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  1. Yeah, I had two negotiations where I got extra money with Haggle Badge, and there was one of those quests where you can take money and put the blame on someone else.
  2. Game Crash

    Got this error at the end of day 3, current experimental build. No idea what triggered it, and I was unable to "F8" the error.
  3. You can have multiple pets. About the TL;DR suggestions, I like that you have to figure the consequences of your actions.
  4. Damage can go above 99, but assuming power, combo points, and wound are all capped at 99, it should be impossible to go over 999 damage in a single card. I don't know if there's any practical way to create a loop that would allow a player to test such scenario. And the bug allowing Stone Roll to go above 99 defense has been fixed.
  5. I just got over 100 defense with Stone Roll. Was the 99 cap patched today? Is the 99 cap only valid to Seeker? Is it intended or a bug?
  6. I was using two Boosted Rummage to cycle the deck and keep discard Barbstorm and Seeker. I was getting the power bonus from a Shadow Mastery. I could keep cycling it until the limit, but I guess power is probably capped at 99 as well.
  7. Loved the update on Attitude.
  8. Drusk Boss Battle

    I'd have to check the name(s) to give you an accurate answer. And some quests have random encounters, and not all of them are broken. I had quests where I had to face one 4 star + two 3 star enemies - I reloaded the game, same quest, and I got one 2 star + two 1 star enemy instead. And again, the same fight could be incredible easy with the right rewards, and impossible when the game only offers you bad choices. So it is hard to point out "quest A" or "quest B" is broken. My problem is getting beaten, spending all my shill on food not to die, and to be offered only another battle quest when my deck is filled with debuffs and I have no shill to hire a partner. The game should either give you a break, or better resources to deal with those situations when they happen. I'm not saying they happen often. I'm saying they happen. Most of my runs are fine. (I wouldn't be playing the game if it weren't fun)
  9. Drusk Boss Battle

    I agree, most combat quests are manageable.
  10. Drusk Boss Battle

    In that case, we should have alternatives to fights. There are moments in the game where the only quests you're given are combat ones, and the enemies damage are often broken. You shouldn't have 2 combat quests in a row with 2~4 enemies attacking you for 15+ dmg per turn each.
  11. Drusk Boss Battle

    I did some runs focusing purely/99% on combat and neglecting negotiation to see how it went. Some negotiations on day 3 became an autoloss due this, but it seems to be the best route to take on the current patch. Better to lose negotiations than lose the game, right? It could be my playing skills, it could be that Klei is intending to design the game in a way that you shouldn't be able to win all negotiations and all combats all the times. Which would be fair. Anyway, thanks for the tips.
  12. Extra bounties

    I agree with what The Real Mike said in the experimental build thread: in most of my runs, I can't have a good battle deck and a good negotiation deck at the same time. Either I negotiate a lot on day 1 and rely on getting OP cards for my battle deck to finish the run, or I focus on my battle deck and lose some negotiations I didn't use to before the patch. I think this is a good change. You shouldn't be able to make both decks strong consistently. Not at P7, at least.