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  1. I've been playing RoG on PS4 since last week, and I have a problem, I put the default patterns, but none appeared in more than one part, then I put "More" that is supposed to be at 100%, and Deerclops did not appear, and my winter always ends at day 35, the snow disappeared and spring started at day 36. I organized a year of play without meeting them. Help me, I really want to deal with these bosses :/
  2. This is not a reference X), only Maxwell should be called Mack Swell because it's better :D
  3. Mack Swell, he should have been called like that
  4. Waldy He was born in a province called Atropith, in this city, reigned poverty, and famine, except that 5 years later, the fuel of nightmare is found. The city grew rich, and eaten at its hungers, the magic was studied, Thulecite armor made, the development of arthropods was in its infancy. Waldy consumed only a few, their taste was atrocious, a few years later, their lord Fuelweaver was always present. Waldy had warned him, but the lord ignored his remarks, Waldy had studied the magic and power of the nightmare fuels, he had a great hatred for Fuelweaver. He regrets the annihilated civilization, he had the opportunity to save her, he warned them that too much fuel consumption nightmares, was too dangerous, he currently keeps a hatred and a great suffering towards the lords of Atropith , oddly he survived, and did not reappear as the Lord, and his valet Ancient Herald ... Health: 140 Hunger: 150 Health: 170 Starting point: Waldy has 4 nightmare fuels from the beginning, he can consume them and loses 10 of mental health and 15 of life, thanks to that, his skills increase, he loses 33% less quickly his hunger, his damages increase bare hands, not with weapons. Positive Abilities: Waldy receives half of the magic object penalties and has a 50% resistance against damage from shadow creatures, and the Ancient Herald. The nightmare fuel consumed, changes Waldy's appearance, his arms become "monstrous", (like Wilson's shadow arm), and his face has an angry expression, in this form he inflicts 60 damage to high speed, which makes it perfect for kiting an enemy, except that it lasts only 2 minutes per fuel consumption, to increase the time of metamorphosis, it is necessary to eat fuels of nightmare, which will add + 1min, until limit of 5 min. Negative Abilities: During Aporkalypse, Waldy has a reduced speed to 5.5 instead of 6, which can be a disadvantage to fleeing one or more enemies. Waldy receives more mental health loss when it rains, or with an enemy who drains mental health