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Will there ever be rainy days?

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Just wondering if anyone knows when rain would be added? Because it would be really cool to have days were it rains, like it snows in winter. Also I was thinking maybe rain might lower your sanity because your all wet from the rain and the straw hat stops it?

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I think it would be cool for rain to turn to hail during the winter. It'd cause gradual damage. The characters could say something along the lines of "The weather is getting worse, I should take some cover!" Plus, it would add a new function for the tent c:

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Rain could cause effects like Dusk. Mosquitoes come out, sanity drops a bit, etc.

LOL if the mosquitoes are anything like they are here in Texas you'd be dead in 10 seconds flat. They said that they might add weather later I'm hoping for all four seasons to be added as well.
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It is night and the rain starts...The fire goes off and you are not able to light it back.Every five seconds a lightning saves you from Charlie.When the lightning strikes you can see a strange storm creature closing in. You better run on the opposite direction using the wasd keys in the dark...

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