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  2. Accept an anemic dupe, because the -6 athletics is at least better than another unconstructive. Watch them pass over the meal lice to grab barbecue for their first meal. Watch them immediately choose an errand requiring an atmo suit. Watch their little legs spin around and go nowhere. Every single time.
  3. Where is my hydrogen going?

    I don't think it is. You don't need hydrogen generators. Fill the nat gas gen room with hydrogen, once, and cool it down with wheezes. Do this BEFORE there's any heat in the system. Then the nat gas gens will make cold PW to serve as their own thermal mass, and become self-sustaining.
  4. Where is my hydrogen going?

    But natural gas generators ARE a heat sink. Their output is the same temp as the building, so the colder you get the building beforehand the more heat they will delete. Try this: build a generator in an insulated box, with a wheezewort on both sides and a mesh tile at the base of one wall to drain PW onto something hot. Fill with hydrogen, allow to chill to -10. Turn it on and enjoy your free cooling.
  5. I typically string the wires along my "main" ladder and write off the decor bonus. By the time I have dupes who need it, I'm able to make a secondary base and better access routes for the elite snobs to use without mingling with the unwashed masses.
  6. Nm, misunderstood your description. A picture would help if you still have the base.
  7. A metal statue will count even without being sculpted. A mediocre (middle tier) artist can satisfy the req with a tall statue or a large painting. Whichever threshold you find easier to reach. Mi-ma says she can call her darn dining room whatever she wants.
  8. Water Boiler

    A big chunk of the game is about constructively utilizing byproducts and waste. It would defeat the purpose if there were a specialized building for every task. I think it'd be nice if the tepidizer had its cap removed, but I wouldn't regard that as an oversight. Boiling water is far from an insurmountable problem.
  9. I get it, you just want the oil refinery to run unmanned. Your real problem is the buggy behaviour that makes it hard to keep manned. Move it closer to your base, fiddle with priorities. If you don't have a dupe dry humping it like an excitable chihuahua there's still more you can do.
  10. Well, when you start launching rockets you can get stuff from space that'll make aquatuners not overheat while boiling oil to sour gas. The process of building rockets to reach those materials is practically a tutorial in boiler construction itself.
  11. Move your oil refinery closer to your base. When it's too far away, dupes tend to get distracted easily. Also, make sure you have an engineer who'll prioritize operate jobs above the rest of the errands. Oil refineries make a ton of petroleum, they're just finicky. If you want to try making a janky mid-game oil boiler, and I heartily suggest you do try at least once, you can use a metal refinery for heat production. Heat up petroleum, pipe it through oil to cool and back into the refinery. Otherwise wait until you have access to space.
  12. By building an aquatuner instead. It's a tepidizer, not a boilinizer.
  13. You didn't LOSE a game, you GAINED free sour gas!
  14. It's also very late game. Gradually breeding wheezeworts the way we do crop seeds could scale early cooling enough to replace the mid-game sieve.