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Found 91 results

  1. Hello, I just noticed recently that I have regoltih tiles forming under my steel barrier. Hows that even possible? It's making the task of cooling the Gravitas Station hell... from time to time new regolith blocks pop up inside the station... it's everywhere under the barrier tbh. Is it a bug? Is there something I can do to prevent that from happening?
  2. I was killed by Terrorbeak when i was in BFB s mouth , I got ressurected by the live water flower and ended up in some part of the ocean with dark in it and couldnt see anything. I had to use console command to spawn miner hat but even with it on , the light is not there and I cant see anything. It seems that there are some creatures which attacks me and I also cant be killed by dark. I am just standing there without seeing anything. Is there a way to get out of there?
  3. So the game updated today and I tried to make a new world, upon clicking the world customize button, the game crashes. i have a few mods enabled but I'm not sure if their causing it. I've sent a bug report already from in game, but i wanted to see if anyone else is having this issue. I've included a screenshot of the crash screen. it looks like my presets might be busted. I've tried with both hamlet AND reign of giants. and i still get this crash oh right. almost forgot this log.txt
  4. Then i enter a cave and go out, the game just crash. This happen even if im in the surface doing normal things. pls help (sorry bad english)
  5. World: Vanilla Don't Starve with Hamlet enabled Character: Wormwood Mods: No mods enabled When planting seeds in the ground a seed is spawn at the center of the world. Noticed this upon searching for berry bushes. What a thought was 1 seed turns out to be nearly 20 in one pile. Planted a seed next to it to see, and sure enough right at that moment a seed spawned. First image shows me standing next to the spot, had just tested it out and picked up the seed. Second image i had planted a seed to demonstrate. As you can see, a seed has spawned. Third image is where I am on the map (the red circle) Not a gamebreaking bug but I thought it should be pointed out.
  6. What the topic name says - i have a lone spider den next to my base for like 5 seasons already and it doesn't evolve into a Spider Queen, despite me hanging out nearby and killing spiders for days. Its a RoG game, compatible with Hamlet DLC. DLC also brought back some previously solved bugs, like dog waves spawning only 1 dog after cave exit and also the lighting glitch with circle of light staying around sinkhole when you exit it.
  7. The End's Unwell

    The End's Well doesn't look too comfortable with what's inside it :/
  8. inst.components.talker:Say(inst.level) My server's crashing when my char try to talk. But only when my server have caves; when they're disabled I don't have any trouble.
  9. This is one of the worlds me and my friends when we were doing a fuelweaver rush and it sucks that we can't farm the Lucky gold nuggets or even get lucky gold nuggets because of pig king just saying N O since the sinkhole is in the way. Yes I tried every single way, I removed everything near the area including the stumps and dropped seeds and it doesn't work :c fix this pls bb
  10. bug?

    Unsure if bug or not but I have a weird number for one of my seeds, Will this break anything if I try to plant it?
  11. I can not let this stand, as you can tell. His eyes go above his mask, if this doesn't get fixed i'm deleting the game! >:/ #fixmymime #utterlydisgusting
  12. im having problems with my mod toad he doesnt work and i really dont want to redo images since it toke me 2 hours to copy and paste copy and paste i really need help heres the file notes.txt toad.tex toad.xml examplefloatableitem.scml toad.scml usage.txt toad.tex toad.xml toad.tex toad.xml notes.txt toad.tex toad.xml toad.tex toad.xml toad_silho.tex toad_silho.xml modicon.tex modicon.xml modinfo.lua modmain.lua examplefloatableitem.lua toad.lua speech_toad.lua
  13. Dung beetle's dung ball respawns under the beetle after a relog even after the ball was picked and the resources were gathered.
  14. It started near a volcano - I made a couple of duplicant bedrooms then found out there was a geyser (volcano) near them, so I am trying to deconstruct each bedroom to get them away from the volcano and I can't. I can deconstruct other items not near the volcano. Never mind I realized I had wires only marked. Solved.
