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New character

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5 minutes ago, Szczuku said:


Et si un nouveau personnage arrive, ce n'est pas votre batte ou quoi que ce soit suggéré par les joueurs. 

Necessarily >:)

3 minutes ago, Roosev said:


Ayez de la pitié pour le pauvre gars ...

You're a good person :D

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3 hours ago, Philsam said:


Will there be a new character, is it possible that it is a bat like the topic above? What do you think @Jason

I Don't like that character, and i don't think any new characters are coming,I Think 2 for Hamlet is enough. It would also be a thing that if he is neutral to bats, he is pretty much immune to bat waves in Hamlet! and don't go telling me they will make a Completely different animal wave (or just reuse hounds, which makes no sense as i personally saw no hounds in Hamlet so far. But there might be, if i'm not correct.) For a Single character which feels like a waste of time. (Quick reminder that, this late in development, i really doubt they'd add a new character. Especially considering they are focusing on QoL updates and bug fixes now, at least assuming i'm not stupid.)

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2 minutes ago, Mattyington said:

Je n'aime pas ce personnage, et je ne pense pas que de nouveaux personnages arrivent, je pense que 2 pour Hamlet est suffisant. Ce serait aussi une chose que s'il est neutre vis-à-vis des chauves-souris, il est pratiquement immunisé contre les ondes de chauve-souris dans Hamlet! et n'allez pas me dire qu'ils vont faire une   vague animale complètement différente (ou simplement réutiliser des chiens de chasse, ce qui n'a aucun sens puisque je n'ai personnellement vu aucun chien de chasse dans Hamlet jusqu'à présent. Mais il pourrait y en avoir, si je ne me trompe pas.) un seul personnage qui se sent comme une perte de temps. (Rappel rapide que, si tard dans le développement, je doute vraiment qu'ils ajouteraient un nouveau personnage. Surtout qu'ils se concentrent maintenant sur les mises à jour de qualité de vie et les corrections de bugs, du moins en supposant que je ne suis pas stupide.)

Ok, I respect your opinion :)

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14 minutes ago, Szczuku said:

Jusqu'à présent, chaque dlc comportait un caractère non encore implémenté. J'espère que Hamlet nous donne Wortox ou Wilton

Before the Hamlet beta, I checked the unimplemented characters, Warbucks was not present, but Wilba was, and I was 100% sure that it would be added to the Early Access. Warbucks is a character that was not implemented, but no one saw him coming. So there are obviously other unimplemented characters that we do not know, and for Wilton and Wortox, it would surprise me. They are not in the theme of the DLC, SW was in the aquatic / pirate theme, RoG in the fight / monster theme, and each of the DLC characters knew how to respect those themes, even Hamlet with Warbucks and Wilba. Wilton, a skeleton, I do not see the report, Wortox a red demon, maybe.

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Fingers crossed for at least one additional character. Both current DLC exclusive characters are super underwhelming. 


I would also be happy with a rework of Warbucks, as his theme has potential but his actual perks add nothing to gameplay.


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