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Alright, so I just worked this out. May I present... the guide to finding the island (I assume people already know this, but there's no guide out there (I think). Kudo's for @Sinister_Fang for giving me a tip). This guide is mainly aimed at those struggling to find the damn thing.

Step I: explore the edges of the map. Collect food, build a sci machine, whatever you want for the boat, and get wood. Lots of wood. When you've completed, you'll notice something about the worldgen.

Worldgen A: while most of the world is jutting out from the centre, you should have some little midget bits that are significantly smaller. This is so the island has enough space, and well, kind of a dead givaway for where our elusive friend is hiding.

Worldgen B: the world is in a semicircle shape. The island completes that circle.

Step two: Set up a sci machine near the end of that preoformentioned smaller bit, and get to crafting your boat. Nothing new here, but a sail isn't mandatory. It's a short trip, a couple of paddles does the job fine. Place your boat stuff on the boat (I'm basically Sherlock Holmes!).

Step three: Go out and find the island. Be impressed by Klei's hard work. Die because you don't know what anything does.


This entire process takes just under 7-8 days

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I think it's also worth noting that when you're trying to find the island, in my experience, it is ALWAYS linked to shallow water with bull kelp that connects BOTH the island and the mainland. Therefore you're better off sailing solely on the border where the most shallow water meets deeper water, than you are to be sailing out far in the deep. Only sail on the edge of water that is the lightest shade of green (the one that spawns bull kelp.)


2019-05-18 (1).png

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1 hour ago, Quoth143 said:

How do you follow the rocks?

Wait for them to stand up and start walking. Then proceed to follow.


Joke aside, it's a bit hard to get it right, but you'll usually find some lone ones, and they begin clustering the closer you are to the island. They don't show on the map last I checked which sucks, but the more there are, the closer you potentially are.

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