  15. hi there is a new strange bug in the QoL update. when something is cooking in the crockpot or a cooked meal is still on th crockpot (that means a not-picked-up meal that finished cooking and is visible on the crockpot) and wherever i do shift+click (thats the quick combination to move items from backpack to inventory, or from XYZ to chest, from ice box to whatever... you know what i mean, shift+click is for moving stuff from A to B) and if the item i did sift+click on it is an item that can normally be placed into a crockpot slot, that item disappears and is transferred to the currently cooking or having a cooked meal on it crockpot. plus if you take the already cooked meal from the crockpot, but you bugged items into that crockpot earlier when it was still cooking/when the meal was still unpicked on the crockpot, even if the meal is picked then, the shift+click bug still occurs, because you still have bugged-in items in one of the 4 slots of crockpot (or in all slots, or 2 or 3, doesnt matter) from earlier, when the bug occured when it was still cooking/had a cooked meal on it. unless you also pick up the bugged-in items form the slots, too, this bug will still be present with all items that can be placed in crockpots, when you shift+click. so basically... whenever you cook something on crockpot, you cant use shift+click anymore with items that are placeable into crockpots. and that isnt limited by distance. the crockpot that has an already cooked meal on it can be at the end of the map, and you are on the opposite end, your items that usually can be placed in a crockpot slot, will transferred into that crockpot when you shift-click them. and when all 4 slots are full and you shift click them, nothing happens. so basically the game acts like as if you had a crockpot open to place stuff into the 4 slots. when the 4 are full, you cant place any more stuff but also nothing will happen to your items (no moving to chests etc) because it thinks: lets move it into crockpot, but its full, so.. nope you cant move it into crockpot. 1. build a crockpot, 2. cook something. 3. shift+click on an item, wherever and whatever you want (must be an item that is placeable into crockpots) while crockpot is cooking or while an unpicked meal is resting on the crockpot. 4. the item will be transferred into the crockpot
  16. Hello, I want to adress the following: While standing near an Icebox and 2 crockpots you'll naturally open the Icebox inventory and then the first crockpot to shift + click the items faster from the Icebox to the crockpot. When you fill the first crockpot and press cook it'll start cooking and then you'll want to open the second crockpot and repeat the process (while the first is still cooking), however, even if the second crockpot's inventory is opened, if you shift + click items they will dissapear from your inventory and won't appear on the second crockpot's. I thought they dissapeared for good but turns out they were on the first crockpot inventory, I realized when I removed the meatballs and reopened it again. this happened after QoL update. Thank you.
  17. Hello Klei, I have quite strange issue, with both DS and Shipwrecked on Android, if using controller (as in title, PlayStation Sixaxis 3). Namely, every button/trigger works as per tooltip, *EXCEPT* D-Pad (up, left, right, down), used to control selected item in inventory. Tooltips (like "down to drop") appear as they should, but pressing d-pad buttons does absolutely nothing, in any circumstances. The missing function isn't binded to anything else, too. As you may imagine, it makes gameplay using controller rather impossible. I am - also - quite certain, that it is issue on DS (Shipwrecked)'s side, as events for d-pad are registered, and every other game on same device doesn't have problems with registering d-pad controls. Hoping it won't be complicated fix, and ready to provide any logs you may need, on request. Help appreciated. Cheers, /Estel //Edit: Albeit most likely irrelevant, here is specification of my Android device: Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus (SM-901F, kccat6) Android version: 7.1.2 LineageOS 14.1-2018-03-02-kccat6 //Edit 2 I am realtively certain that including rebind option with "press the button you want to assign <...> to" would save you guys trying to include definition for every gamepad device in the world (albeit I am quite surprised, that the Sixaxis - being second only to [albeit, arguably, much better than] xbox controler - doesn't work) and its rip-off copies. Still, huge thanks for adding controller support for Android port, at last! I almost lost hope of ever seeing it.
