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Rise and Shine Now Available!

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Kevin    2320


Hey Grifters,

The "Rise and Shine" update is live! This update collects all of the changes and fixes that we have made in experimental in September. 

Highlights Include:

  •     A new Outpost to unlock, featuring new character types
  •     New exotic consumable items
  •     New battle grafts
  •     Combo overhaul: It's now easier to rack up big hits by carrying combo points between turns
  •     New interface screens: Graft and Character compendium
  •     More social boons/banes (all character types are now unique!)


Our next regular update will be some time in November, and we are working toward making that the debut of the second character/story. We will be hotfixing the release build and updating experimental will common changes as usual.

Big thanks to everyone who has submitted a crash report or feedback so far - they are extremely useful, and seeing how everyone plays really help us tune different playstyles.

Full Patch Notes:

  • Fix pure style issue preventing XP gain.
  • Icon mipmaps turned on again because they were flickering and generally looked awful at 1080p.
  • The Defensive argument no longer applies to arguments created by the owner (NPC).
  • Laborers add composure less frequently in negotiation, scaling with difficulty.
  • Reduce impatient start round by 1 for the first 2 difficulties.
  • Reduce the resolve of Influence and Dominance to 2.
  • Fix potential crash with insult removing itself while in the MODIFIER_CHANGED handler.
  • Fix graft limit off-by-one, and make low health warning make sense when installing grafts from Plocka.
  • Main overlay interface is more compact and ready for controller support.
  • Plocka uses standard shop pricing modifiers.
  • Stinging eyes decays.
  • Hammer Grip now also works as a combo spender.
  • Apply shop discounts to rise outpost autodogs.
  • Reworked Clot Hammer. (Previously had the same effect as snap talon)
  • Fixed description of back_pedal to match it's functionality.
  • Fixed upgrade highlighting on calm_plus2.
  • kradeshi_barbstorm_plus2 now correctly applies 3 bleed instead of 1.
  • Fighter widget now calls CalculatePreviewDamage on all conditions to account for damage done by conditions (not just bleed).
  • Update advancement modifiers for NPC resolve and resolve arguments to scale more smoothly over difficulty.
  • Fix crash when playing segue followed by a multi resolve_count card (browbeat, rapid fire).
  • Delay speech a bit to give it more breathing room.
  • Prioritize rejig before warp_vial, so that it changes effect.
  • CTRL+ENTER submits feedback on feedback screen, and tab moves between fields.
  • Added an option to leave without picking up loot in oppo_battle_aftermath.lua.
  • bile_grenade no longer damages you if the battle is over.
  • Update is_good social graft flag for those specified from skins (eg. top_shelf, bottom_shelf).
  • Improved the social graft tooltip on the day-over screen.
  • You can buy additional graft slots at the night market (100 shills, 15 hp).
  • Plocka now always sells 6 grafts: 3 negotiations, 3 combats, all rarities.
  • Graft prices reduced ( 200, 300, 500) -> ( 100, 200, 300).
  • Boulder stance: Cost 1 -> Cost 2
  • Burst: 2-5 damage -> 3-6 Damage
  • Lacerate: 1 damage -> 2-4 damage
  • Concentrate: 7xp -> 6xp
  • Calling in All Favors: cost 2 -> cost 1, 2 vulnerability -> 3 vulnerability
  • Caprice_plus: cost 1 -> cost 2 (only affects the upgrade that improvises 2 cards)
  • Just the Facts: cost 2 - > cost 1 (replaced Pale upgrade with Boosted upgrade)
  • Increase health restore option from extra quest rewards from 10 to 20.
  • Increase extra money from quest rewards from 25 to 30.
  • Plocka restocks on the first visit of every day, not every visit.
  • Speed tonic will only choose cards that already cost greater than 0.
  • Status cards that are flagged opponent, such as kickback, should show up as Status cards.
  • unstable_augmentation crash fix
  • Better check for consuming actions/money: use card owner.  Fixes kickback/bad_deal not costing you money when you play them due to (recently) being flagged OPPONENT.
  • Snap Talon: 1 Bonus damage -> 2 Bonus damage
  • Buster: Uncommon -> Common
  • Predictive Brawling: Uncommon -> Common
  • Muscle Bank: Uncommon -> Rare
  • Robustify: Uncommon -> Common
  • Wounding Barbs: 2 Wound -> 3 wound
  • Illicit Shifter: Boss -> Uncommon
  • Quick Charger: Avoid 0 cost cards
  • Disruptive Glanworm: 1 dominance - > 2 dominance
  • Keenskin: Uncommon - > Common
  • Luminjectors: +1 resolve -> +2 resolve
  • Mind Spool: Uncommon -> Rare
  • Pons Mite: Increase Max damage instead of Min
  • Interior Drill: Avoid 0 cost cards.
  • Roller Drum: 50% less damage on hostile cards instead of diplomacy cards
  • Chemical Regulator: Boss -> Uncommon
  • Added new battle grafts for Sal.
  • Autodog heads should no longer fall off when you pet them.
  • Allow upgrades of upgrade-ready cards to be previewed during fights/negotiations
