and I can't wait to see what this fully turns into. Who knew the Moon was actually an eye watching us all