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  1. R.Wagstaff abilities

    Wagstaff has a beautiful voice, it looks like a drill.
  2. As one of the next two characters will probably be R.Wagstaff, what do you think he will have as abilities ? Imagine if he can interact with the environment by modifying a biome for example.
  3. What is the Wormwood flower trail for ? I saw that bees followed and pollinated these flowers, but it seems to me that bees do not exist in Hamlet
  4. I wanted to write in english, but my automatic corrector has changed to French
  5. Salut, je suis de retour, je ne joue pas Ne soyez pas affamé et ne venez pas sur ce forum depuis début janvier. Et là, je vois que Klei a établi l'année du cochon, Winona retravaillée (le personnage que j'aimais le moins), elle a maintenant une catapulte? Parfait !! Et dans Hamlet, il y a un nouveau personnage de Wormwood. J'avais exposé l'idée du lait de Beefalo pour QOL, je ne sais pas si Klei a pris l'idée de moi, mais ils l'ont ajoutée, si c'est le cas, merci Klei. Vous êtes l'un des rares développeurs à écouter leur communauté!
  6. For those who do not like the changes, will you continue to play the game (I think there will be a mod to bring the ancient colors) ? Personally, painted turf, forest turf, claw trees, and tubers do not bother me. I even find that the new colors are better than the old ones, I found the Thunderbird grass horrible, I was rather indifferent to tubers. I often confused claw trees with other trees that give logs, problem solved: D, I found that the old were "rough", the colors were confused. The first time I saw the Thunderbird turf, I hallucinated, I said to myself, "It's not very beautiful, it's not what Klei is used to," I knew it was for the exotic side. I think it has been attenuated, then I'm not a fan of the lawn of the forest, but it's ok, plus green is my favorite color so it suits me. I do not think these green / blue colors are better for the exotic style, but they have softened the old colors I did not like. For those who do not, I hope that Klei will leave you the choice, because it's a shame not to have an optimal gaming experience because of colors that do not suit you, if I were in your place I would do the same.
  7. Whats with the recolour?

  8. I like XD It's funny !
  9. Whats with the recolour?

    Sometimes people do not like by question of habit