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  1. I have been attempting to use this tutorial by Dana Adams but its nearly 5 years old and very difficult to follow if you are using more updated tutorials for character making like this one by dleowolf. Does anyone know of a more straight forward or updated tutorial?
  2. Hello, modders and skin fanatics alike! After a very long time working on it, I'm happy to announce a brand new mod API that allows one to create their very own skins for their modded characters and items! You can find the mod on the Steam Workshop here: WARNING: This mod is only to be used to create skins for modded characters/items. Klei strongly forbids the use of modders creating skins for any official character/item. If any mod is found using code from this mod in order to skin official characters/items it will be reported on sight. How To Use: Very special thanks to: @Kzisor who's Additional Dressware mod inspired the creation of this mod! @Dudedude who helped out with the assets. @PeterA who walked me through a lot of the Dos and Don'ts so that I wasn't stepping over any lines! @Blueberrys who made the Persistant Data module that helped make this possible. Can be found here: For anyone wanting to skin their modded characters here are the skin portrait backgrounds! Some frequently asked questions: (If you have any more questions post them down below! I'll reply as soon as I can!) Can I skin Wilson or any other official character? No, Peter has told me to make sure that everybody is very aware that this is off limits... We've been given a gift so let's not squander it! How do I use it? The tutorial is up above! It has all the usable functions inside and how to use them! Please don't rip the code and put it in your mod through... Make sure that when you upload your mod you add this mod as a required item. (It is set up this way so that the same code doesn't run multiple times if someone has multiple mods that have skins!) What is an API? An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of functions which allows you to use advanced techniques without having to write your own code or copy/paste the code in your mod... In order to use this API you must add this mod as a requirement on your mods workshop page. Can I make clothing? No, that is off limits. (and it'd also require a lot of extra code that is not supplied within the mod...) I found a mod that skins official items/characters! What should I do? If it is not the playable pets mod (They technically have the go-ahead to skin the playable mobs) then please immediately report it! We don't want to force Klei's hand and have Modded Skins shut down. What if I made a rip-off character of one of the official characters and skinned that? Still off limits because it is still Klei's character. (even after you change one letter in the name) So this is also prohibited and must be reported if anyone is found doing this! Can this be used to give myself official skins? At the moment I'm more than certain that this is impossible... However, if a way is found to do this using my mod then it's more a fault of Klei's (for leaving a hole in skin restrictions) and not mine because all I did was some UI hacking. What mods are currently using this to make skins? Check out @Chris1488's Modded Skins thread! He's going to try his best to stay on top of what mods get skins and he'll be updating his thread whenever he possibly can! Is mayonnaise an instrument? I'm... not entirely sure? I guess you could make a song using only sounds made by a tub of mayonnaise... But then again you could technically do that with almost everything! So I propose a counter-question. Does that mean that everything is an instrument?
  3. So this is a very short tutorial based on this tutorial from Cheerio but a bit more specific if anyone wants that. Also don't forget to check out the rest of character creation here Old version of the tutorial: Assets = { Asset("SOUNDPACKAGE", "sound/<file>.fev"), Asset("SOUND", "sound/´<file>.fsb"),}RemapSoundEvent( "dontstarve/characters/<character>/death_voice", "<file>/<folder>/death_voice" )RemapSoundEvent( "dontstarve/characters/<character>/hurt", "<file>/<folder>/hurt" )RemapSoundEvent( "dontstarve/characters/<character>/talk_LP", "<file>/<folder>/talk_LP" )inst.soundname = "wilson"inst.soundname = "<character>" I wrote a new verison of this tutorial which should be super easy to follow. So here we go: What wee need this time: What we need: - PC version of Don't Starve and Don't Starve Mod Tools- Some sounds to mess around with. If you don't have any yourself use these-The FMOD-Designer project template from here Step 1: Put all your files into your characters sound folder (i.e. "mods/waverly/sound/") If that doesn't exist simply create it.Step 2: Whenever you come across "waverly" replace it by your characters name. (That also means rename the file!) (The old tutorial was written with a template that contained "waverly" instead, so don't be confused by the screenshots)Step 3: Open the *.fdp-file, left-click on "talk_LP" on the left side of your screen. Right-click in the gray area. Select all sound files you wish to use