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How regenerate health as Wormwood?

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Hello! I have a little problem with healing Wormwood. Using poop heals only for 2 health and his unique healing item requires quite many resorcues. Do you know any effective ways to regenerate Wormwood's health and/or how efficiently farm ingredients required to craft his unique healing item?

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Glommers Goop is also a viable option. It heals for 50.

In Hamlet you can toss gold into wishing wells to have a 80% chance to heal for 100.
In Hamlet you can buy Honey Poultrice and Healing Salva at the Pig Spa shop for 5 & 4 oincs respectivley.

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Use Siesta Lean-to to restore 60 Health for 25 Hunger. Unlike Tent it costs only 0.33x Silk per sleeping OR 0.2x Silk if you hammer it after 5 uses. You won't waste too much time if you use it 5-10 seconds before dusk.

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Reign of Giants

Basic setup : Spider farm (healing salves) + Garden and a single House Pig (compost wraps)

Pick all the seeds you see and plant them in your garden (at least 4 pitchfork tiles).

Harvest them, put the vegetables you desire to transform in poop to your pig. Gives 4 monster meat to the pig, Move aside. Once the werepig transformed all the vegetables in poop, kill it.

Harvest a molefarm to gather nitre. It is way quickier than you think, plus the gold is pure bonus if you go to Hamlet to turn into oincs.

Don't forget to spoil some light bulb from the caves (very quick to gather, very quick to spoil, especially when it rains or in summer). Also, while you are in the caves, pick up all the mushrooms you see. Turn them into poop too.

You can also base in the marsh and make some beeboxes to craft honey poultice.



Base in the marsh and rely on honey poultice and spider farm.

Also, if you find either a nice mushroom setup (for some werepig poop) or a large herd of water buffalo, you can rely on, but be careful as it will provide tiny heal for a non negligible amount of time. But if you are experimented in Shipwrecked, it is relatively easy to not lose health so it might be alright. The spider farm will mostly be the  fastest way to heal early game.



Mud Spa healing.is by far the fastest way.

You can also rely on home made honey poultice if for whatever reason you don't want to bother with the pig economy.

Also, you can just make a farm of at least 20 berry bushes and harvest them regularly. Make some berries rot, put some on the ground near some pigs and harvest the fresh poop, you will gain oincs too. Make a molefarm (gold, nitre and rocks) with the mole you will find in the cave clefts by mining the pillars. At a certain point, you will turn the nitre into gunpowder and blunderbuss what you want, especially the Ancient Herald. Then, the vortex cloak will give an absolute protection. No more heal needed.

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