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  1. Any mod support for this game?

    I'm use Garry's Mod
  2. People can downvote all they want, but this patch made me sure of one thing: HOTS devs do NOT play their own game. Of that i am certain.
  3. No idea what character is it, but you drew it cool.
  4. This way, they can constantly be on bringing you reliable food sources by freezing mobs, keeping your base fine and replenishing dried plants.
  5. Awesome That's all?
  6. Hmm interesting. However in some games the emotes work and in others they don't, that's why it leads me to believe it's a bug.
  7. This Funny Gaming Tshirt could be exactly what you're looking for.
  8. Ban MisterL for not remembering the most beautiful sight in all his life
  9. Can't play the game

    For which game files? If you ever play on someone's local server make sure they disable sv_consistency by setting it to 0