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  1. [Experimental Update] - 373093

    I think they said report crashes with f8 is more effective.
  2. [Experimental Update] - 369129

    yeah for me when the card cost 2 i would just use it to level it. Mostly the turn was just the facts and expend maybe 1-2 cards and then gain composure. The card really becomes playable at 1 cost. I figured it was just one of those 2 cost trash cards that you have to get upgraded to shine. kind of like freighter and barnacle. Once it costs 1 its pretty strong with brainstorm and other card draw. Can get rid of starter cards since were not always lucky enough to get destroy all the time. I wonder how they go about buffing cards though. Do they just look at the current usage rates i wonder.
  3. [Experimental Update] - 369129

    Well i used it for the actions, an extra argument to take damage and get rid of status cards. It just results in a consistent/broken deck after a few turns. I think lowering its cost has the opposite effect making it much more playable to expend all your unwanted cards. Honestly just surprised a card i thought was good is being buffed that's all.
  4. [Experimental Update] - 369129

    Just the facts needed a buff? i use that card all the time to break my decks.
  5. [Experimental Update] - 365365

    mending doesnt work right. The healing is correct but it shows up as a negative value and remains even when your healing for 0.
  6. [Experimental Update] - 364732

    i usually just save my money for card removal or a decent card on day 1. i do try to get people to like me that have good boons so im more likely to get the chat event for some resolve/lovin.
  7. [Experimental Update] - 364732

    I like the change but the shop prices dont reflect this change at all. Plus having the badge come from something random like a social boon will make it not worth it depending on the day you find it and way to good if found on day 1
  8. [Experimental Update] - 363255

    Well you used to need twice as much xp before and it had fatigue. At that point i had starter cards that werent even leveled by day 4. Maybe starter cards need more xp now. 1-2 notches more for combat.
  9. [Experimental Update] - 363255

    i tried once long ago and the condition was never removed. i guess it works now lol
  10. [Experimental Update] - 363981

    Yay i was encountering this. To bad my file is still broken.
  11. [Experimental Update] - 363255

    it doesnt work unfortunately lol
  12. [Experimental Update] - 363255

    i thought it was a bug though. the dog evades so why is he bleeding lol. I sent in game feedback about it hoping they would correct it.
  13. [Experimental Update] - 363255

    whats the nerf to bleed? i didnt see anything about it here.
  14. [Experimental Update] - 363255

    Combo felt a lot better to me now. Made a deck that was pretty much combination and stomp with battle scars/defensive surge for defense and adapt to keep it up nearly each turn. got 2 boulder stances on day 3 and another 2 right before Ooloo lmao. The graft that makes you lose only 1 combo per hit is pretty good.