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  1. this website is updated.https://dont-starve-food.googlecode.com/git/html/index.htm
  2. The main problem with rain, will be the fire."Would you make it interact with fire?, or not?".
  3. Wilson is killed by the cold snow/temperature/wind/etc...
  4. I was fooling around with the scrips and i find out the pig house map icons are in the game, but not used. Are they planed to be in the game in some future update, or are they just abandoned?.
  5. making the character comment about them coming, will really help.
  6. Hi, i started playing the game a few days ago and i must say great game, and it has a lot of potential for more. My suggestion will be to have some sort of alarm icons in the screen telling you that the krampus is looking for you and the hounds will appear. I really want this, because i am deaf, and i can't hear the sounds they make. (according to the wiki/and my brother they make sounds) Is not completely unplayable for me, is just a little more hard. :3