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  1. I almost always forget this game is called Don't Starve and often find myself starving while base building.
  2. Some old screenshots I found when I played back when RoT wasn't a thing and the Wortox and Wendy rework came out. Last image is of my best megabase before it was lost due to mods no longer working and unable to port it properly over to the RoT update, I think the max days was 700+
  3. My Current Favorite Area in my Webber City Megabase.
  4. very nice! also as soon as I got a notification from you I legit jumped from my chair from the loud sound because I forgot to lower it
  5. Very Pretty! honestly wish this was a dress you can get in DST would totes put it on my own Wendy hehe
  6. All of these are wonderfully designed!!! I love every piece so far and I'm excited to see more from you! astounding usage of shadows (hehe) and colors as well as many other factors! good work!
  7. Great seeing you still do your funkily beautiful art MP! beautiful works as always! :3
  8. I'm convinced your secretly part of the official art team for DST by how amazing these drawings are!! great job!
  9. These are absolutely Gorgeous!!! Great work!! I love the use of shadows and of course ink
  10. Same but I wouldn't mind if it didn't either, I do art for fun not for attention Thank you! I actually wanted to put more but decided against it as I want to practice more creepy stuff and this was a sort of starting point of it
  11. My very PG entry for the Klei Halloween Event featuring the Endtable now even spookier!!! (Don't worry it's not blood just dripping shadows!) edit: I may have accidentally sent the raw of the picture and this is the edited one but regardless what is done is done, anyways I hope you like it and I did say the next artwork would be a fanart