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  1. I absolutely love both your Wendy and your Abby drawings!!!! they're so beautiful I love the composition, the colors, the expressions everything about it!!! great, outstanding, marvelous work!! hope to see more of your art soon!
  2. This will be the last since I might go quiet again because school started again and I'm working on another project (which I will not post so that I don't need to make another thread xp) @Blue Moth
  3. It's been a while since I've read the manga since it's just recently ended so yes I can't really spoil much. @minespatch
  4. This still breaks my heart because lore reasons very nice! I love the dull coloring that emphasizes the sad mood this work does as well as the posture of Wendy that shows the anguish and sadness that she has for not being able to bring her sister back (who also has an appropriate expression as well!) very noice!
  5. @Blue Moth <3 Here's another thing I worked on after I finished the Wyrm, still not a fanart but I'm still proud of this one
  6. If anyone is wondering why there's nothing being posted here, I gotta be honest, I gradually lost interest in DST and DS itself for some reason and I wanted to take a break from it and focus more on other things like school and stuff, although I don't plan to make any fanarts soon (although I might after I finish a big project I'm working on idk.) so sorry for being silent for a long time :c Here is something that I worked on recently after I had taken a break and tried to improve my art skills
  7. These comics are sooo cute! Hope to see more from you! the artstyle and colors are lovely! I also love how there's so many details! especially love the last comic mostly because I relate to it so much. Keep it up
  8. sh... it was a suggested expression in a friends discord server
  9. @minespatch I honestly don't know, creative freedom might've had some part in that other than that idk