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  1. I agree with your ideas, I think it's really true, Klei would not be winner in this case.
  2. Hi, I do not have DST, but it seems to me that it is not possible for the player to create his "own" skins in the game (if it is the case I would delete this subject). So I had an idea, it would be interesting for the player to make his own skins, for example that he can make a knight's skin with the color of his choice, or wizard's dress. The player could also "sell" the skins, it seems to me that there are reels in the game, they would act as currency. What do you think ?
  3. I agree that Wx is OP, and with everything you said. But I feel that Wheeler has become better than him.
  4. Unaware of what was happening, I opened the web page and see that this forum is on fire, some Warbucks fans are in pls, and several topics about Wheeler. And I see that she received a huge buff! Ok, a little buff, but that's too much, she became the most broken character of the game, RIP WX-78, Wortox and Wicker. I saw several ideas, but divided into several topics, it would be more interesting to regroup them all here, the one that interests me the most is to remove his weapon, and give it to Warbucks (if it comes back), or so to lower his stats. Give your ideas, it will also clean a little forum.
  5. Wagstaff analyzes Wx-78 ?

    XD I'm sure you're a good player, this game isn't always easy to understand. I will not hide that my record is 100+ days. (I committed suicide because my game did not work well, Deerclops, Bearger and Dragonfly did not appear, I like bosses so I did not want to continue)
  6. Woodie should keep his inventory during the transformation, why Wilba could and not him?
  7. Wagstaff analyzes Wx-78 ?

    I'm sad now :,(
  8. Wagstaff analyzes Wx-78 ?

    Who is "Wathgrithr" ? A new character ?
  9. Can Wagstaff analyze Wx? To confirm if he is his creator? I hope it will be added to DST.