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DS Drawing Time

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Hello everybody. I´m new in this forum and my English is a bit awful :c. I love the game Don't starve so I decided for starting to draw some fan art. I hope you all enjoy it 0w0.post-10984-13764591350052_thumb.jpgHere is a draw of 3 hounds. The middle one don´t wanna share his monster meat with the others :D yay.

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Meanwhile in the swamp...post-10984-13764591384779_thumb.jpgWilson: Tentacle, save me!

Poor poor Jackalope. :(

I know, he might be deaf now.

If you make more hound art I will have no choice but to love you.

I think there´s will not be another choice.

Crop the pictures! Crop the pictures!

Crop the pictures? Edited by Toaster Fu
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oh my gawsp, your hound so cute.:biggrin-new:nice animation.

Thanks :3 They are too easy to draw for me XP. And thanks again, it took me like 3 hours X_XOoh, and I´ve been looking your art work and let me say... you are Amazing :D! I love your comics, your storys and your style.
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