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  1. I would note Wendy A, Webber B and Wilba C, it's not a problem since I'm a minor
  2. It's good, I suceeded ! Here is my tier list ! Webber and Wx master race, but I think
  3. Who do you main?

    Webber and Wx Webber has eight legs and can befriend spiders and have silk (easy winter) and monster meat easily. Wx, because it's a robot and it's OP
  4. I'm french, and I use Google translation to come to this forum, when I load the page, Google translation changes the page in French, I answered your question in English, but the page whose answer was in French.
  5. Webber looks too innocent for 12 :0
  6. How old is he ? I think he is 9 years old
  7. Wendy and Willow, but I like Wx-78 and Webber.
  8. The green is better !
  9. When Lazy Explorer become useless
  10. [Game Update] - 317319

    Why are you so generous ?
  11. [Game Update] - 302498

    You made me believe in Q.O.L
  12. I just found that XD