When are we going to learn more about the game?

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minespatch    29,371
3 minutes ago, ImDaMisterL said:

They'll be showcasing a demo in this upcoming PAX, I've heard :)

Joe and KEvin mentioned about that, right?


Also, if you want some snippets, you could always ask Jouste on his art Twitch streams on tuesday.


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Moonkis    128
On 2017-08-20 at 6:15 AM, Kevin said:

That is correct! We are bringing a playable demo of the game to PAX starting on Sep 1st. We're currently fixing bug, improving the interface, and testing and tweaking things so that they're understandable without a tutorial.

The demo is time-limited to keep the lines moving on the show floor, but other than that it's pretty much just the start of the game (as it currently exists). You pick a starting character, and then we turn you loose in the world as you play through the start of their story. The game is pretty free-wheeling, so it's certainly possible even in the demo to wander off the main path and find trouble. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing how far people get, and what they find. It's also an amazing chance to see which parts of the game people are responding well to, and which parts need more attention. I was spoiled with great feedback in the early days of Don't Starve, and I miss it.

Anyways, I'll be on the show floor giving demos on the 1st and the first half of the 2nd, so if you're attending swing by and say hi!



Damn it's good to have you back Kevin! You have been missed.

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