for the speech (that is when the character examines something) and click open. Step 4: Repeat Step 3 for "hurt" and "death_voice"Hint: You find instances of "waverly" in the following two places: Step 5: Press CTRL+B, check if the box next to your characters name is checked and hit "Build"Step 6: Open your "modmain.lua" and add the lines:Assets = { Asset("SOUNDPACKAGE", "sound/waverly.fev"), Asset("SOUND", "sound/waverly.fsb"),}RemapSoundEvent( "dontstarve/characters/waverly/death_voice", "waverly/characters/waverly/death_voice" )RemapSoundEvent( "dontstarve/characters/waverly/hurt", "waverly/characters/waverly/hurt" )RemapSoundEvent( "dontstarve/characters/waverly/talk_LP", "waverly/characters/waverly/talk_LP" )Hint: Don't forget to replace "waverly" Step 7: Open your characters *.lua-code and replace the line: inst.soundsname = "wilson"by: inst.soundsname = "waverly"Please don't tell me you need the hint this time... Step 8: Go back and check if you really replaced al instances of "waverly". In the first case rebuild your soundfiles. That's it... Oh and don't forget to replace all instances of "waverly" by your characters name ; )
  4. General advices Need help? Be helpful! Add as much info and code as possible: too often do people omit modmain.lua and modinfo.lua or reduce the crash log to the last line. Upload the files you're working with. Link the guides and tools you're using whenever possible. Detail the steps you're following. Don't make people guess what you're doing. Be specific! Is it a crash? A new feature you want? Porting from DS? Trouble with animation? State it in the title so people who know about it can see it right away. "Help with my character" means essentially nothing since characters can do pretty much anything. Don't be a jerk. Being nice is usually a good way to get people to help you. Search the log for error. One of the first step when you have a problem with a mod is to take a look at the log. When a crash occurs, the log could provide you useful informations about what is wrong. You could find the log in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogetherANewReignBeta (If you are in the beta branch) Or C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether (classic branch) Usually, informations will be in the "client_log.txt" Sometimes, a crash will happen server-side, so you must look at the server log. Search in C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogetherANewReignBeta\Cluster_1\Master With "DoNotStarveTogetherANewReignBeta" your current branch, "Cluster_1" your current save, "Master" if the crash happen on surface, and "Caves" if the crash happen on caves. Look at the "server_log.txt" Now you have an error log. If you can, try to understand what the error log says. Some errors could easily be fixed by yourself. You could also try a search to see if someone encountered the same problem. If it's not the case, you could create a topic. Title. The first thing people will see is the title. There is a lot of topic asking for help, so "help pls with a mod", "I need help" "[URGENT] Need help" isn't a good title, because it doesn't give a clue about what the problem is. Since people helping here are doing this in their free time, and since every modder have his strong point and weak point, your best option is to have a clear title, with informations about what you are searching. This way, people able to help you could see what help you need even before opening the topic. For example "How to create a perk for my character" "My character mod is crashing (Mod and Error log in topic)", "How to make an aura healing others players ?". You will gain a lot of time with a clear title, and people will be more likely to help. Content of your topic. Your topic must contain a clear explanation about what you need. If you are asking for help because of a crash, provide the error log (you've seen before how to obtain it), and attach your mod, so people could take a look at it. You must zip your mod first, then you can see an option "drag files here to attach, or choose files". Attach the zip file. This way, everyone could download your file and see what is wrong. When searching the cause of a crash, looking at the code is often mandatory, so you'll gain a lot of time by attaching mod in your first post. Usefuls links and tools. [TOOL] Texture and atlas packer : a tool allowing you to easily pack or unpack texture. Great for inventory image containing multiple items images. [TOOL] HandsomeMatt's Tools : one tool allowing you to converting .png file into .tex, another one allowing you to open .tex file and save them as .png [TOOL] Build renamer : one tool allowing you to rename builds. [TOOL] ktools : allow to decompile animations in a spriter file. Useful, but you need some knowledge to make it works. [RESOURCE] DST Speech Mod Template : All the speech line in one file, useful for custom character. Tutorials : [TUTORIAL] Custom recipe/food visible in crockpot/farm [TUTORIAL] How to add, not replace stuff in worldgeneration [TUTORIAL] Basics : what to use to open .lua files and why [TUTORIAL] How to create a Set Piece
