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Hey Grifters,

Just a small rework to some boons and banes today:

  • Balancing of Boons and Banes:
    • - Mixology now grants 4 bonus resolve instead of 2
    • - Cards granted by Authority now scale with difficulty
    • - Whispered Rumours damage now scales with difficulty
    • - Curse of Hesh now also draws a card
    • - Bio-Feedback and Brutality now affect all status cards instead of just injury cards
    • - Gnarled Effigy (from Bad Faith) now only deals 1 damage per card played
  • Fixed bug where newly applied conditions wouldn't show up from attacks with post_anims
  • RIPOSTE now also passes whether current hit is last hit in the ON_RIPOSTE event
  • Fixed bug where PostAttack in PRE_RESOLVE sometimes wouldn't call ResetFighter
  • Riposte Anims no longer cause any freezes in animation (on attacker or attackee) 


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11 hours ago, Bafbegagglestic said:

The card Visionary Facts is not giving me Smarts no matter how many cards I remove.  The un-upgraded version is working fine.

Can confirm, had this happening a few runs back and didn't know why, but I was also running the visionary upgrade so that would make sense.

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