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  1. Both additions were a huge improvement to the game imo. Mutations are pretty fun to mess around, lots of interesting combinations for extra replayability, and the beastmaster guy finally made pets good. Great job!
  2. I havent being playing for a while, so this is a late feedback on a previous change: loved the changes on the UI. Good job.
  3. Thank you! I knew I wasn't the only one thinking Plocka was too weak.
  4. Hraklea

    Game Crash

    Got this error at the end of day 3, current experimental build. No idea what triggered it, and I was unable to "F8" the error.
  5. Now that I had more time with the update: the change on the negotiation seems to work fine on later days, but I think the NPC before the first boss is too strong considering the crappy deck you have at the end of day 1.
  6. Oh, that's what it meant. Thanks. I guess I relied too much on that, because I tried several times and I can't get past day 1 now. I'll have to wait for the next patch to enjoy the game hahaha.
  7. Did I miss something in the last couple of patches? There's no negotiation for better quest rewards now?
  8. That might explain why my combat decks are leveling so fast lately. Is that intended? Because it seems OP.
  9. Pretty good update. I liked the changes on the combo mechanic, but I feel like some cards are leveling too fast now? I managed to get my entire battle deck maxed before the end of day 2. It shouldn't evolve so quickly imo. Sparring/Bully didn't stack already? Nice change then.
  10. Hraklea

    Game Crash

    Game crashed during a negotiation. Sent the log through the game.