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  1. i dont think it matter to much. Lets you do more damage with hostile cards early but the trade off is you dont have the extra dominance possibly soaking damage the next turn.
  2. I wouldnt mind if some of the rarer cards could go infinite or just boosting the rarity of cards that tend to allow going infinite. Otherwise maybe some of the cards could have some sort of keyword that lets the player know the card can be played x times in a turn could fix this issue. I honestly have more fun when my deck isnt going infinite or requires some maneuvering to go infinite. As for the TL;DR/Provoke suggestions im all for them. Good ideas here. Oh and the devs mentioned ranged/melee was only a visual thing with the attack animation it has no meaning in combat. They should just hide this info so theres no confusion unless they plan to change this. Yeah combo is still in a weird place imo. Its just a defense based deck with cards that seem out of place for a defense type deck. Maybe if some combo cards stayed in your hand between turns and adding some more interesting abilities that affect drawing cards could solve this problem. Or possibly some combo cards could have your next played card have additional effects or something if its the same card type. I love freighter. You really think 5 xp is to much? I feel like its fair. As for some of my own thoughts. I think sal could use some more interesting ability cards that could be useful for all deck types. The 1 cost counter abilities are boring and tbh not really useful for a counter based deck. Even inside fighting isnt that interesting in a combo deck it doesnt really enable many combo cards. I feel like it be more interesting if each character had a couple social boons/banes to offer so that when you get sparring it feels good. Rather then it being the obvious sought after boon. Plus they need to offer more interesting boons. +hp/resolve is good but its pretty bland and be more fun to get elsewhere from random events. Boons should offer something interesting like the first time you take damage in combat gain 1 power for each enemy until end of turn. It doesnt have to be super powerful just fun enough to make each run feel different.
  3. Drusk Boss Battle

    I think you get a lot of options on the ones with hard combat so that you dont have to fight. Like even quests where spree captains show up you can just leave the bar/shop and let them rob the joint and the travel insurance one you can let them kill the guy. The only situation that sucks is day 4 random encounter before you even get a chance to hire a merc and you can still run. Only really effects you if your running a hostility deck since that coward card blows
  4. [Experimental Update] - 365365

    mending doesnt work right. The healing is correct but it shows up as a negative value and remains even when your healing for 0.
  5. Drusk Boss Battle

    I thought quests are just random. Plus a lot of quests are labeled combat and negotiation.
  6. Extra bounties

    Dang lucky dog with the day one haggle badge im jelly
  7. Drusk Boss Battle

    Yep i dont win all negotiations either. Just not possible with the way it is now unless your lucky in one way or another. That was my thought process to better to lose negotiations then combat. No prob on the tips. Good luck on your runs.
  8. Drusk Boss Battle

    I dont win every time but he isnt as hard as i initial thought. Something very simple like 2 tackles and spines can get the job done. Upgraded barnacle/rummage/sals daggers too. Upgraded 0 cost survival reflexes can save you from blowing up. Maybe my idea of key cards is different from yours. defensive surge/survival reflexes are my go to defense cards. Readiness is something ill usually grab or size up for combo. once i have some defense cards ill grab combination up to 3 and 1 carve and shoulder rolls up to 2. Stomp is good if you are drawing cards. Only graft your looking for is lose less combo when taking damage. For bleed its just barnacle. Card is nuts since you have sal's dagger automatically. Ill grab 1 extra bleed card and readiness with this. Battle scars and rummage is a plus. Survival reflexes will help you early game. If i have battle scars 3-4 replenish cards is very strong. Grab the heal on bleed ability if you find it. Muscle bank/recycler are your best friends with this deck. Battle scars decks you just need card draw to draw to battle scars each turn. Readiness is the best option. Early when your deck is larger adapt is good. Slaughter is okay once upgraded. You only need 1 of each of these cards(not always adapt/slaughter). Seeker/survival reflexes/slippery/stringer good in this deck obviously but you dont need all of them just some. Other discard cards not really wanted. The counter abilities are a trap. They do so little not worth your effort until maybe late game if your feeling strong. Muscle bank is good with this deck. Power decks. Usually you just go with defensive cards. Defensive surge/survival reflexes/tackle. Upgrade sal's daggers to the combo version and grab a bladeflurry. Keep the multi hit starter cards there not bad. Fight dirty upgraded to the 0 cost power gain is my preferred upgrade if im missing uppercut. This way you dont need uppercut for this to work but its preferred. Debuff removal is nice in this deck vs exposes armor. Utility cards i use would be footwork(draw version). Lets you get your abilities online faster. Into the night is good in any deck. If your discarding cards its always pretty decent choice. Turns survival reflexes into 8 armor and fight dirty into a possible 6. Expending rummage is great you can slowly remove dead cards. Doomed after day 3 is pretty good card. Nothing does more damage then this card. 1 spines is always pretty solid card because most of your decks should be aiming to take very little damage. I prefer the 1 cost version of this card. Everyone knows take boulder stance/kidney shot lol. This is my general strategy for the types of decks i make. You don't have to follow it to a key. I agree with some of the other cards need better balancing but there are some cards i use that i didnt mention. Fighting early and looking for removal quests/upgrading quests is important. Upgrade quests are good they let you look at what your cards will become and you can plan a deck better because youll know what has destroy and expend.
  9. After playing a bit i actually like the removal of the extra bounties. My negotiation decks feel more honest as in no more infinite turns by day 3. While you can still go infinite its less likely so when you do go infinite its more rewarding. Cards i never used have become more appealing such as quick thinking and calm just because you cant level your cards as fast and you get way less chances to choose cards. Never got haggle badge yet and it hasnt really been needed. Whats everyone elses opinions of this mechanic?
  10. Drusk Boss Battle

