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Farm Fertilize?

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I feel that the turbo farms should make better use of the manure provided. Perhaps don't make it THAT fast but make it so 1 manure lasts 3 harvests. I hate having to run to beefalotown and buy manure, only to get a measly berry on my turbo farm.

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Oops. You aren't supposed to get berries from farms. I introduced that by accident when I was doing cooking stuff.

In fact, in the current build, all of the veggies have an equal chance of growing! I'll fix that.

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Yeah, but WHAT?

I've read Wikipedia's article on Fertilizers (ok, skimmed over) but couldn't relate anything on the game to the things used to make fertilizers.

The only thing that I though of is composting. We now have cooking, and that should produce a lot of waste. Perhaps the action of cooking should produce 2 results: The dish and a pile of waste. If there's some dish over the crooked pot, clicking it would retrieve said dish, but if it was empty it would retrieve this "compost" of sorts. Or perhaps just the organic waste, which then you have to put on a composter and wait for it to become "manure". Having this would of course attract the spiders to your camp.

But I don't know, too many new things to craft with just ONE purpose, not sure it's worth the time of the developers.

With the pigs out of the picture to produce manure (I'm not building a pig house near my camp NEVER again) the only alternative is having a farming camp near the beefalos.

I insist that turbo farms should be slower but less manure demanding.

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I say the ability to build a fence and capture a beefalo to keep near your camp. Without it pooping all over the place.

I Like your food-waste idea. Maybe this waste, combined with manure could make fertilizer? Then you dont need the composter. But i kinda like the composter idea as well :) And you can always find more uses out o a crafted item in the future.

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Alternatively our next update could include Wilson's personal commode! A harvestable building, similar to the bee box that produces... Hmm... That might not be family friendly... =P
I like it. Could even skip the commode and "fertilize" the farm directly.

Also, I do agree with an earlier post that a farm should stay fertilized through more than one harvest.

And Protip: Feed your piggy companions stacks of flowers for stacks of dung! Cheap and easy, in fact - it's the best use for both!

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