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Boss Idea - the Megalodog!

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Imagine this: you're out sailing the seas with your crew, when all of a sudden, a giant pink fin pops out of the water and begins circling your boat. This thing is massive, the camera has to zoom out just to get it all in view, and whatever's attached to it would likely be able to swallow your ship whole. After a long, tense wait, the monster begins to surface, its eyes glowing yellow, and then...


It's this big goofball.
All of this sudden ocean activity has attracted the Megalodog, an ancient creature from the nearby tropical waters, who thinks your boat looks like a frisbee. Unfortunately for you, he wants to play.

Fighting the Megalodog would mainly be based around how good you are at positioning your boat. The Megalodog would periodically surface, lock onto the nearest boat, bark happily, then start charging like a rook straight in the direction of the boat. If he catches it, he'll chomp down and start shaking his head rapidly, then toss it off into the distance. But if you move out of the way of his charge in time, he'll stop around where your boat was, and start looking back and forth excitedly, which is your chance to attack (with some kind of boat cannon, ideally), and then he'll disappear back into the water.

After you've been through a few cycles of this, and gotten his health down, he'll gain a second attack: a pounce. The Megalodog will watch your boat's movement from afar, then leap high into the air and attempt to pounce down on your boat. This'd do a hefty chunk of damage to your boat, and wouldn't have an opening to attack afterwards, since he'd go straight back into the water.

Sometimes he'll shake the previous attack up a bit, and aim behind your boat, causing a giant splash to push you forwards, then pop up in front of your boat and open his mouth. You'll need quick thinking to stop your boat from floating straight into his mouth. You could use an anchor to stop your boat before it gets close, or row to the side so you go right past him.

Once you defeat the Megalodog, he'll start floundering about and cough up a giant cartoony bone, then fall over into the water and swim off into the distance whimpering. This bone could be mined for smaller chunks of bone, which could be used for crafting spikes. Spikes could be attached to the corners of a boat, allowing you to ram into sea mobs to deal damage to them. The spikes would also take damage instead of the boat, before eventually bending and falling off after enough impacts. This way, they could be used for either sea combat, or protection from impacts.

It's a silly idea, and I can't see a SW-themed boss being added officially, but I've fallen in love with the idea and wanted to share it.

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