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  1. Culturally problematic?

    I find it weird that they found Warbucks problematic since colonialism is already part of the gameplay because of Pigs. You kill them for resources You can enslave them to chop wood for you Steal from their food supply Make them battle to their deaths Bribe them into killing their brothers Trade worthless junk (trinkets) in exchange of massive amount of gold Destroy their houses to steal materials Build Pig farms I felt like Warbucks was thematically appropriate for Don't Starve. While his perks were kinda meh, It was early access so they could have reworked him instead of just removing him.
  2. Why does fog exist

    The Wiki says it doesn't help your head slot tough, so that wouldn't work for the glasses.
  3. It's not usually impossible to get a stack of 40 reeds from a single trip to the swamp in RoG. You can even farm shadow creatures while collecting it so I don't think that papyrus is a big issue or too time costly. You don't need to make the 4 armors at once but you kinda have to fill the Cloak to 100% or close. Remember that for 5 nm fuel you only get 112.5 hp on the Cloak. You get 750 hp for the same amount with papyrus. Heck, you can get them for even cheaper too. Night Armors are only 20 oincs in the Pig shops. You can sell 4 nm fuel for 20 oincs so you don't even need papyrus after all and you get 5 armors for the price of refueling the Vortex Cloak. Truly these prices can't be beat!
  4. Who is best character to survive apocalypse

    I don't know about the best but WIlba has to be the worst. Good luck getting 300 hunger everyday without crock pots and shops.
  5. Seeing the new teleportato set pieces made me realize how badly we need them in Hamlet. Every new game is the same because there's no variety when exploring. You always find the same things in the same place. The only time I saw something different was a TallFort on the Roc Island once during Beta. There's no element of surprise when exploring biomes because they're so repetitive every game. Thunderbird biome? Always Tuber, some metal, Pangolden. Jungle on second Island? Only spot for Elder Mandrakes. Poisonous Jungle? Ruins to Herald, Pherostone. Etc. You won't be surprised discovering something unexpected because it cannot happen. If you're playing RoG you know what's in a swamp but you never know if you'll stumble upon a reed trap before exploring it, for example. You always know what you're gonna get in Hamlet and that's not good.
  6. This smile is the only reason I play solo : If they add her to DST I won't have any reason to play alone
  7. Christoph from the Truman Show is Them confirmed!
  8. Hamlet Disappointment

    I think the limit for a refund on steam is 2 hours played/ 2 weeks since you paid. Seems like you're too late for refund.
  9. [Game Update] - 333702

    It looks like that's still the same.
  10. Hamlet ; lack of lore

    Her father being a complete mystery really bugs me. We can assume he was the King of Hamlet and that he is cursed. But nothing in the game even mentions him apart from the silver necklace. Could you imagine how amazing it would have been to stumble upon a lone pig house on another island? Inhabited by the exiled cursed King? There's a lot of missed opportunities with Hamlet.
  11. I like the idea of a loot item that's good for one or a few of the characters, but I thought they would add unique loot drop for the others too. Not just Maxwell. If it's only really good to go insane for the others, holding a dark sword has the same sanity drain and is much easier to come by.
  12. The Vortex Cloak isn’t a reward, it’s a chore. The armor being a backpack would suggest that we should always wear it but it’s stats say otherwise. You can’t stay sane while wearing it and you’re not protected from Shadows, so you can’t use it for too long or you have to use an helmet anyway with your 100% dmg blocking armor. The nm fuel cost is exorbitant : for 450hp as a backpack you can get 3000hp of night armors. 5% dmg is not a big price to pay for all that extra armor hp. Refueling takes too long and cost 5 sanity per 5% durability. The Vortex Cloak is an inferior Night Armor. Change my mind.
  13. Hamlet is based on 2 things; Pig societies and the ancient ruins left by them. While the cities might have a good chunk of content, the ruins are severely lacking. Yes they have traps, yes they can be challenging, but what's the point to even go inside? There's no loot in there, only sadness. Statues? They're only worth 10 oincs and they don't even stack. Too much trouble for too little money. Rare statues? There's only 3 keys to get from the Queen and you can find them between islands most of the time. You get a free one with the BFB too. Smashing pots? Maybe, because they're non-renewable but they're not efficient. Only source of batwings in Hamlet. Non-renewable, RNG. Good way to get poisoned by a scorpion. Wishing wells are nice, but you're way more likely to get hurt here instead of staying home. You only really need the ones that tunnels between islands and to go stop the Aporkalypse. And even when you have cleared them it's a pain because vines grow back every single time you leave the ruins. You leave for a half a day? Too bad they had time to grow back. There's not much reason to stay in Hamlet. I start in RoG, I stop the Aporkalypse, I get the Key to the City and I go back to RoG.
  14. And we still have NO BEDS. Is it too much to ask to be able to craft a bed to sleep in, inside a house? The Aporkalypse has absolutely no benefits. I don't understand why. It's only massive downside after massive downside. Even after the 20 days change after you first stop it, why would anyone ever want to play 20 days in the Aporkalypse? You have absolutely nothing to gain from it. HUGE RISK, no reward. (It's even worse as Woodie and Wilba.) And yet, this is the only real threat in Hamlet apart from bats. The Tinkerer Tower makes no sense either. 550 oincs for a walking cane in Hamlet? Getting the Skyworthy is way easier than getting 550 oincs. This building is a solution to a problem that doesn't exist anymore.