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  2. Culturally problematic?

    So have you just literally never done anything and realized later "oof, maybe that wasn't such a good idea?"
  3. I thought of using bee mines (I used four) or a statue panic room, as they seem to deal with them rather easily. For the bee mines, you're gonna have to keep a stock on you for each hound wave. For the statue panic room, the hounds normally can't get in and since the hounds are still considered to be wet, I just used Electric Darts. You can get on and off the boat without issues too. Examples: I do agree though that tanking a Day 100+ hound wave on your own at sea is rather annoying and those were the two generic ways that I could think of that didn't require something character specific.
  4. The problem with unlocking the tepidizer is that it delivers enough heat to make steam turbines produce 3977 W while it only consumes 960 W. This means it is possible to build a powerplant, which produces electricity without any fuel. If we are to get something to heat liquid to boiling temperature, then I suspect it would have to be a modded tepidizer. To make it balanced, it would only produce 775 kDTU as this will make it able to produce 750 W with a steam turbine while consuming 960 W. Would anybody use something this expensive?
  5. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    OP (or someone well familiarized with current state of DS: Hamlet DLC): can you pls list what are the main problems associated with Hamlet you imply player-base should be reacting to - aka at what we should not be quiet to? I've only tested Hamlet for 3-4 small sessions when was in Beta last year and haven't followed it's development from there (after some pretty major errors, mostly black screens or teleporting at margin of map, off-land, decided will wait for DLC to come out of Beta). I've loosely read news from updates on Steam, had some game-play snippets spoiled (well not really as in truth am not planning to play Hamlet anytime soon) from friends, but nothing really that major to make me think "wow, Hamlet is a mess, can't think is in this state" some comments around this section seem to imply (also I only read DST General Forum section, thus know next to nothing of what community talks between ...well, lots of collateral contradictions of which this thread doesn't shy from either). So pls, can someone list the major concerns about Hamlet that makes it feel incomplete? Did Klei promised some features, mobs etc and didn't delivered on? Thanks in advance to whomever will provide such list/enumeration! PS: as for that recurrent "why did Klei give 12k copies of Hamlet to Beta-testers" seeming to pop time and again, in my eyes is quite simple: is a softcore damage control method and marketing stunt - as Hamlet faced a lot of delays and was facing even further ones, clearly steering ill emotions in community; good word-of-mouth publicity in the end - 2 birds 1 stone. Sure Klei is a nice company compared to what you see on the gaming developers' block, yet still a company in need of profit.
  6. New to Hamlet, need a few tips

    I have never found the need to buy food in Hamlet. Here are some tips: Sometimes the outskirts of the pig village have a set piece with farms. If you get that in your world gen, then it is very handy to live near there. Another handy set piece is the berry bushes one. Neither is essential, but they can be helpful. You can kill off the guard every few days and help yourself to the pigs' produce. Once the guard is gone, you can also kill the defenceless worker pigs. Be careful though, should there be another guard tower nearby. A bit later in the game, when you get the executive hammer, you can just destroy the guard towers guarding the farms and berry bushes, and then nobody will be able to stop you from stealing the food from the workers and killing the workers themselves on a regular basis. Hey, don't judge, it's the wilderness out there. To eat or be eaten. If you don't get the farms on the outskirts, you can pretty quickly build some yourself, thanks to the abundance of dung beetles. Knock them off their dung ball, kill them, unravel the ball. It is important to kill the beetles once they fall down, otherwise they will find a pile of dung and use it up. If instead you kill them, then the pile of dung will spawn a new beetle with a new ball without getting used up. Two weevole carapaces, one vegetable, one stick = hard shell tacos, 37.5 hunger and a whopping 20 health (although I think this one is unavailable to Wigfried). Try to wean yourself off meatballs, also in normal DS. I almost never make meatballs these days, there are much better recipes out there: pierogi last longer, and give lots of health, bacon and eggs restore more hunger. If you spawn gobblers while harvesting berries, 2 drumsticks, 1 berry, any one meat (morsel of monster meat will do) = Turkey dinner, 75 hunger, 20 health (but spoils within 6 days). Also, in the early game you will find bean bugs when flipping over stones. 3 Bean bugs + any meat = Feijoada, 75 hunger, 20 health, 15 sanity! Main sources of meat for me are dung beetles, pigs on the outskirts of town, bats. You can also kill pikos, although I am usually so flush with meat that I almost never need to bother with these buggers. When you go clearing jungles of snap teeth, you will end up with tons of leafy meat, which you can convert to eggs (I tend to make sure I have a bird cage and a bird by day 9, at the very latest). In the early game you can get eggs by chopping down palm trees. In general, I have found that Hamlet forces you to find a new way to do lost of things that you thought you already knew how to do (e.g. finding gold). Don't be wedded to trying to find "the Hamlet parallel" of whatever you were used to in DS (e.g. the spider monkeys are nothing like the usual spiders, the pigs are nothing like the usual DS pigs, etc.), instead find new ways of surviving. Good luck and have fun!
  7. New Bug?

