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How to make a good refresh for Wilson : THIS

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Hey there ! I know there is lotsa threads about characters refreshs but not that much on Wilson.

First reason is probably because not that much player enjoy him unless you're new or... You may have your reasons to play him, such as I do, and the second one is that some peoples believe that Wilson will have no refresh, which is wrong... :wilson_incredulous:


But I guess everyone shall have a proper role in the game, and Wilson is one of the most important guy of the story, so as he is a smart dude I have been talking with my friends and I got an idea to make Wilson a true Scientist :



 ̶h̶e̶ ̶c̶a̶n̶ ̶c̶r̶a̶f̶t̶ ̶b̶a̶c̶k̶p̶a̶c̶k̶ ̶o̶n̶ ̶s̶t̶a̶-̶



For public servers or when one of your friend is starting late on your server (cause he was busy with his dog or spaghettis) it may be difficult to start without any recipes unlocked at the Florid Postern if it is not equiped and lot of player don't care at all about the spawn, it's a messy place and anyway, the base is not here


So you may had many times this situation when you ask somebuddy to build something and nope,

cause that guy never made a single papyrus/armor/building after 50+ days on the game

To solve this... here come Wilson ! :


Any recipes that Wilson have learned can be build, like usual, or turn it in a blueprint with instead : a Papyrus + Feather Pencil

- This could be used to share very important recipes on start and preventing players not being abble to build them when they are away from a station,

* I always have that friend come to help me when I'm dead, with every item in my inventory to build an amulet but he don't have it so... back to base

- I keep finding players that ask for gold tools when they are foraging away from the spawn, so give them your science and keep that pre-build Alchemy Engine in your pockets for later

* This shall be also a very useful way to give sanity to players, wandering in rough seasons that deplace sanity fast like heavy rains on spring


Unprototyped recipes could also be prototyped for a sanity cost without using station

- This is an exchange that cancel the sanity gain on prototyping an item cause Wilson will have to "imagine" it before building it for real. it's very scienc-y to do

* But then you can unlock the thing you wanted without using a station, it can be even usefull on advanced period, when you are in a difficult situation with every requised items and... oh snap, can't do it ! (which happen to me a lot in ruins-rush for exemple)


Rare Blueprints can also be made but it'll be more expansive IF UNLOCKED

- Of course if this is pretty usefull for rushing things without station, it's nice, you can even share stuff to everyone like before you prepare for a fight, but what is more important that Rare Blueprints ?

* I'm not sure about what could make it more expensive without turning it in a disfavor of the original method of unlocking the Rare Blueprint, using Down Feathers instead of Feather Pencils maybe ?



What do you thing about that ? Personnaly I'd love to see this for Wilson so it will have a very unique gameplay of sanity exchange for knowledge, I think this suit the character personality and story so well, making it as much strong for himself and players could even rely on him to prepare things on road.:wilson_lightbulb:

And yeah, y'all love this little beardy guy



I also wonder if this could be his refresh release skin, huh ?


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This idea is brilliant! Wilson is already canonically shown as able to make blueprints, because Maxwell finds ones that he made in the Cyclum puzzle comic. And it would make him very useful in multiplayer without changing who he is.


And as for reasons to play as Wilson... I just love Wilson, like, as a person, separate from any gameplay elements. I don't care if other characters are stronger or better at other things or whatever. They're not my adorable, crazy-haired, determined little science guy.

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As much as i love this idea with how much it fits with the character and is the best refresh idea i have seen for him. I think he'll start being useless once you reach the endgame, and i usually can get all the stuff needed to fully open my crafting options.

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1 hour ago, RogueGamer12 said:

I think he'll start being useless once you reach the endgame

Might not necessarily be a bad thing. Some characters are better early-game, some are better late-game. Wilson could be an early-game kind of character, and then just do normal surviving stuff like everyone else after a while. Just because his unique feature stops being as useful later on doesn't make the whole character useless. Plus he'll still be able to grow his magnificent beard that no one else has. And, yeah, there are other sources of beard hair, but only Wilson gets to grow his own warm winter coat out of his own face.

And, yes, Webber also grows a "beard," but it's not as warm, and it's not nearly as magnificent. :wilson_wink:

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While I like that idea, if Wilson is going to become more of a unique character with actual perks, he would need some downsides. I think that this idea is balanced, provided that he has more downsides than just not gaining sanity from stuff he already prototyped. 

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Genious! Agree he must be able to craft blueprint for other player for things he already know how to craft, even boss loot crafting recipes, but not be his only new advantage because that make him useful to craft blueprint and then just change to different character :(

But not agree with prototyping without machine at cost of sanity. Two reason. For one, pro player can just prototype everything at base with some resources very easy and second is that new player might try to prototype something and have it drain their sanity when they don't know why they lost sanity from.

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