  18. Problem Found - Bug has been in code for over a year, just surfaces in odd places when not expected. Thanks @R9MX4. ----- Maybe this bug has already been noticed and commented on, but I couldn't find it after a 10 minute search though the bug reports. If you are aware of the bug, please let me know so I don't double post it. I wanted to try cooking oil into petroleum using the kiln. I prepared a nice vacuum chamber, added a small amount of oil, built my kiln out of gold, and qued up 20 recipes. Waited, waited, and waited, and the temp kept.... dropping!!!! What? The temp dropped to match the input coal and clay,. No heat was ever created. So I played around with this a bit more. I build a kiln out of gold, iron, copper, steel, niobium, and thermium. I placed the kiln on a 1kg layer of oil, petro, water, and added a control layer of just vacuum. With vacuum above each liquid, the kiln produces zero (update) very little/not the correct amount of heat when making ceramics. In complete vacuum, the kiln produces heat. With gas above the kiln (the screenshot above), it produces some an appropriate amount of heat. Odd things are happening. I'll report this bug later today or tomorrow, after it's been discussed and details are flushed out. Current exploit: Build kiln in vacuum. Add a very thin layer of liquid to bottom layer (water, crude, petro). Then use kiln as much as you want with almost zero heat output. Place it next to your vacuum fridges, and your refrigerator doubles as a furnace.
  19. So this is admittedly a little thing but could make the game feel more polished. When replacing a building in the same place, i.e. to change material or to avoid repairing, if you select the building and click to attempt to place it before the previous one is deconstructed, you will not be able to place the building even after it has been deconstructed. This requires you to cancel the build, then reopen the build menu, reselect the building, and then it can be placed. Nothing too major, but it can be jarring
  20. Whenever I try to create a RoG world, it puts me in a basic DS world. I've tried everything, each option including reinstalling and only activating certain DLCs. When in the game select option though it will say RoG next to the world ive created, but when i click on it it only shows the basic DS. At this point, I don't know what to do. I'll link a few threads with the same problems. I've read through these threads and there are no confirmed solutions. EDIT: Theres actually about 4-5 threads about this just on the first page of this subforum for bugs. So, I won't link them all. But one of them wasn't even replied to. I'm hoping we can get a solution here as many people are having this problem. EDIT 2: With only Hamlet and RoG DLC enabled it does render a RoG world only if I do not connect it to Hamlet DLC. But the same visual error as below occurs. With only RoG DLC enabled the world renders RoG but the same visual error below as well. I can screenshot if necessary.
  21. I'll be posting this in bugs as well, but since I don't think I've seen this posted (at least I wasn't aware of it until I ran face-first into a serious case of it), thought I'd post it here for visibility. Overpressured vents are currently deleting gas when there's any sort of gas "fighting" for space over them. If you have, say, a room full of 2kg of Hydrogen (at max pressure for a vent), with a vent coming in and outputting Hydrogen, and two other tiles of Oxygen and CO2 fighting for space over the vent (causing the vent to temporarily no longer be over-pressured), the vent will output Hydrogen and delete the gasses fighting on top of it. This may also be connected to the gas conversion/deletion with Elecrolyzers. To be clearer, here's some pictures showing exactly what happens, and how serious it is (this happens very rapidly and very easily): If this was already known and I just missed it somewhere, let me know and I'll delete the post. That being said, this seems like a pretty serious issue that could result in a lot of gas just disappearing (esp. near oxygen output vents). Realistically, oxygen output vents deleting other gasses would probably work in the player's favour, but still a relatively serious bug.
  22. I found a bug in a few game saves I've played where the jeweled truffle in it's room would spawn outside the boundary of the room. and I cannot get access to it, and preferably I don't want to cheat That's one of the bugs I noticed, so it'd be nice if that got fixed in some manner without console. Also, in the most recent game I f-ed up on purpose, I was "buying", not stealing, things from the hidden rooms (mysterious cracks), Is that a bug or purposely put?
  23. Just in case, there is still this bug, when the thing for queen generate in to striking cavern :/
  24. It's Back

    RoG worlds are generated as Vanilla DS worlds, and none of the world settings work. AGAIN.
  25. It seems that the Aporkalypse Calendar in my world is stuck. I've tried relogging in the room, but it doesn't do anything. Is there any way to fix this?