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  1. I'm glad to see that the new character will have different mechanics than Sal. I wonder what Charge and Gamble will mean?
  2. Is it just me or is the negotiation music slightly different, like there's an extra measure somewhere in there that wasn't there before?
  3. I didn't really bother doing the math, mostly this turn I got super lucky with Caprice turning into Bulldoze, drawing Bolstered, 0 cost cards, and second winds. guess what I meant is it's easy to to do 30 damage in the first turn since I have several high damage cards and several ways to combo cards into each other. If I were to get lucky enough first turn, I could play Obtuse, Lucid Threaten, and Bolster all in a row to rack up 4 dominance, causing 21 free damage + 5-8 card damage + any damage from 0 cost cards like Pale Impression and Veiled Anger.
  4. Yeah, most likely. Actually, I never even knew Evoke cards could be played from your draw pile before I tried this. I just thought Evoke cards were trash and left it at that.
  5. Decided I'd try something different for this run so I tried out an Evoke deck. Since 2/3 of the Evoke cards in the game are Hostile, I went for a mostly Hostile deck. So then we're here. On the first turn, (The first 10 damage was dealt by Nadan before my turn started) I did 47 damage. Every time I start a negotiation, I basically have a fully loaded cannon in my deck. Just build up a little dominance and then finish my turn evoking my Erupts, doing upwards of 30 free damage. Maybe new negotiation meta is Evoke in Experimental or did I just get ridiculously lucky? Then again, I've only unlocked P3 in this build so I don't know it's effectiveness in P7. Here's the deck in it's entirety: Oh, and bonus:
  6. Can confirm, had this happening a few runs back and didn't know why, but I was also running the visionary upgrade so that would make sense.
  7. Hmm, I don't know about tying pet mechanics to grafts, but I do agree that pets could use some buffs. Maybe you could find merchants that will give you supplies such as the aforementioned leash for a fair price?
  8. Wasn't very hard obviously but I still find this scenario pretty hilarious
  9. By Day 2 or 3, you've basically got your deck archetype laid out and you can really only expand on it. I just find it really frustrating when I'm trying to find cards that have a discard ability and by the time I'm fighting Drusk the only thing I have is Windup and several cards that Discard other cards. And again, it'd still be chance based, just with a little nudge in the direction of your deck archetype.
  10. I feel like after Day 2 or 3, the game should have a bias towards the type of cards you collect and remove. Maybe the game will replace a regular drop with a card tailored to your estimated playstyle about 40% of the time and redraw types of cards you've removed from your deck 20% of the time.
  11. Still though, Brain Gills aren't that good. The only benefit is that you can quickly progress a specific card and get a net gain of 1 extra exp into your deck, but on the other hand, it costs 1 action, doesn't have Replenish, and Expends after use. Since using Brain Gills can commonly interrupt a play with it's 1 action cost, if it costed 0 actions but had a less punishing downside like 1-2 Vulnerability, 2 Flustered, or even self-damage it would be significantly more viable. That's not to mention that Negotiation cards are very easy to level up and even if you actively avoid negotiations, about 60% of your deck is leveled by day 4.
  12. Negotiations are definitely way easier than combat and chances are they're supposed to be that way. I'll make a negotiation deck that's strong enough to negotiate a high pay and get me through the day and then focus everything else into my combat deck. It's often worth it to take on as many combats as you can without losing out on full regeneration (or dying, that kind of matters too) so that you can upgrade your combat cards with the added benefit of items and resolve gain. When it comes to shill usage, I get Sparring and Surprise attack then stack on as many Sucker Punch boons as I can until about half of the fight is over by the time I end my first turn. It's useful to save up for unexpected events and bribes though. If you've never considered using shills to deescalate or completely remove problems, you'll be surprised just how effective it can be. At the end of the day, I'd say my ratio is about 65% Combat/35% Negotiation. An unstoppable negotiation deck can get you far but it won't beat Oolo. On a side note, I find that the Discard/Diplomatic or Doubt strategy really prevails in this version of the Alpha.
  13. What's current maximum prestige?

    Prestige 7 causes all purchases to cost 25% more. May not sound like a big deal at first, but wow it's bad. It effectively cuts your shill gain to 75% and adds up over time until you've got 30 shills instead of 400 by day 4.
  14. Whats everyone's fav cards

    The Assault + Aerosol combo is borderline overpowered. Just find a way to use as many cards as possible during your turn and finish it off with an Assault and Aerosol and you're doing 40+ damage in 1 action. Once, I managed to do something ridiculous like 86 damage through the use of Rummage. When it comes to negotiation, I find it pretty effective to stockpile Influence and then start dishing out Pale Impressions, By the Books, Intrigue, and Second Wind or Ergo just for good measure to brute force through their core resolve before they can really have a chance to do damage.