  • Kradeshi barbstorm no longer uses a temp card to apply bleed (this avoids infinite loop with static shock)
  • Fixed bug where playing cards from the choosecardspopup.lua screen would crash the game
  • Fix permit showing 0-0.  Also initiate its effect in a post handler so it shows after the initial damage is visualized.
  • Fix card shop not showing price modifiers in tooltip.
  • Don't highlight card widget on focus (fix green highlight accumulation in deck screens).
  • Fix shop not showing up right after beating sal_rise_outpost
  • Adjust wording of "elitist" bane.
  • Apply shop discounts to drinking.
  • Allow the user to preview card upgrades in a card shop.
  • Set bloom params, etc on disabled tabs on agent compendium so that they don't randomly glow.
  • Reworked Skeletal suspension to grant defend equal to half of combo (without consuming combo).
  • Pets without negotiation support definitions don't get the default sentient agent support (so that, for example, oshnus don't start talking).
  • Fix bio chat firing when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed some issues with people forgetting that they've met you, and reintroducing themselves.
  • Try suppressing fighter tooltips while attack presentation is ongoing.
  • Rework bartender's negotiation behaviour to be a little more focussed and on flavour.
  • The meditation spot oppo can increase your perm resolve.
  • First Blood does 4 extra bleed, instead of 2.
  • Slight increase to argument resolve for airtight, tactical mind.  Slightly reduction to bulldoze.
  • Move the TOOK_JOB opinion event into the accept handler of side jobs, instead of OnStart.  Some quests get activated but are not technically "accepted" yet -- see sal_story_merchants.lua.
  • Remove SKILL flags from various items.  This caused them to show up in Thieves' Instinct's pool.
  • Fix can_own_pets management.  Handle the case where calamitary jar is removed, or duplicated, etc, etc.
  • Fix Rival's Feint description not showing modified Defend values.
  • Change blade_fury description to avoid using the word 'repeat' (used in a way that is inconsistent with the keyword)
  • Added upgrade highlight to low_blow.
  • Changed breather to use 2 combo instead of 3.
  • Fix TravelScreen pop crash.
  • Changed all cards that copy themselves or another card to not show xp on the new created card.
  • Clear focus when Screens lose topmost.  This "fixes" tooltips not working on cards in the showdeck screen due to the MainOverlay nav buttons being flagged show_tooltip_on_focus and stealing the tooltip.
  • Added new bite attack for the autodog.
  • Fix modifier description generation even if there is no minigame instance (ie in card compendium or deck view).
  • Changed all consume items to have 1 charge instead of just the consume keyword for consistency. 
  • Fixed bug where thin_skin and fragile_health would stack to apply 99 wound on first damage taken
  • Fixed loading into game and being unable to leave your location.  Tracker:UpdateAllQuests needs to be moved now to PostLoad, because QuestUtil.CanTakeSideJob looks up the singleton GameState and returns false if it is nil, which is the case during construction.
  • Fixed bug where sketchy equipment would deal dmg on all cards played
  • Raise the bonus for skipping grafts to 30 shills.
  • Fix the assassin (among likely many others) not being tracked as "met" in the profile
  • Improve Deceive descriptive text.
  • Clarify Hunted social bane description.
  • Fix Stinging Eyes not unapplying affected cards when it is removed.
  • Don't skip all remaining viz when the core argument is shown to reach 0 resolve, so that side effects of the final play can be seen.
  • Fix various strings and formatting bugs.
  • Fix Blacklisted triggering every turn.
  • Fix a potential crash related to the Rise Outpost.
  • Use random names when using non-Compendium characters instead of generic class names like "Bandit" or "Priest".
  • Bugfix for the bad_faith bane
  • Bugfix for reckless_insults
  • You can now go back to the bar to get help if you look at the map in the kill oolo quest
  • Added an unlockable Rise Outpost in Sal's story: Complete a quest chain in a particular way to gain access to exotic Spark Baron technology and buyable AutoDogs.
  • All defs have unique boons and banes now. (Next step: extra uniques for special characters!)
  • New encounterable defs: The Rise Rebel and the Spark Baron AutoDog.
  • Added a bunch of powerful new consumable items that are imported from Grout Bog, and rare in Murder Bay. (most don't have card art yet)
  • Fixed desc of barbed_defense and increased the bleed by 1
  • Fix prices incorrectly being striked-out if they aren't different from the usual price.
  • Flag Stinging Eyes to be a debuff and support its removal.
  • Fix Action cost event handler priority on Stomp upgrades relative to acidic slime.
  • Evasion decay now correctly happens at the beginning of the fighter's turn instead of the player's turn.
  • Vulnerability now correctly only affects attacks that target you or your arguments.
  • Clarify Red Tape description.