  5. Hey whats up fellow Kiel members and Don't Starve players. I just uploaded a video on youtube of a Don't Starve Character Guide on "WILSON"! Needless to say, check it out if you are interested! I am just starting out, any support would be appreciated! Lemme know what yall think! =D Video link:
  6. Honestly, I think this is more complicated than it needs to be. Still, I tried to make this as simple as possible (and kind of failed I think). Din't want this to be an explanation of mechanic behind beefalo taming, but a guide focusing on the gameplay itself. Link to DarkXero's good work:
  7. Hey, guys, this tutorial is for people who would like to make a custom setpiece (i.e. a pre-generated chunk of land), but don't know the specifics of it. The tutorial will be kind of long and elaborate, but hopefully it will be helpful. It will require basic modding knowledge, and it is assumed that you already have your base mod (mod folder and modmain) set up. Now let's start. First half (setting up all of the properties): Now that we're all set up, we need to make some ground for our setpiece. Make sure to select the BG_TILES layer, or this won't work. Put your cursor over the tile you want (in the bottom-right corner) and click to select it. For the sake of simplicity, I'll use grass. Next, spread it around the middle of the screen simply by clicking and dragging. It should hopefully look something like this: Wonderful, now we need to create some objects! So you will need to select the FG_OBJECTS layer. Make sure to highlight both of these, top one first: And click up here on this little rectangle thingy. Now, just click where you want the object to be located in relation to the tiles you placed earlier. It should create a small, gray rectangle where you clicked. Now, you should right click the rectangle, and click Object Properties. It should bring up a little popup box. Now type in the name of the prefab you want to create in the type box (I'm going to use researchlab so it stands out). BE CAREFUL: if you type it in the name box, it WON'T WORK, so make sure to type it in the TYPE box. I speak from experience, don't make that mistake. After you've typed the name of your prefab in, press OK. You can add as many objects as you like but for the sake of simplicity, I'll leave mine at one. Once you're done with that, you're finally done (finally). You should definitely save your work so you can modify it later, but the most important part is exporting it: This will export the file into code. MAKE SURE it is set to .lua when you export it. You need to export it to /yourmod/scripts/map/static_layouts/ That is where your setpieces will go. I'm going to call mine rl (research lab). At last, we are done. With most of it. Now all you need is to add a little bit of code to initialize it. To finish, I'm going to show you how to add your setpiece to a biome (won't be making the biome). Here's the code: local Layouts = GLOBAL.require("map/layouts").Layoutslocal StaticLayout = GLOBAL.require("map/static_layout")Layouts["ResearchLab"] = StaticLayout.Get("map/static_layouts/rl")AddRoomPreInit("Forest", function(room) if not room.contents.countstaticlayouts then room.contents.countstaticlayouts = {} end room.contents.countstaticlayouts["ResearchLab"] = 1end)This code should go into your modworldgenmain, a file in the same location as your modmain. If you do all of that, you should get something like this: And voila! You should have a working setpiece! I apologize if this tutorial was hard to follow, but please tell me in the comments if you think I can edit it or make it better. Thank you for reading!
  8. ALPHA WARNING All these pipeline tools are still in development and may undergo serious changes before they are ready. So don't be surprised if things break or don't work at all, and be prepared for changes with the next release. We'd also love your feedback about how they could be made better and reports for any bugs you find! Also note that for the time being, this process is Windows-only. Your mods will work on all platforms but the pieces can only be compiled on Windows. The alpha tools are only on the preview release of the mod tools. Switching to this version of the tools is the same process as switching to the preview version of the game: In Steam go to Library > Tools.Right-click on "Don't Starve Mod Tools" and choose Properties.Go to the Betas tab and select 'publicpreview'.Demonstrations of each of these features can be found by downloading the "preview" versions of the sample mods. Animation Pipeline Texture Pipeline Sound Pipeline Static Layouts
