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Carpeted tile vs crown molding

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Carpeted tile now costs 2 reed fiber and 200 raw mineral of your choice. Im fine with that but why does it not give speed boost or more decor boost than crown molding. At the moment there is no reason to waist your reed fiber when you can just make everything out of crown molding for 200 raw minerals

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6 minutes ago, Timych said:

Then, carpet not very useful. Usually, there is not much reed fibre early game.

IDK. I'm on cycle 31 and I have carpeted my barracks and I have 15 fibers left.



Game set to pessimistic with weak immune systems, but everything else normal.  Yes, sandbox is available, but I haven't used it.

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I think a neat addition to carpet tiles would be some sort of heat retention modifier (maybe even tying its decor value to an ideal temperature). Nobody likes cold toes when they wake up, and I like the idea of a completely useless home-away-from-home in a cold biome with some heated flooring for comfort.

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