  • Fix discrepancy with Hard Fact's description in and outside negotiation.  Also raise its base composure to 2.
  • Empathy costs 1 instead of 2.
  • Fixed a bug where switching agents on the portrait would show a previous portrait along with the current one if one of them was an anim and the other was a pre-rendered agent portrait PNG.
  • Fix Shel sometimes doing nothing in a combat round (nil-check target in CanPlayCard).
  • Fix Stun not aborting NPC behaviours.
  • Impending Doom should create a new modifier when it dies, rather than adding to any existing ones (eg. ones created via Exploit Weakness)
  • Fixed Rival's Feint applying to the wrong target
  • Clarify Authorization social boon description.
  • Location names are now shown when hovering them on the travel screen
  • Fix possible crash with Churn if you have no cards to draw.
  • The room at the Grog n Dog is no longer a zoomed in scene.
  • Armoured no longer increases damage of piercing attacks.
  • Fixed bug where Hanbis power supply wasn't removing power when discarded
  • Fix bug with heshian amulet healing 1 instead of 3 per card
  • Fix formatted text on Doze Bug and a few other grafts.
  • Fix being able to access the deck viewer and upgrading your cards within negotiation/battle.
  • Use dynamic masking for each argument spot on the wheel, instead of using premade textures for each count.
  • Reworked Attitude and Obtuse so they aren't exactly the same.
  • Hilite doomed upgrade description, and assign it an upgrade name (Focused Doom)
  • Some dialogue edits.
  • Fix the Boss grafts sorting order in the Compendium.
  • Remove the Improvise keyword from Ergo's description, as it does not technically improvise.
  • Fix being able to press for information about asset recovery before the quest is activated.
  • Updated social grafts to all use their stacks so that having multiples matters.
  • Hook up authorization / red_tape to ADMIRALTY_CLERK boon/bane.
  • Toxic Fumes now costs 0.
  • Fix status_pinned sometimes linking the battle condition of the same name (should always refer to the card).
  • The Annihilation battle condition is now considered a debuff.
  • Fix the Defend-loss floater widget not showing.
  • Fix noxious_vial crash if you had Defend up.
  • Can no longer find your lost pet with Calamity Jar installed.
  • Add upgrades to Doomed.
  • Added faction titles to the filter buttons in the compendium.
  • Fixed the layout timing on the battle/negotiation preview so that the team leaders show up in the right spot from the start.
  • Clean Slate no longer removes inceptions or bounties.  Reduced its cost by 1.
  • Evasion shouldn't consume if there is no attack and it doesn't avoid damage.  Fix the description that stated it is removed at the end of turn (it is removed at the start of turn)
  • Stab of the Mirror 'plays' twice instead of just hitting twice, as per its descriptive text.
  • Check evasion on slice, burst, barnacle, sharpen, and gash before applying effects.
  • Mark Stun as a debuff.
  • Allow the user to skip individual blocks from the day over screen with left click, and all the blocks with the right click.
  • Feint of Hesh now removes the debuff from the target.  Update the description to be consistent with Combat Gauze.
  • Add Replenish to White Lie.
  • Triage now expends all status cards, not just bleeds.
  • The bouncer should be a negotiation_target for sal_story_fsshcakes.lua
  • haggle_badge now allows you to negotiate for greater quest rewards (you can't do it by default).
  • Only a blessing or sparring is available each day at the hesh outpost, rather than both, so you don't just auto-visit.
  • New voices for chemist and mysterious stranger.
  • Track last attacker, and CombatCondition applicants to assign a killer when Fighters die.  Only charge the player with murder if the player agent issued the killing blow.
  • Added previously missing death loot for Sparky.
  • Add death loot to FOREMAN.
  • Improved the travel screen icons and their hover interaction.
  • Show the graft unlocks with separate progress bars for Seen and Installed. Added rarity icons to the grafts in the listing. Added more sorting options.
  • Add missing negotiation_target for side_thief_bounty.
  • Only assign a negotiation_target in side_Debt_collection in the non has_money branch.
  • Replace the doubling on Impending Doom with a linear increase.
  • Clear location actions when starting a conversation to prevent double mouseover sound when ending the conversation.
  • Show a graft's rarity on its tooltip.
  • Buff doze_bug slightly.
  • Cleaved should be flagged as a DEBUFF.
  • Faster wild card upgrade animation.
  • Added a whole bunch of missing sound effects
  • Renamed the "Bounty" bounty incepted by the Bounty Hunter card to "Wanted!"
  • Added a Grafts tab to the Compendium screen.
  • Keyword panels are now shown when viewing Boons/Banes
  • Changed Heshian Amulet to heal 3 per card rather than combined cost
  • Fix brain_spur triggering on non-attack cards
  • Added hotkeys to view the draw deck (A) and the discards deck (D) while in combat and negotiation
  • Fixed particle gravity
  • Fixed a crash / black screen on load that was possible while playing the Bounty Hunt quest