  9. Getting Started: Guides, Tutorials and Examples So you want to create a mod for Don't Starve. That's awesome! Hopefully this collection of guides, tutorials and examples will help you on your quest. Just remember that modding is all about getting your hands dirty. Oftentimes you will have to figure out things for yourself. So dive in, give it a go and when get stuck, the forums are your friend. But most of all, make sure to have fun and please share your creations with the rest of us! Getting Started: How To: Install and Use Mods by CheerioBefore you Begin! by tehMugwumpModding Etiquettte by JanHTroubleshooting by tehMugwumpMod API Updates: API 6 and Post-Reign of Giants Modding (including new important pieces of modinfo.lua) by SethRArt:Using Extended Sample Character Template by DleowolfThe Artist's Guide To Character/item Modding by TheDanaAddamsA Simple Guide to Spriter by TheDanaAddamsDana's Tips for Mod Art by TheDanaAddamsA No-Talent-Hack's Guide to Art by NycidianOfficial Spriter Tutorials by BrashMonkeySpriter Source Assets by CheerioSpriter Example: Equippable Item by CheerioSpriter Example: Hat by CheerioCreating a "Handslot-Equippable-Item" from Scratch by MalacathMinimap Icon Sample by MalacathMaking a Custom Set Piece by JackSlenderEasy Character Art Tutorial by Cheerio2D Animation at Klei by Jeff Agala and Aaron BouthillierCreatures:Creature Mod Tutorial 1 - Creating a Mod by CheerioCreature Mod Tutorial 2 - Spawning a Creature by CheerioCreature Mod Tutorial 3 - Importing Animation by CheerioCreature Mod Tutorial 4 - Locomotion by CheerioCreature Mod Tutorial 5 - Stategraphs by CheerioCreature Mod Tutorial 6 - Brains by CheerioCreature Mod Tutorial 7 - Importing Sound by CheerioCreature Mod Tutorial 8 - World Spawning by CheerioScripting:Intro to Programming by Khan AcademyWots the Diff?? Prefabs, Components, Stategraphs, and Brains by IpsquiggleAPI Examples by IpsquiggleSample Mods by IpsquiggleScripting with Sublime by CheerioTips for Scripts by CheerioProfiling by CheerioEngine Architecture by KevinExample: Follow the Leader by CheerioCode Tips and Tricks by squeekSharing your Mod:Steam Workshop Uploader by IpsquigglePosting and Downloading Mods by moistedparanoiaSound:Sound Mod Tutorial by Cheerio Music Mod Tutorial by CheerioAdding Custom Sound to Your Custom Character by MalacathTranslation:Creating a translation using the PO Format by BigfootLanguage Sample Mod by IpsquiggleMisc:Asset Tools by IpsquiggleMod Tools Github Repo With Source by CheerioDownload Mod Tools for Windows by Cheerio
  10. The Deerclops is one of the first bosses players encounter when starting Don't Starve so I made a video in classic 'top 5' style demonstrating my preferred methods of dispatching with this formidable foe. I'm not nearly as experienced in the game as some others here and am still learning how to improve my videos so constructive critique is welcome.
  11. I don't really like gameplay tutorials since they often take 10 minutes of running around to show 1 minute of information. But I had hard time finding tutorial videos that simply show the gist of everything, so thought I'd make one myself, in a sort of 90s employee education video style (like Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L video series). Unlike my Bet You Did Not Know, this is made purely for beginners, something I always wanted to do.
  12. Aye! Modders! This is a short guide that points out many differences between DST and DS version. I just decided to create this little tutorial to help some of the modders that would like to translate their DST mod into a DS, which of course can be done inversely. It won't be hard stuff, as I don't know much about coding and started with zero knowledge in Lua. The purpose of these writings is just about sharing and helping. Still, I hope this WILL help. Let's begin. First your should seek for your mod folder and I assume you already know where it should be. We will set every change in the following section : *Modinfo *Modmain *Character *Items/prefabs Modinfo : Modmain : Character : Items/Prefabs : Feel free to be constructive and point out what you know about translating DST to DS. I know this short guide is not complete, but everything has a beginning. D4rkh0bb1T
  13. Hello world! JamesBucket here with something quite different. I know DST is basically DS RoG multiplayer, but there are some unique features I found, so I put them together. Hope you find them useful, and CHEERS!
  14. The Don’t Starve Mod Tools allow mod creators to upload their mods to Steam Workshop for other players to subscribe to and use. Getting the Mod Tools The Mod Tools are now available for Windows, OSX and Linux! Log into the Steam client using the account you wish to upload the mod with, this account must own a copy of Don’t Starve. Hover over “LIBRARY” at the top of the Steam client, and select “Tools” from the dropdown list. Find “Don’t Starve Mod Tools” in the list, and double click to install, or right click and “Install Game...” (despite the name, this only installs the Mod Tools)Uploading your mod to Steam Workshop Valve requires that you accept the Steam Subscriber Agreement before any of the Steam Workshop files you upload are visible to other users. You can install and use the Mod Tools to upload mods without accepting the agreement, however they will not be available to other users until you do. Updating Your Mod So you’ve fixed a bug, or added some new features, or maybe you just made a typo in the Description? You can easily update your mod using the Mod Uploader. Alternatively, you can edit your mod’s Name, Description and Tags on the Steam Workshop website, as well as add links, preview images or screenshots. Troubleshooting Common issues and resolutions for resolving issues with your mods.
