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  1. I'm convinced your secretly part of the official art team for DST by how amazing these drawings are!! great job!
  2. These are absolutely Gorgeous!!! Great work!! I love the use of shadows and of course ink
  3. Same but I wouldn't mind if it didn't either, I do art for fun not for attention Thank you! I actually wanted to put more but decided against it as I want to practice more creepy stuff and this was a sort of starting point of it
  4. My very PG entry for the Klei Halloween Event featuring the Endtable now even spookier!!! (Don't worry it's not blood just dripping shadows!) edit: I may have accidentally sent the raw of the picture and this is the edited one but regardless what is done is done, anyways I hope you like it and I did say the next artwork would be a fanart
  5. I absolutely love both your Wendy and your Abby drawings!!!! they're so beautiful I love the composition, the colors, the expressions everything about it!!! great, outstanding, marvelous work!! hope to see more of your art soon!
  6. This will be the last since I might go quiet again because school started again and I'm working on another project (which I will not post so that I don't need to make another thread xp) @Blue Moth
  7. It's been a while since I've read the manga since it's just recently ended so yes I can't really spoil much. @minespatch
  8. This still breaks my heart because lore reasons very nice! I love the dull coloring that emphasizes the sad mood this work does as well as the posture of Wendy that shows the anguish and sadness that she has for not being able to bring her sister back (who also has an appropriate expression as well!) very noice!
  9. All very noice as always! also Fishy Friend is best friend!
  10. @Blue Moth <3 Here's another thing I worked on after I finished the Wyrm, still not a fanart but I'm still proud of this one