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The Dirge Mod Project(animators and musicians wanted!)

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Now that's out of the way, Welcome all, to a crackpot fanfic an event mod that goes along with the "orge" events!


Wait a second, dirge doesnt follow the naming theme of the events!

Well that's because I'm really bad at naming things only forge and gorge are the only "base" words that end in "orge", the rest is just prefixes of forge/gorge.

I'm not kidding, look it up.


Alright, so whats in the mod?

I'm glad you asked voice inside my head! Well, there will be fighting involved, but its mostly sanity based!


But don't we already have Nightmare bosses to fight?

Oh you sweet, innocent, summer child.

No, the threat isn't external, per say, but internal!

Think of it as how when you run out of time in the gorge you turn into merms, but its just slowly happening to you throughout the whole thing.

Oh and you don't turn into merms.

Now that the semi basics can be crossed off, let me introduce you to what you'll be seeing (this is all concept art and obviously does not reflect the actual quality of anything)


These are your most important and basic weapons, but they need some effort put into them before they are usable.


these are the fruits of the labor that you will grow and harvest throughout your time stuck in the abyssal towers.

while they are mediocre on their own, they're real power shines when you mix them! For example, mixing fire petals with water droplets, you get obsidian crusts!


But I don't want gorge elements! It was boring and slow >:/

Hahahahaha, who said you start with the same seeds at the start?

whoever told you that is wrong, while some characters will start with the guaranteed same seed every time, others don't have such luxuries!


Can you solo this event then??

Yes, you can! The mod idea is that it is possible to 100% solo, no hit* run this mod!


So is it like forge but its with sanity?

No, you still have actual health, but once your sanity is gone, you cant get back up on your feet. If you still have feet at that point I mean.

Anymore questions before i just info dump the rest?


where's base?


Alright, so back to the flowers n what not. Once you think its ready, gather up all the materials to the scroll inscriber (haven't gotten around to making it but i already have an idea on whats it gonna look like) once you have assembled it, you have yourself a spell! Spells can be used for offensive and defensive means, as well as some practical uses.


these two seeds here are tier 2 seeds!


whats so special about tier 2 seeds, you ask? Well, as i mentioned before, there is a timer thats tied to your sanity. the moon seed and flower are what you can use to add more time/sanity while the bramble seed and flower (not the set-in-stone names for it) are used to enforce spell effects, both negative and positive.

So who's gonna be the helper/antagonist for this event?

The one who helps you is only known as The Guardian Keeper


he may seem and sound intimidating, he cannot hurt you in any way, shape, or form. He is the one who will give those who do not have the seed starter perk  whatever random seeds are just lying on the floor or tables. He's also willing to help you fuse two different seeds together, as well as helping you find your way to the royal seeds! But he cannot help fend off the guardians, who attack anything that is not controlled by the nightbrambles (again not set in stone name)

Luckily for you, there's only three guardians! Well maybe not so lucky that you cannot actually kill them until you break the seals that binds the guardians to the seeds you need to get to escape the Abyssal towers...

so Who are the guardians? Well for now i only managed to slap together a prototype of what one of them will look like.

Meet the Stalker.


(please ignore the poor animation, i dont know how to animate)

hopefully this isnt as much as a cluster as I think it is. But I cant do all of this alone, and would like to have some buddies help with the mod!

I need more artists (who are better at emulating DST style) animators (as you can see above), coders (i only know how to make a prefab and thats about it, i dont know how to do stategraphs or any of that other important stuff) and someone who is willing to make a custom examination line for each n every character (including DLCs). If any of this is up your ally, or you'd like to help out, DM me and I'll respond back as soon as I can!

I will update this thread with more concept arts when I get around to making them, for now, farewell!

*note: only no hit if you do not boosts the guardians. dont worry you'll know when you boosted a guardian


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needed to change the thread name for more help
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Oh boy, let me know if this goes anywhere.
I fear it'll not go very far, but I want to stay positive, so here's this:
I can manipulate some of the DS assests to make brand new items and whatnot, so that falls into the art category, and I am a writer, so I can possibly help with the character quotes, so if you need some help there, I can pop in there.

Good luck with this, though!

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11 hours ago, -Variant said:

I can manipulate some of the DS assests to make brand new items and whatnot, so that falls into the art category, and I am a writer, so I can possibly help with the character quotes, so if you need some help there, I can pop in there.

oh boy, i'd love you have you on the team!

dm me real quick and i'll invite you to the discord group for it!

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My, this sounds interesting. I'm busy with custom forge weapons for wagstaff and wheeler and developing a hamlet creatures mod. But I'd be quite interested! I'm a coder, I can make custom items, structures and widgets and more stuff like that. I hope this goes somewhere!

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