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Question from my father

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20 hours ago, minespatch said:

Did Klei watch Cloudy with a Chance of MEatballs?

I think you mean Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2. That's more the one with food/animal hybrids. :p

They even share the same love for puns!

In any case, we can safely assume there's a FLDSMDFR on the moon.



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The Flamangoes I could definitely see in Don't Starve somewhere...I dunno, but those are the creatures from that clip I could most imagine in the game.  Being a tropical fruit they'd be more Shipwrecked than Together, but still...

(whispers:  I haven't seen either movie what the beep is a FLDSMDFR?)


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Well I dunno...I've got you guys recommending it now, but on WTFIWWY?. Tara's been mentioning off and on how that movie _traumatised_ the beep out of her, every now and then (whenever a relevant topic comes up and yes, WTFIWWY is weird enough that that happens more than once) for YEARS, and by my reckoning she's brave enough in other ways to count as bugnut insane...


(Example:  Tara is driving at high speeds on an agressive highway in New York trying to get to work on time, in the winter, and exactly almost the worst fear everybody would have about winter driving, actually happens:  She SPINS OUT ON THE ICE, LOSES CONTROL OF THE CAR AND ALMOST FRIGGIN' DIES.

NORMAL PERSON RESPONSE:  Have a heart attack, be traumatised, and vow to never, ever, EVER ride the freeway in winter ever again.  No matter HOW much earlier you have to wake up, you _will_ find a surface street route and you WILL use it from now on.  Always.

TARA'S RESPONSE:  Freaks out a _bit_, then calls in to work to tell them why "I'll be a bit late today", then _keeps driving the scary aggressive sometimes-icy freeway for years afterwards as if nothing ever happened_.

And this is only one example.  There's also been broken bones, kicking through plate glass, losing teeth, the "orthodontist from Auschwitz"...

As Nash (the main host of the show) said at one point:  "Tara, I love you dearly, but HOW ARE YOU STILL _ALIVE_?!" (Her response was something along the lines of "Maybe God keeps me around for comic relief...?")

THIS woman.  Is the one who's afraid of "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs"...

I will say, that the art style is much cuter than I was imagining.  I dunno why but I was kind of picturing live-action with disturbing puppet/prop/solid/ more realistic-looking food items falling from the sky and attacking human characters... (It's possible I was getting it mixed up with another weirdazoid kids' movie, I guess.)

EDIT:  After seeing the...Unpronounceable Acronym clip (heretofore to be referred to by me as the "Weird Food-Falling-From-The-Sky Machine"), I find it tres amusing that--considering the subject me and TurtleKitty got up to in ANOTHER thread, and that I was just also thinking of this cartoon for another reason, one related to THIS thread*--one of the recommended things from YouTube that showed up afterwards...was a STEVEN UNIVERSE  clip.


*WATERMELON STEVENS, yo!  I was totally already thinking that the ecosystem shown in the second movie's clip looked like the kind of place they'd live, and then YouTube is like, "Hey, look at this clip of Steven and Rose Quartz!"  WEIRD...

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I can't say I remember anything that could be remotely traumatizing in that movie. :wilson_confused:

Are you sure she's not talking about Sausage Party? That's another cartoony food movie but it's far from being a kids movie. I would understand that reaction more.

Cloudy 1 is amazing and the 2nd is good. They're worth watching.

I guess the only way to find out is watching it for yourself. :wilson_smile:

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I dunno...people are just weirded out by random things sometimes.  She's terrified of "a giant, like, sky-anus...POOPING giant food. And THIS is a KIDS' movie?!" (her actual words, or close to it.  I can edit out "anus" if that's not allowed, but really it's just a part of the body everybody has.  After all...Everybody Poops!), I'm okay with zombies and mangled Steven Universe fusions but feel nauseous whenever I look at the horror hounds...I wonder if it's something like that?



EDIT:  ABOUT Winona...something funny I just noticed today...

The other day, on this forum somewhere, I was talking about how with Stumpt, when they did their second season of DST, Ash chose to play as the TF2 Engineer mod character.  "You know, he can make turrets, and a dispenser, and..."

And someone else here broke in with:  "Oh, you mean Winona."

ME:  Ha!  But, this was years ago, so...

Well.  Guess what.  Stumpt DST is BACK baby! and it's not only a Season 4 we thought we'd never get, but they're also on the beta!  And YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHO ASH IS PLAYING AS THIS TIME.


So, basically...the forum comment came true but _in the opposite direction_, time-wise.  Cue Twilight Zone theme!

...or Ash just likes to play as characters who can make machines.  : P


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