    Yeah i go with what the game offers me too but i decide what i want to make once i see a key card. There isnt really any combo card that makes me go combo besides having some decent defensive cards. something like defensive surge and then i might grab combination and go from there. I think shroog and nadan/ooloo should be a little more difficult. Maybe it shouldnt be random when it comes to the boss fight then at least you know what you should prioritize. That way the drusk can stay the way he is and shroog could be buffed slightly.
  11. Drusk Boss Battle

    What kind of decks are you building mostly? I often dont play discard and try and stick with bleed/battlescars or strange decks like my tackle deck i mentioned above. I feel like the grafts you get are pretty important. Mostly im grabbing combat grafts over negotiation grafts almost all of the time. Unless its garbage like snap talon or combo stuff while im not combo. The draw cards i find are pretty powerful. Ill pretty much always grab rummage but not always readiness/adapt. Try and get some sparring social boons over everything else.
  12. Drusk Boss Battle

    ive taken him down with non discard decks on p7. i find that extra turn grafts from the earlier days it pretty important to deal with the drusk. otherwise those stupid cards fill up your hand. Yep the allies shooting wrong target sucks for sure. i honestly try and fight as much as possible day 1/2 just to have leveled cards and more chances of good cards. Bleed is good vs the drusk. Upgraded barnacle and removal of as many starter cards as possible is strong. Upgraded rummage that expends is strong in general. Survival reflexes is amazing vs the drusk and is good in any deck tbh. I made a tackle deck and it worked wonders vs the drusk but was pretty weak to the guys that halve armor gain. Deck was 2 tackles upgraded for defense and had expendable starter cards, was really hoping for an uppercut with this strat but never happened so i used blade flurry. Battle scars decks also pretty good vs him. Use upgraded rummage to expend status cards/junk and readiness to draw to battle scars more often. Once you expend enough cards it happens all the time. I don't like adapt on this fight it can flat out kill you if your unlucky but its good in a battle scars deck to. Your deck just needs enough damage to finish off the drusk right around the time the allies die. Really no way to protect them with the amount of aoe damage flying around. Since this is the hardest fight in the game i try and draft for it as early as possible and prioritize removal of starter cards. Sometimes ill use my mendings on my allies in this fight if my deck gains armor effortlessly. A lot of my turns are gaining armor and playing a status card. its important to keep them to a minimum. If you somehow have 4 allies that are not pets in this fight it gets so much easier.
  13. [Experimental Update] - 364732

    i usually just save my money for card removal or a decent card on day 1. i do try to get people to like me that have good boons so im more likely to get the chat event for some resolve/lovin.
  14. [Experimental Update] - 364732

    I like the change but the shop prices dont reflect this change at all. Plus having the badge come from something random like a social boon will make it not worth it depending on the day you find it and way to good if found on day 1
  15. What is your progress level?

    People 41 grafts 32 Even though half the stuff is grayed out i know who or what they are lol.