  15. Sound Mod Tutorial

    This tutorial will teach you how to create a mod which replaces a sound in 'Don't Starve'. For this tutorial, we're going to replace the 'rabbit scream' sound with a 'bird scream'. This tutorial requires:- PC version of 'Don't Starve' and 'Don't Starve Mod Tools'- The 'Sound Mod Tutorial' mod installed through Steam Workshop or on the Klei Forum downloads. Tutorial:All sounds in 'Don't Starve' are called events. To replace an existing sound event, we need to create a new sound event using the FMOD designer and then tell the game to use that sound instead. Let's get started! To launch the designer, Double click on the 'Don't Starve Mod Tools' in steam: Now inside the designer, browse to your mod folder and open 'sound_mod_tutorial.fdp'. Next click on the events tab and scroll down till you find the 'rabbit_scream' event. Right click on the gray area under the word play list and click add sound. Add the 'bird_scream.wav' sound from the mod folder. Press 'CTRL+B' to bring up the build menu and click the build button. You can now close the designer. Browse to the mod folder and open up a file named 'modmain.lua' in your favorite text editor. Remove the two dashes next to the 'rabbit_scream' line and save the file. Now start the game and go chase some rabbits! Remember to enable your mod through the mods menu. Happy modding!
  16. Hello guys I am trying to make Don't starve tutorials for beginners. Click here to see my list of tutorials I made so far! If you find them helpful share my tutorials to your friends
  17. I've really enjoyed playing Don't Starve. As I've played I often find myself narrating in my head as though I'm writing a journal. I understand that a major part of Don't Starve's appeal is the enjoyment of discovery, the lack of a safety net, and learning by doing (and dying). That's why when I set out to create a basic tutorial I wanted one that would be just enough to get someone going without spoiling too much or piercing the suspension of disbelief. To that end I've created a set of Journal Entries that would get someone through their first three days and give them a good place to start from. So I present to you: Wilson's Journal Days 1-3 next entry, a cautionary tale of the dangers of woodcutting:
  18. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72864 Issue title Wickerbottom's phrase Steps to reproduce When I pick thing and don`t have full of storage? Wickerbottom say "I can`t carry anthing more" Describe your issue It`s mistake. Please fix it. Photo
  19. https-~~-// Os vídeos são semanais, toda sexta-feira (pouco depois do horário do almoço lógico, assim você não passa fome e ainda descansa vendo um pouquinho de Don't Starve). O canal é Salsa Nos Seus Jogos: E aqui o link da playlist: Falou pessoal e espero que vocês gostem!
  20. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform ChromeVersion Number 71213 Issue title Laggy / Non Responsive cursor & Random walking up Steps to reproduce These issues seem really random, not once have I seen a specific action make these things happen, they just occasionally do, more laggy cursor though. Describe your issue When I'm just minding my business half the time doing what I'm doing when I move the mouse it usually barely responds and slowly moves its way to where I want it after a couple of forced slide movements or just decides not to move. I havent exactly seen any response with this bug to my actions and it just always seems to do that, and it's been more frequent lately. Then some people say their characters wont move but with me it's more of the character wont stop moving. This is a rare problem I get once every few playthroughs but it has gotten me killed since its almost uncontrollable since you can move but if you stop the character just assumes control and goes right up for no reason. Again, I just play the game and I have yet to find out what exactly triggers this but the cursor is more of a problem than the random rare movement problem. I hope this problem would be able to get looked into!
  21. Hey guys im a beginning youtube commentator stating out small, this is my first look at this amazing game, Don't Starve! Hope you enjoy!
  22. I need Don't Starve

    Hey, i was wondering if i could get a beta code for don't starve, i'm really wanting to do a mini advertisement on my youtube channel and a let's play and review. If you would like to get in touch, my Steam username is: Savezombie1, and if that doesn't work, try savezombie11. It would be great if you gave me one!
  23. Hey guys! I just posted a thread in the Video Section, but read in another thread there to feel free to post it here as well! I have started a Don't Starve Guide series on Youtube, and I also stream the game on Twitch Let me know what you think of the guides! I would love feedback! Would just like to drop a link to the thread:!-%28and-a-link-to-my-DS-livestream-w-giveaways%29 Cheers! Shannon <3
  24. EternalNinja0's Don't Starve LP Hey guys, I thought I would have a crack at a Don't Starve Let's Play. Lemme know me what you think of it. I am fairly new to the game, so I don't know about everything yet, but it's always fun figuring out new stuff YouTube Playlist! My Website (Still Under Construction)