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Bug with the new skins (Year of the Carrat)

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Hello there is a bug with the new skin of Wigfrid's battle spear, the Ultimate Spear.

When you craft it, you get the skin of the Nordic Battle Spear instead. But the toolbar icon correctly shows the Ultimate Spear.

Also, crafting the Nordic Battle Spear gives you the contrary: skin of the Ultimate Spear and icon of the Nordic Battle Spear.

So it seems they are mismatched. Keep up the good work!

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7 hours ago, maciu67 said:

There is little problem with mini sign as the first skin for stackable item.

Minisigns aren't the first skin for a stackable item. The first skin for a stackable item (as far as I'm aware) was the fence skin that came out for Winona's rework.

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