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  2. About 15 in Athletics nullifies tile speed bonus, duplicants run/climb with equal speed(plastic vs usual no difference). This do not include natural blocks. Is it bug or no?
  3. Broken bunker doors let the meteor shower and sun pass through. These are the two counterparts of a broken bunker door. More than that, the game don't work the way you suggest. The only way to make a building dissappear on it's own is to overheating it, so that it melt. For all other cases, it just take damages.
  4. Dupe-A-Day!

    drawing dupes being cute is my specialty
  5. Hi all Any mod to light up the shadow alongside map borders ? Or to disable it ? My annoyance is you can build the tile next the border, but you can never see what you have built, because the shade is so dark. Personnaly I would prefer clear edges but seeing all my stuff in space, a lot more than how it is vanilla. Thanks in advance to any moder that would take the time Have a nice day !
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  7. Some of this is clearly outdated. Specifically I am sure that pipes work differently now. At the time of this post the radiant pipes did not even exist. However this is still a good starting point and could largely still be correct. Just note that insulated pipes actually insulate, contrary what the old post said. Let me know, if something else changed. Would be interesting.
  8. I would have tested changing the pivots at this stage, if all is working fine now I would stick with those changes
  9. held our final science class today, and the final exam was about biomes. 

    Normal people hastily began cramming hurriedly-searched google pages in desperation, and when the oral recitations and specifications began cropping up ppl bit the dust. (One person even claimed there was winter in a tropical biome. Despite having lived in one their entire life. Oh no.) 

    But as a Don't Starve/Minecraft veteran everything was cut out for me.

    See? Video games CAN teach you a lot of things you can use IRL! If played in moderation that is.

  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    How did you manage to find my old Spore screenshot of when I made a tallbird? XD (I should see if I can remake it).
  11. Could we see some mods make it in the game?

    Sigh, due to the game being built in a 32-bit Engine its just not possible without 2 issues popping up; Atlas Sizing Memory related Crashes .tex files have a max File Size of I believe ~2000px, there are certain images that in HQ format would be larger and due to how much larger files get once they are in HQ would make the game just not run good at all and even crash due to a lack of enough memory to run Also I dont get why people even use that mod, it literally makes an inventory icon have its proper size, it will look so out of place -w-
  12. Huh, didn't know this. I didn't download the mod because it seemed like too much job for too little visual tweaks but if the mod successfully turns the twigs and hibernation vests to the HQ images (which I assume it does as it's on the top of the popularity list), why can't those images run without the mod/ implemented into the core game?
  13. Character Help

    I guess you copied "inst:WatchWorldState("isday", SpawnIceFunction)" without adding any code of your own? Of course you have to define and write the SpawnIceFunction. The error message says, tha tis trying to call a function that is nil (not defined)
  14. you need the GUID only, if you eg want to save the whole bush with all of its data within something else, eg. in your character. If you only want to save a number or string inside the bush, you dont need GUID and such stuff and the code above should work for every bush (or anything else). If it does not work, test the code with your character or attach sth to a bush with console and test if your code can save it. Because the "ondeploy" thing we already mentioned that it might not work. So first find out why it does not work.
  15. You can use engie tune up on a steam turbine, but electricity output is the same. So it is a waste of time, don't do it. It is not a big problem to run test. I construct steam turbine (in debug mode) once with engie tune up, and once without engie tune. Also, all mods were disabled during testing. One cycle later I read the value from the report tab (345.7 kj) and from a battery (22.8 kj). The value was absolutely the same both time. if you want you can run the test too. (Savegame included) There is 4-5 bug report about it. (one is mine). And Klei simply ignores it. Well maybe if now bug become popular Klei will fix it, or maybe no. Dorky Galaxy.sav
  16. Hello all, I disinter this old archive post for newest people and others
  17. Could we see some mods make it in the game?

    We've been over this, DST is not capable of running the HQ Images
  18. I confirm. Statistics on a power tab of a machine on the same power line shows turbine outputs tinkered power.
  19. Gesture Wheel is a must, it's so organic and natural for the game, writing down emotes is so unintuitive. I can also see Dusk and Night music being official, on the "play when busy" setting. The music remixes are honestly of official game quality. There is no realistic reason that 2/3 of the game should be silent. More Players mod may also deserve to be official, 6 is an arbitrary maximum player cap that can easily be overridden via a mod. WHy not default at 6 but let people increase it by default. Other than those two I don't see many mods being worthy of getting added to the game, aside from minor ones like disable mod warning, HD twigs and other items etc.
  20. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I can tell which parts this was made with and I'm not sure how to feel about that.
  21. i guess something powerful staff or very useful amulet made from moon crafting table maybe a staff that can manage moon phases
  22. Wurt

    Uncle Stan Gravity Falls.
  23. honestly don't know how it happened, I was restarting a lot and then it was blocking half the screen
  24. Myself and @Peter Han have been attempting to troubleshoot an issue with loading elements in mods and managed to get it down to a reproducible after some time. If you attempt to load more than 10 elements (that is, the 11th is the tipping point), the game crashes when unpausing existing saves or during world gen at the "Establishing personal boundaries..." step. This happens both with custom loaders and the stock element loader in the game. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no error in the log, no crash dump, and it's a crash-to-desktop without the outhouse crash screen, so there's nothing to post regarding the crash. The game simply closes and the log ends without even the usual "app quit" message at the end. More techincally, Peter came to this conclusion: We're under the impression the serialization of the elements being passed to Sim has a limit on the SimDLL side of things as the number of bytes the additional elements take up are enough to push over 16384, or something about 160 elements is an issue but 159 (the vanilla 149 + 10 custom) is okay. Because the error so heavily involves Sim, we cannot dig much deeper ourselves.
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