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  1. The Wolfgang rework thread sure is... educational..!
  2. Happy birthday war leeeeee also skin idea for marine biologist wilson please please PLEASE make it happen
  3. EEE GLAD YOU LIKE, I have a bit more wx78 but I found this cluttered around uvu OOOOOO THANK YOU, I didn't expect em to match but I can see where!
  4. That piece took me about 4-6 hours? I procrasinated a lot in between aaah and I love that you pop by to talk about my work, I really appreciate it <3
  5. Welp its been forever time to dump some art
  6. Haven't been drawing too much doodles aha Not a good day to play DS considering I died directly after I defeat the queen womant the first time ;;
  7. I've been trying to get outside playing Wilson/Maxwell, so I tried Warly, Woodie and Wes Still had more fun playing as Wilson but I feel like broadening my gameplay experience would be nice
  8. I just thought of a carrat with beefy legs so it can run well, Wilson has took inspiration from tallbirds and did some science uwu BUT LITTLE T REX AAWWW
  9. Very long thread whoops, but I'm pretty content with myself
  10. I finally did metheus and the person I did with was amazing, anywho! Enjoy!
  11. Last few pieces before the decade ends let's go!
  12. Plenty of fun today! I tried my hand on fandesigning for a bit and boy was snowfallen a bit fun, though my skills are incredibly rusty. I love the discord for that~ I was in an and whiteboardfox with padoru wilson and the legendary vegetable on DS amino, it was cool umu Heheh, to appease the people inside the chat umu, it be a Wilson and Wolfgang ship for the giggles
  13. I had a really fun conversation today, one of the better days of mine making new friends off DS Oh my goodness! That is so cute, I guess we do see Wendy the same umu. And shipwreck is honestly a trainwreck gameplay heheh, chaotic! (I'm not sure how culture in here works so I'm not sure if I quoted people right aah)
  14. I may have a little liking towards Wilson
  15. Honestly it would've been a dream if he just diagnosed me with a cold and throws me inside one heheh, and yeah! Thank you, I appreciate you! WX's walking does seem to me like he'd be pretty skinny umu