    This had already happened in the time of Shipwrecked updates. I was very sad when they fixed. I'm glad it's back, never fix it!
  8. you really are a mastermind huh
  9. I've been thinking that the bramble husk, when imported to dst, should be beefed. The reasons are the following: - In DS, armor values stack. In DST it doesnt - In DST bramble protection won't help vs anything - In DST part of the point of character specific items is that other players can make use of it too. (With a few exceptions, like Lucy) So with this In mind this is my take of how I'd like the armor to behave in DST: - Let it have the same durability as a log suit (currently in DS it has a lower value) - Let it have the same protection as a log suit (In DS it has only 65% against 80% of log suits) - Let it replace the bramble protection with DST compatible spiky things, like cactus and spiky bush. - Damage dealt to melee attackers: Same This is the bare minimum I'd expect from it, to be a slightly better log suit. Now to make it a truly interesting item, I'd add one more thing: - Let the armor be a living plant, and thus during daytime it will slowly regain some of its own lost durability. It should be very slow though, im talking about 8%-12% regained a day on average (It will depend on daylight duration, and being on the outside world). If it reaches 0% durability it will break like any other armor. The logic behind this is because it is made with living logs which, despite the fact that wormwood can make them, is still an expensive and magical item. With the aforementioned changes, even if im not using wormwood, I'd definately offer a Wormwood bone shards and 2 healing salves to make me an armor. I can also forsee low durability bramble husks left on a corner of any surface base so they catch some sunlight, and then picked up 10 days later when they are at 100% again.
  10. CPU Usage

    On my i5-8300H 2.3GHz (Win10) with running a default setting caverns enabled server, both processes average at around 4% CPU when it's in idle mode. When I join in the average usage goes to ~4.5% (1 player active, unpaused sim). Jumps to ~7% when world is saving. Assuming it's not a setting/mod related issue, then perhaps it might be a *nix-only issue? Nope, default tickrate on the server side is 15 for DST. In fact when servers make it 30 it introduces some oddities for players who play in netbook mode by trashing the netvar stream. I made a thread about it a bit back about it, not sure if it's still applicable or if it was fixed- changing the tick rate isn't something that seems too supported as tickrate 60 introduces weird locomotor jiggling.
  11. Wilson or someone in the cast better yell "So Long'a gay Bowser!" Or whatever it's final name will be when it dies. I suggested this somewhere else, but if this doesn't end up becoming a boss fight, I'd rather it come up as a new creature you can ride. Not beefalo ride, but boat ride. I'd love to have a base on a giant turtle. That'd be sick.
  12. Hello wonderful Don't Starve community! Some of you might remember my 100-day-challenge thread where I had to draw a Don't Starve character for 100 days straight. Well that turned out to be quite demanding, (especially for a student with a part-time job) so sadly, I eventually stopped doing that challenge. Fret not though, for I have devised a magnificent master plan to work around the stress of having to draw daily - I'm gonna do a weekly drawing instead! Of Wes; the all-time fan-favorite! I'm really looking forward to interacting with this wonderful community again, and diving headfirst into this artistic adventure! However, this time around I thought it might be fun to give it a little twist... Every week I will find a random adjective and draw a Wes accordingly. I also encourage any artist, aspiring or experienced, to join me in this challenge and post your artwork in this thread. So without further ado, let's get into it! Wes-a-week #1 Word of the week is COOL I decided to draw a cool thriumphant Wes riding his dapper invisible chopper. Black and white for extra coolness.
  13. Warly's DST Debut Ideas

    Our boy made it in! Our taste buds are saved! (I thought of a minor perk idea, what if Warly gained a bit of sanity every time he gave someone a crockpot meal? It would have to be fresh from his crockpot, of course, so you couldn't exploit it by handing out foods that were already in the icebox. )
  14. Pretty much what everyone else has said. I don't know if it's in game, but I know it was at least planned for them to die. Weather that be after a while or due to an attack, they're got a death animation where they shrivel up.
  15. UndueHen's Art

    Digital drawing of Willow incoming soon!
  16. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Oh no...
  17. New to Hamlet, need a few tips

    I did forget to say, if you still can't get any monster meat, you can just buy any meat item (drumstick or morsel) from the shop for about 2-3 oincs and then mix that with the ice. It's a bit more expensive, but it's still cheaper than the pre-made meals in the other shop.
  18. Warly's DST Debut Ideas

    I think his crockpot might be one of those items only he can use, like Willow using Bernie for warmth or Wortox’s souls. Possibly the chef pouch too?
  19. Another tip for the bunny farm, you can use the boomerang as some sort of remote controller, just be sure to move before throwing it!
  20. Well, basically they are hostile tooth trap that reload themself, they can't burn or die... ^^ kinda perfect for... anything related to kill some foolish beasts
  21. There are other easy ways to boil water... The safe ways include all 3 metal volcanoes, aquatuners, coolant from metal refineries (crude oil or petroleum) and dumping iron/regolith from space into water. The not so safe ways involve liquid hot magma.
  22. and how can we stop this spreding in a sealed base? when they are coughing they dump polluted oxygen with slimelung? Is there any "system" that we can create to stop this?
  23. New to Hamlet, need a few tips

    Ok thanks Mel Gibson. Seems the key is to wait till the bats get more numerous. Until then I'll just eat whatever I can find (a bit more difficult since I'm playing as Wigfrid).
  24. SPOM Noob Trap Edition.

    Or, if you're using multiple mechanical filters in a row (a gas sorting/storage facility for example), just put a valve at the beginning of the line to allow no more than around 995/9,950 grams of gas/liquid. If there is never a full packet, you never need the second bridge or overflow loop.
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