  • Reworked the Deceive card entirely
  • Sparring/Intimidation no longer just apply to self.
  • Did a broad pass on card xp.  Default max_xp is now 8 instead of 10.
  • Combo does not decay at the end of a turn - you lose half of your combo whenever you take unmitigated damage.
  • nailed_glove now reduces combo lost from damage to 1.
  • Blade fury is spends UP TO 3 combo, instead of all combo
  • Reduce Combo gain from unugpraded Combination from 2 to 1.
  • You can eat fsshcakes before the docks boss fight.
  • Several influence cards now spend less influence.
  • Made the top-left overlay numbers more legible.
  • Improved layout of crew members in overlay.
  • Added option to give up on a run while on the legacy screen.
  • Fix floating-point Crippling Strikes stacks on Admiralty Clerks.
  • Neither leech nor bleed are inflicted by default if the attack is evaded.
  • Changed Bully/Sparring to only affect Defend (not composure) and also to stack.
  • Adrenaline Shot now costs 1. Hasten yields only 1 Action, and Replenishes.
  • Changed Lumin Burn to insert itself in discard rather than draw pile.
  • Hilight Initial Ravenous upgrade.
  • Show number of cards played in Defensive Surge's card description.
  • Fix crash in relationship comparison in ConvoOption:ReceiveOpinion if there is no change specified in the opinion event.
  • Drusks should be a bit easier now:
  • Drusk toxic fumes card replenishes, and does less damage.
  • Reduce the max number of cards the drusks will insert into your deck.
  • Improvements to the Compendium:
  • Fixed the sorting by agent title on the compendium.
  • Show Death Loot in the compendium for agents who have it
  • Added an option to hear an agent's voice in the compendium
  • Toggled off unlock packs will stay toggled off when you restart a game with a legacy.
  • Fix active_defense & psionic_feedback not applying their bonuses if they were added after the discards took place.
  • Add missing feature desc to Exposed.
  • Remove Replenish from grenades, and increase their efficacy slightly.
  • Fix concentrate applying 0 cost to ALL cards drawn, not just the first or first two.
  • Sparring/Bully only apply to battle cards, not conditions.
  • brain_spur should choose a new random target.  Execute on POST_RESOLVE so that its presentation doesn't overlap the played card.
  • Wait on any modifier presentation before showing delta composure. (Fix build rapport not showing any composure when creating influence)
  • Don't show condition floaters for hidden conditions.  (eg. terrorize)
  • Fix broken healing when applied to an ally whose health cap was raised via company_band.
  • Add Expend to status_pinned card desc.
  • Show (some) opinion changes in dialog option tooltips.
  • Do not round prices to multiples of 5 in CardShop:CalculatePrice, otherwise the difference shows up as a bizarre discount/penalty.  Round to 5 when restocking.
  • bone_tired should cause resolve loss, not inflict damage, as per the description.
  • Fix All Business applying to inserted cards.  Should apply to drawn cards only.
  • Fix Greedy description; the player loses the money, not "the opponent".
  • Fix sparring/bully applying to grafts (the description states cards explicitly)
  • Update hesh_outpost objective description to clarify that you don't just get one blessing, but a blessing and sparring as separate boons.
  • Spined Feint now targets self only.
  • Change the debt payment on side_repo_person to not scale on relationship.  Fixes incorrect amount indicated on option, and fictionally it's not your debt so there's no reason to charge extra.
  • Assign default card xp relative to card cost to fix a number of card xp values that were rather misaligned.
  • Reverse order that shrieker and cludger are applied.
  • Use actual max_resolve when entering a negotiation . This means you can restore past your current resolve within the negotiation (up to your natural max)
  • Fix text on NEGOTATION_GRAFT_SLOT_DETAILS referring to combat.
  • Made NPC damage scale in with a slower function, and have less variance on the high end. This should better match the player's own card-driven power curve.
  • The people compendium now shows unlockable lore details about characters. (There's no content here, yet.)
  • Reworked Level Playing Field.
  • Balance changes to Breather, Lacerate and Ravenous.
  • Fixed a bug where when the player's at Prestige 0, the prestige icon doesn't get created, but elements in the page were still trying to align themselves to it.
  • Added a people tab to the codex screen - it doesn't do much yet, but there will be stuff to unlock eventually!
  • Updated krill behaviour and combat rating to make them a bit easier.
  • Tune down some high NPC health values.
  • Addied bonus EXP based on your prestige level (+5% per level)
  • Show the prestige level on the game over screen. 
  • Hooked up new effects for Road shrine and meditation spot.
  • Fix card desc for summons.
  • Added sound for when cards are destroyed
  • Fix Doubt not applying damage if the previous target was destroyed during the turn. 


