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  1. It seems like the new music is character motifs, which is cool -- Oolo, Nadan, Kalandra, Flekfis, Tei, Andwanette, etc. Though Fellemo and Arint don't seem to have tracks?
  2. I like the Vix quips a lot! He probably shouldn't be playing the regular quips, though, as it prematurely cuts out the unique ones so you can't read them.
  3. Guarding and Selfish Prediction were reworked, I'm referring to the reworked versions, of which Guarding Prediction seems superior to Selfish Prediction:
  4. Guarding Prediction as an upgrade feels stronger than Selfish Prediction. Guarding Prediction's applied Guard goes as follows: 6->8->10->12->14... while Selfish Prediction's applied guard goes from: 3->6->9->12->15... Thus, Selfish Prediction only becomes on par with Guarding Prediction once it's been improvised 3 times in a battle, and then only becomes marginally better after being improvised 4 times. Given that the only cards which can improvise Prediction are Slippery (which itself gives Defense!), Thieves' Instinct (which will probably give you a better card than Prediction), Muscle Memory (which costs 2 by default!), and Zig Zag (and the Manuever-focused upgrade is very mediocre), I feel that Selfish Prediction should be +4 Defense when Improvised for the rest of battle (for 3->7->11->15).
  5. Ooh, card balance suggestions? I'm always up for that. (Not so much balance but a bug?) Relentless is a card in Sal's compendium, but I've never seen it offered (I assume it's a Spree unique, but I've never seen it). I'd like some more card support for Doubt for Sal's deck to enable a new deck archetype. Wild Lunge just seems like a worse Bedlam (6 less minimum damage in exchange for not discarding a card, but that can actually be a non-synergy when using a discard deck!). Zig Zag's upgrades feel pretty weak (+1 defense or +1 Wound only, and it's random targeting). Thirst probably could reduce the cost of the improvised card by 1 (or set its cost to 0), to make it similar to Thieves' Instinct. I've personally never taken Graven Muscle Memory when I could reduce its cost to 1 instead. Maybe make Graven Muscle Memory make two duplicates? Freighter looks like a card that belongs in Rook's deck instead (since at least Rook's deck has Boat Anchor). (Also I don't see the Flourishes anywhere?)
  6. Aw. I was hoping Grit was going to be a new card archetype for Sal rather than another persistent upgrade mechanism.
  7. Aww. Does that mean if I negotiate with Nadan in the regular game without having this Silver Tongue perk, he'll have just the generic Spree argument instead of Ring Leader? I think it'd be cool to encounter "boss" negotiations against, say, Oolo (Having to fight a special Oolo negotiation instead of a bog-standard Admiralty negotiation would provide an incentive to not steal the money in Collection Day assuming the Oolo negotiation was harder than the Admiralty one) EDIT: Though stuff like the Shroog would obviously be non-negotiable in the base game.
  8. On the subject of pets and how they affect negotiations, I don't really like how they're implemented now. An untrained pet does 3 damage for one turn, and a trained pet does 3 damage until destroyed, but there is no longer any differentiating factor between pet species and how they affect your negotiation, which I really liked.
  9. The "duplicated card" visual state looks amazing. There seems to be a hard crash whenever an enemy surrenders in combat now (in Sal's campaign), though. Might be something up with Improvisation.
  10. If there were an option to skip the battle card drafts I feel like this would be less difficult. Arint is absolutely ridiculous if she only uses Staff Whip since around 60% of your drawn cards will be useless if you have only a few cards remaining in your draw pile, and if she uses it 2+ times in a row then way too much of your deck becomes filled with Strange Chemicals.
  11. Out of curiosity, if we have --debug enabled in startup options, where can we find the "Tools" option again that was previously in the main screen?
  12. Maybe their covering fire attack is just blowing up a mixture of chemical cleaning agents and water. Would be faster than using a mop, that's for sure.
  13. That change was intentionally made from an earlier experimental. I think they reduced XP costs to level the parasites to compensate.
  14. Glofriam ran away from me since I had 3 allies and he couldn't plant boils. That made the final Rook brawl bit underwhelming.