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[Game Update] - 392682

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Mike23Ua    7717
21 minutes ago, ScottHansen said:
  • Fixed Carrats being entered into a race when release from a bundle that is near a Starting Point
  • Fixed Carrats disappearing from gyms
  • Fixed a bug where day-only servers would not reset the race prize
  • Roman Wood Armor skin now grants it’s skin to the Scalemail as well
  • Fixed various typos and grammatical mistakes


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Can you look into updating the Grammatical mistakes for Wickerbottom while viewing a Championship Belt?

For someone with such Knowledge her Quote for this Just doesn’t quite add up. I’m assuming it is because of language translation error.. but Either way it seriously bothers me.

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Griver84    340

You guys 100% didn't have to add it in. I had just noticed it when Year of the Rat released that it didn't follow the previous item treads.  Thanks for going ABOVE and beyond again. You guys always knock it out of the park! <3 

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