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  1. After verifying my game cache and reinstalling, this error appears no matter what combination of mods I have installed. None, all of them, just a few, doesn't matter. The curious thing is that it reports to "#lostpassage_crashes" which would indicate that it's my mod that is causing this issue, despite the issue happening whether or not I have my mod installed.
  2. Pretty sure this is intentional to be used for cards that interact with card cost
  3. Is it just me or is the negotiation music slightly different, like there's an extra measure somewhere in there that wasn't there before?
  4. Can confirm, had this happening a few runs back and didn't know why, but I was also running the visionary upgrade so that would make sense.
  5. After getting a starting item from Fssh, she says "me" instead of "my". It's possible this was done on purpose to give Fssh an accent, but I don't see any other piece of dialogue where she does have one so it's safe to say it's a typo.