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pacovf    745

Hmmm, so Bossbit is one of the two factionless characters in the compendium, or else the "automech" faction is not implemented yet. And they're a boss. Interesting. EDIT: actually, it's kinda hard to tell if the silhouettes match. It might be a different character.

We also see some other faction titles for the Rise and the Spark Barons that don't seem to be in the game yet: Rise pamphleteer and cobblebot, Spark Barons taskmaster, enforcer and "rentorian" (boss).

Also, new (unimplemented) character seems to be called Rook. I guess the people calling him "Falcon" just got the bird wrong.

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ResettePlayer    5074
2 hours ago, pacovf said:

Also, new (unimplemented) character seems to be called Rook. I guess the people calling him "Falcon" just got the bird wrong.

Hopefully. Every time I hear "Falcon" in the context of a name my brain just 




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DSveno    2

Being able to train your pet and turning its disadvantage into advantage in negotiation is game changer. This actually make me try harder to keep my pet alive.

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TF3    185

I noticed I cant seem to provoke people that hate me. I hadnt followed the experimental build too closely, so I gotta ask what changed with it.

E: Nevermind, immediately after posting this I find Im able to provoke someone who hates me. I dont exactly know why it didnt let me before, all that changed was I completed a mission.

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ResettePlayer    5074
2 hours ago, minespatch said:

Wait... Who's the new girl on 11 as well?:wilson_shocked:

"Other Grafts" and "Other Cards" have a random NPC put in there. 

image.png.3a790500e579191e665fd6ac5ea25531.png As you can see, it's a completely different dude whenever it's loaded up.


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