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Javier's somethings of art.

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Been on the forums for awhile but I finally decided to share one of my artworks inspired by all the lovely people on in here :D

first off is Antlion and Wendy (which I later plan to remake into digitally :D)

hope you get the reference ;3

Hint: it involves a lion and a little girl.

anyways I hope you like it! :D

Wendy and Antlion.jpg

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He does need a break especially since he's being killed almost every summer.

good o'l antlion boyo needs more love.



Some unfinished boyos... might finished them in some other media (but that all depends really.)

sorry for the tears in Wolfgang's drawing... my cousins got to it somehow and tore pieces of it luckily they only tore the top portion.


unfinished Dfly.jpg

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@derplord Thank you! 

and yeah he wanted extra paper and there's two of e'm and they like using paper strips and using my paper without permission to cut pieces of paper which they then do not pick up and I have to clean up,

@minespatch It was supposed to feature wendy and Webber but I didn't have time to finish it ;-; he wanted extra paper scraps and didn't see the drawing until he flipped it over.

it took a lot of coloring pencils and erasers to get  the colors, so thanks! <3

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Just made a profile icon for my DA and Discord, I wanted to use it here but it looked too pixelated, sorry for not posting a lot of DS pictures but I'm still debating on whether to remake the wendy one or make some involving the malbatross (since it's one of my favorite boss designs.)

Illustration3 (2).png

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