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Khoos Fanart Thread? (?)


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Hello! I've been playing this game since this month and everything has been an eye candy! Here's a little Winter's Feast tribute as my first post.

I hope to have a good time!

Never really posted on a forum before, but everyone seems to be making their own thread, oh well

I seem to draw Wilson than everyone else but a lil bit of everyone is great!

Jolly Wes as he feasts.png

I hope I didnt forget animation.gif



sheer absolute ew.png

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55 minutes ago, minespatch said:

The leechtub cartoon seems to be a dark piece. Making Wilson seem more villainous.


I love the lanky anatomy in the WX piece.

Honestly it would've been a dream if he just diagnosed me with a cold and throws me inside one heheh, and yeah! Thank you, I appreciate you! WX's walking does seem to me like he'd be pretty skinny umu

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triump wes.png



uh oh no hambat meat.png

where base.png

wes is bes.png

I had a really fun conversation today, one of the better days of mine making new friends off DS :D

18 hours ago, minespatch said:


Looks like we have a similar view of Wendy.:wilson_ecstatic:

Cute summary with Shipwrecked.:wilson_sneaky:

Oh my goodness! That is so cute, I guess we do see Wendy the same umu. And shipwreck is honestly a trainwreck gameplay heheh, chaotic!

(I'm not sure how culture in here works so I'm not sure if I quoted people right aah)

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Plenty of fun today! I tried my hand on fandesigning for a bit and boy was snowfallen a bit fun, though my skills are incredibly rusty. I love the discord for that~

I was in an aggie.io and whiteboardfox with padoru wilson and the legendary vegetable on DS amino, it was cool umu



snowfallen wx78.png

snowfallen wes.png

snowfallen wortox.png


aggie 5.png


jdcd.pngwilly me.pnggj.png

21 hours ago, minespatch said:

So a Wilson and Wolfgang ship?

That's really pretty, bud.:wilson_goodjob:

Heheh, to appease the people inside the chat umu, it be a Wilson and Wolfgang ship for the giggles

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1 hour ago, Kuba5565 said:

Hey @Khoo what is with the carrat one? I saw it in the thread of carrat jumping too high. This fella can probably jump very high, also he reminds me a little of t-rex becouse of his little hands XD.

I just thought of a carrat with beefy legs so it can run well, Wilson has took inspiration from tallbirds and did some science uwu

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