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[Random idea] Half Duck, Half Banana

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So this is a really dumb concept, I randomly thought of a interesting creature to go with the idea of plant/animals mutations.20190916_113643.thumb.jpg.84038c71f4e6f6ef18497dced19826bf.jpg 

Behold: The Poquacssuim!( banana+ duck I really need a better name for it...)

Reason of creation:

Anyone remember banana pops? There a really interesting healing food that you need a banana for to make and honestly, going into the deep ancient ruins and fighting sleep paralysis monkey demons dont really feel worth a food item that lasts for two days and give 20 health. So I thought of this as an easier way of getting bananas! A living mutant crossed with a  banana and a duck.


Maybe they could live in groups near the shore, they swim around aimlessly and come to land every now and then to eat berries and ect(you'll mostly see them on sea but it's possible to force them on land) when attacked they will run, but if there low on health they will fight back and chase you (like a real duck or bird would in general). When killed they will drop a banana, and maybe leafy meat just like its other plant/animal relatives.


 What I really would like if maybe there was a way to sort of domesticate them. Maybe it can work similar to volt goats and if you feed them enough, they will drop a banana egg or something random, and you can plant it and it will start growing more of them and the ones spawned by the seed will stay near the plant and if the ducks die the plant will produce more. That way bananas are more renewable and less rare to get/harvest. I thought of an idea of making banana ducks grown by player causes will eventually turn black and die turning to rot and you could give fertilizing items to the ducks to keep them ripe, making a way to finally get rid of rot once in for all!(not really since they make rot if you dont care for them, so... I guess if there not feed then they'll spoil.) But I want to know what y'all think.


Any thoughts so far or better ideas to add to the table? I'm gonna put a lot more things and ideas into this later on.

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6 minutes ago, Ohan said:

I love the idea of more interactive food sources. 

'growing' a creature that u then have to herd and take care of sounds like a lot of fun! :) 

I think the concept art is also really adorable! 

Thank you! Klei sort have already done this as an idea in dont starve similar to lure plants and doydoy birds. But I thought of making it similar to how it works in oxygen not included, you protect and raise an animal and they reward useful resources to you in return.

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When doydoys came out i was absolutely obsessed haha my first priority in all my sw games was getting to the doydoys! 

Just now, Superwolfkid said:

you protect and raise an animal and they reward useful resources to you in return.

yeah precisely.

im kinda tired of having to kill everything i see for resources lol. this is the reason why i never chop down living trees or kill koalas lmao. in general id love to see a food overhaul for dst that includes more gorge-y style farming but i understand thats just my bias towards farming games speaking and not necessarily the direction klei has in mind for dst 

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1 hour ago, SinancoTheBest said:

Yea, it's an awesome idea and great concept art. IMO they should only be on Moon Island shore biome since other food-animal hybrids are also there like Carrats and Saladmanders.

That could, actually work! And that would be a better idea for them to live near the lunar island since the only animal we can technically move is the carrat!

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That thing looks like it belongs on the island of misfit toys... not in DST. 

I like the Carrat design, but this looks goofy, I wouldn’t mind seeing other possible food/creature variants such as a Dragonfly fruit when you go to pluck it out of the ground you’ll discover you actually just pulled the tail of a baby dragon it wouldn’t be a Boss monster, it would be about the same as killing a spider for its monster meat.

Another Creature food item i would absolutely love to see is a new variant of the Lure Plant, when you approach it it can uproot itself from the ground and chase after you with its vine legs, Lure Plant can also plant its vine legs back into the dirt having vines instead spurt up underneath you rooting you in place for a few seconds while it’s eye spurts seed projectiles at you.

if we were to get a Banana enemy, it would have to hilariously be a Banana Spider not whatever that is (I Defiantly don’t remember that thing being in Donkey Kong Country!!!) lol 

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