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  1. I'd love a mini-map. I enjoy completely filling up a map (removing all the black areas), which makes for constantly flipping between the map and the game to check my bearings.The only downside is that it could be seen as somewhat less immersive. As needing to open map is somewhat more realistic. Maybe it could be a craftable/equipable item in the science tab?
  2. I do agree that there could and should be a better way of notifying the player that starvation is imminent. Perhaps a different & slower walking animation, an enlarged & blinking stomach icon, or simply louder stomach grumbling. But as others have said, it's definitely not "easy to starve". If anything it's the opposite.
  3. I love the idea of a robot follower. You should be able to build him and keep him running in the manner you suggested. As said, he wouldn't need the meat of a pig to stay loyal, just a constant supply of fuel.
  4. I think what you saw was him finishing up his eating animations, as you were clicking faster than he could get through them. Same thing happened to me.
  5. Working URLs: (The last is missing a character)
  6. No, I agree... I'm just talking about a paltry amount of pity points here - so the player doesn't feel like they have wasted their time completely.
  7. Hmm, interesting! Well, that sounds good, but I still think their first attack is all bark and no bite.
  8. There's not much more to learn than that. Sometimes if you hold Ctrl or Shift you can get an alternate action to perform (usually examine or attack), but that's about it!
  9. On my first encounter with the hounds, I listened to their howling for what seemed to be minutes. While this did manage to build up some suspense (and gave me the sense that I was surrounded and being closed in on), it still seemed a little excessive. Then, when they finally attacked it was just two beasts. By the time the second one came, the first was dead and then a couple more swings of my spear and it was over! What I think would be better, is if 2-3 or even more came charging in all at once, like a pack of dogs truly would. They are easy to defeat, so as it is right now it's all build-up and all let down!
  10. I agree, they are too hostile. Perhaps they should only behave more aggressively if you are near their nests. Another great solution would be to simply increase the amount of time it takes to loot a nest of it's eggs. This could be rationalized by the weight and delicacy of the egg.
  11. The new colored light is great overall, but the fireplace light is an unusual green that comes off as much too dim. Also, I noticed that the area made safe by a maximum-level firepit has been enlarged, and while that is great, I think it's a bit too big!
  12. Ask the title says, it would be nice to store a backpack that isn't in use. I tend to have a chest with equipable items and I'd like to include it! It would also be nice to be able to open up a pack while on the ground (perhaps with RMB?), which would make it handy, as it could be used to quickly pick up different sets of items (for instance, everything needed by a crafting recipe).
  13. I just lost my 32+ day play-through, and have been playing a bit clumsily in my haste to get re-situated. As a result, I've died at least 4 times in a row on the first few days, before getting any research done. I think it would be nice to get a small amount of experience-gain for the time survived, even if it's only a very small amount. It just sucks to die on day three and get absolutely zilch from it. Maybe getting a point or two for each kill, and hour survived? It would be nice. Thanks for considering!
  14. Yup, but even better than rotating the camera is holding [space] to perform actions. Try it out!
  15. Either rotate the camera with Q & E, or hold the spacebar.
  16. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Actions slow to cancel when using mouse Steps to reproduce Begin an action with the mouse, then try to cancel it by running away with the WASD keys. The character is slow to respond. Describe your issue Begin an action with the mouse, then try to cancel it by running away with the WASD keys. The character is slow to respond.
  17. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number - Issue title Can pick up bee corpses using [space] Steps to reproduce Hold down space during and after killing bees (I used the spear) Describe your issue After killing the bees using spacebar and a spear, I was able to pick up their corpses. However, after the usual delay, they disappeared from my inventory. I love the spacebar functionality, by the way!
  18. Awesome update. Tamable hounds in the future, for a faster, less lycanthropic companion? I'm also imagining how handy a "hound" dog specifically could be in a world ripe with birds and rabbits to hunt.
  19. Personally I love it. It fits with Wilson's Science/Magic theme, it provides an end-game type item to work towards, and they'd be very handy. They should just be very expensive - and perhaps limited. For instance, the item required to make them is only obtainable by a boss creature, of which there are only 1-3 or so per world. The rare material could even be used my multiple recipes, requiring you to carefully choose how to use it.
  20. Totally does!Another approach (which I think I would actually prefer) would be to just automatically harvest it when you're digging - added the resource to your inventory immediately after the plant is dug up.
  21. Love to take the credit for being the first to suggest it, but nay - it was not I.
  22. Changing angles is useful when chopping wood in a dense forest, when the other trees often block the logs, pine cones, and stumps. I usually try to chop down all the trees in an area to prevent this, but oftentimes my axe will break before all obstructing trees can be removed. It's also useful if you accidentally drop something in your campsite, or to carefully check graveyards for dig spots.
  23. This has been suggested before I believe, but I feel very strongly about it. While the shovel is equipped, please, please allow us to press the Right Mouse Button to Pick berries/grass/saplings without having to juggle our tools. This would be a HUGE convenience and remove one of the biggest hassles in the game right now. This way you could run around with a shovel to collect berries/grass/saplings to bring back to your camp, but not have to pause to shuffle tools if you also want to harvest in the process. You've already implemented something similar with your "RMB Drop" message while holding plantable items. It looks good, it works good - please extend it to digging! Thanks.