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Good news everyone!

I made another art thread! Yay!!!

Like the title says, here I'll post ALL of my Don't Starve related sketckes.

Maths is boring, so why not draw a more civlized Nobleman Scottish Walrus while the teacher teaches how to calculate 2x+3y=3891?


History? Pffft... Even a Deerclops is more fun.


I wish a Swamp monster could fit in my backyard if i had one.


The Devs MUST make a swamp monster like this.

-Something around 4500 HP.

-Doesn't hurt you, only spawns tentacles everywhere, all the time.

-Can't be kited, just like a normal tentacle.

-Only 1-2 are spawned per map (obviously in a swamp).

-Drops A LOTof monster meat and 3-4 Swamp Monster tooth, used to craft the strongest weapons in the game:

-Swamp Dagger: Does 200 damage per use. Has 300 uses. Crafting recipe: 3 Gold, 1 Swamp Monster

tooth, 3 twigs.

-Swamp Spear: Does 135 damage. 450 uses. Crafting: 4 gold, 10 twigs, 2 Swamp Monster teeth. Attacks all nearby things at once, but the more enemies, more durability is depleted.

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Hm... I think it's not. The swamp monster teeth are unbelievably heavy, because they're made of some dense material, and the spear has gold in its crafting recipe, and gold is a really dense metal. If the spear it thrown, it won't go very far away, unless you're stronger than Wolfgang.Physics and chemistry helped me!!! I thought i was never going to use them in my life!

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