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  1. Glofriam ran away from me since I had 3 allies and he couldn't plant boils. That made the final Rook brawl bit underwhelming.
  2. Klei User ID with EGS: KU_Y0fEMAT2 Klei User ID with Steam: KU_nKbHOxlG
  3. Is our Klei Account ID just the name that appears in the upper-left corner whenever we post? I'm definitely interested in testing.
  4. The problem is that something like Planted Evidence is classified as a bounty but its description states "When this argument is destroyed, deal X damage to the owner's core argument." Does that mean bounties are arguments, or not?
  5. Should Turnabout even be allowed to target those? The description says "friendly argument" but those are incepted by an enemy.
  6. Something weird seems to have happened to the compendium. Searching for anything in the compendium forces me out of fullscreen mode, and I can't F8 anymore while fullscreened to report bugs.
  7. I'm pretty sure only Buster Shot synergizes with it right now. (I guess Footwork could too but that's only in Sal's campaign...)
  8. Feelsbad, I thought the old Short Fuse was very thematic but I guess this is thematic as well (though that new core argument may destroy smaller decks, possibly). On a different note, is there a functional difference between Adrenaline and "Power until the end of your turn?" The "Temporary Power" debuff can be cleared by "Power until the end of your turn," but it's not clear if the same could be done with Adrenaline. How does Adrenaline also work with Hammer Down?
  9. New Lifter boon and bane. Bane is eh, since quite a few items only have 1 charge anyways. Boon is a nice bonus. Their death drop is Lifter Claw, a 1-cost battle Item that has no charges (cannot Destroy), cannot Expend, deals 3-4 damage, and has the incredible effect of improvising an item card from your draw pile and playing it with a random target. Honestly an incredible card.
  10. All of Smith's combat animations need to be at least twice as fast. Some of Smith's descriptions are a bit vague: Does Packrat add an Empty Bottle from thin air, or do you need an Empty Bottle somewhere in deck for it to add it to your hand? Shatter and Bottle Hurl use the phrase "Spend X Empty Bottles:" while Right in the Face uses "Expend all Empty Bottle cards in your hand" and Hurricane uses "Expend up to X Empty Bottles." All of these cards have the same functionality of Expending X Empty Bottles from your hand, but have three different methods of description. (Entire Supply is fine since it has different functionality, since it works from discard/deck as well). I thought Smith's Core Argument would only deal 1 damage whenever he creates an argument. Turns out, it's whenever ANYONE creates an argument. Barrage selects a target randomly. Does this include friendly targets? Additionally, if it only targets an enemy, why does it have a special keyword when there are a decent number of cards that also have random targeting? Endless Supply could probably be reworded to "Expend up to 4 cards from your hand. Drink equal to number of cards Expended." In terms of (very preliminary) card balance: Swig seems significantly better than Down the Hatch. When unupgraded, Swig will give one less Empty Bottle but will draw 2 additional cards in comparison. Recycle seems like it could be a Common. Given how much healing Smith normally has access to thanks to Moxie, healing up to 2 (or 3/4 if upgraded) and drawing 2 gives it around the same power level of Swig. Conquer doesn't seem very useful given that Smith seems to have a tough time gaining Defense. Dumpster Dive is almost strictly better than Reuse, despite both being Uncommon, since Dumpster Dive draws extra cards and moves 1 additional Empty Bottle to your deck.
  11. As Rook I have a bad habit of murdering every Spark Baron I can, so uhh... me. Spark Baron banes are pretty meh in terms of “badness,” with the strong exception of Faulty Armor.
  12. Did something happen with the performance in this experiment? I feel like there are a LOT more small pauses in between actions, for example surrenders don't trigger immediately and have a short pause (while HP is processing?) before the actor actually notices they are at the surrender threshold, and erchins that flee don't get replaced until the enemy's turn sometimes. Granted, this day is rather complex compared to Sal's, but I definitely noticed poorer performance.
  13. I may be enjoying the debug tools a bit too much.
  14. I feel like the tooltip wording is inconsistent with a lot of other arguments (especially when compared to wording of arguments in Sal's campaign) which can contribute to confusion. The Bog Sees All The Bog Sees All spawns Peeper arguments. However, there's no description for what a Peeper argument does when you highlight TBSA. This is inconsistent when compared to something like the Admiralty's Abuse of Power core argument, which incepts Planted Evidence but also has a description for what Planted Evidence does when you highlight the core argument. Suggested wording: add a description of Peeper. Additional issue with TBSA: "The eye closes when it takes unmitigated damage" is flavorful but is definitely confusing the first time around. I thought the "eye" closing talked about the Peeper arguments and not TBSA itself. Suggested reworking of the paragraph: "At the start of Glofriam's turn, create or add stacks to a Peeper argument if this wasn't attacked during Rook's last turn." The Bog Protects All The Bog Protects All "applies Composure to one or more friendly arguments" but doesn't list how much Composure it can grant. This is inconsistent with Prayers of Hesh, which specifically states "Apply <X> Composure and <X> resolve to a friendly argument." Suggested wording: "At the start of each turn, apply <X>-<Y> Composure to <X>-<Y> friendly arguments." The Bog Knows All The Bog Knows All "gives Rook 6 Bog Thought" when a friendly argument is destroyed. When compared to Abuse of Power, TBKA doesn't use the Incept keyword that's in Sal's campaign despite having the same behavior! Suggested wording: add a description of Bog Thought, and also change the description of TBKA to "When one of Glofriam's arguments is destroyed, Incept 6 Bog Thought." Faith in the Bog The entire "Undermine Glofriam's faith" paragraph in Glofriam's core argument just adds an entire paragraph that need to be read by the player, but is redundant (when the user reads The Bog bounties, they'll already see that destroying the argument grants a combat bonus). That paragraph can be removed, and the meaning of it can be preserved in two ways, IMO: Rephrase the first paragraph to "This argument is shielded by The Bog, and cannot be attacked until at least one bounty is removed!" More complicated: particle effects; draw lines between The Bog bounties and "Faith in the Bog" that visually represent the bounties "protecting" Glofriam's core argument (something like Bossbit's shield?)
  15. Huh. I remember the Hesh members end up attacking you simultaneously 5 times if you stall for way too long (like 3x Impatience?) instead of just constantly incepting Winds of Hesh arguments. Did they change the behavior?