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  1. I like Rook more than Sal since she's way too straight forward, but I'd prefer if there are longer content to play with Rook. Instead of adding more and more feature, shouldn't we be focusing on longer campaign instead?
  2. After playing Slay the Spire for a while, I'm glad to discover that Griftlands look similar but have more depth both in mechanic and presentation. Bought the game solely for that. Hopefully the game will be easier to mod because that's the only reason Slay the Spire is still alive for me. Would love to have another mode without story and such, just a kind of endless run. Also I don't understand about the whole Epic fiasco. People thought Steam cared about players? I can't say I've seen that after a long while of playing DotA2 and with the recent Artifact release. Calling Epic stealing your information while willingly giving the same thing to Steam, and seem like not even one remember how Steam leaked people's credit card information back then. And if you ever did anything for DotA workshop, you should remember how Valve screwed everyone over. I don't care where my games are, if I can support the dev I like then I'll do it.