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  1. It's like watching someone use a sushi belt in Factorio. What pestilent morass are you draining that you need to handle that kind of variety in waste gases?
  2. Toasty, but they're in perfect comfort, I assure you. The magic number is 70C. If you don't have anything higher than that temperature pushing heat into that area, they'll be fine. It sounds counter-productive but if you *need* to push through a hot zone, slowly mine it out first. Dig two tiles below your floor level, and put down an insulated tile above an air gap holding the debris. It halves the mass of the hot material and keeps it from heating the air, which will cool relatively quickly.
  3. How much plastic, and what's easy? 1) Make a drecko stable out of your mealwood farm. Shave any glossies that pop out. Seal the ceiling and you'll probably get some H2 there so you'll get more shears out of each drecko, if not, meh. Productivity: Low. Enough plastic for turbines. Ease: High. You already have a mealwood farm, just close it in and add scissors. Time: High. Consider the drecko. He is in no hurry to reach the grooming station. He is already fabulous. 2) Shove a plastic extruder next to your refinery. Let it cook itself with its steam, then rebuild it if you need more. Productivity: High As much as your existing cooling infrastructure can handle. Ease: Low. You need to already be doing oil stuff. Time: Low. Plastic starts coming immediately. 3) Do the slightest amount of either of the above to discover the material, and wait for more to plop out of the welfare pod. Productivity: Three puft eggs and a bluff briar seed. Ease: Maximum laziness. Time: When the RNG deigns to smile upon you, i.e. the cycle after you give up and start doing it the hard way.
  4. I wouldn't mind a set of "megacritters" that behave like the originals but have all values multiplied by 8 and sprites doubled in size. Maybe as a late-game thing with a space age super-incubator that takes eight eggs and hatches one mega?
  5. Rimworld?

    Let's have a look at my steam stats: Rimworld: 602 hours Oxygen Not Included: 1347 hours Factorio: 2857 hours Those numbers are padded because all three games can be left paused in the background without melting my computer so I tend to just not turn them off, but that's about the right ratio. Rimworld's a good game that's worth playing, but once you learn it you find each game plays similarly. Many of the things that need doing have only one real way to do them. For example, beyond the midgame you'll need to make a killbox to fend off increasing waves of raiders. Where and of what and how big your killbox is is up to you, but you're going to need one. Medieval Times + Cults + boreal start location = the coziest dark monastery you'll ever get to play. Grow hops and weed, worship Shub-Niggurath for tentacled horrors and all the demon goats you can eat. [ETA] There's some neat new stuff since the last time I looked into the game. Gonna have to try out the spaceship mod. It outwardly looks like the Space Exploration mod for Factorio, which is a fun ride.
  6. Around 48. If you stagger their potty breaks by one time block, someone will be wanting to go just as the toilet becomes available. The downside is the seat will still be all warm.
  7. You'd need a total overhaul mod. The game is balanced around an open loop system with matter entering and leaving all the time, from dupes deleting oxygen when they breathe but creating water when they pee (but only in a toilet), to wild plants creating mass but farmed plants deleting it. You'd have to redo pretty much every entity to close all the loops, that's a big job. If you'd be satisfied with something only kind of like that, try out Pholith's Emptera map. It gives you the starting biome surrounded by space. The typical fast sprawl will kill you quickly, you need slow growth that exploits renewables to find enough geysers for long-term sustainability.
  8. This thread might be better off in the modding subforum. Pholith has made a number of excellent challenge maps. I'm currently playing Ganymede, which starts you in space with a layer of frozen hell atop a salt ocean before you get to any good stuff. The building mods I'd most recommend are Buildable Natural Tiles and Half-Door. Simple QoL changes that improve planning and aesthetics. I'm terrible enough at organization that vanilla buildings can make the spaghetti to keep me entertained. But next on my list of new mods to try is a carbon dioxide overhaul mod whose name I forget, that hugely boosts CO2 waste but adds new buildings and plant options to reprocess it.
  9. It's meant to be a very cold map, much colder than Rime. Almost entirely ice of various kinds with flecks of stone. Liquid pockets of methane, hydrogen, etc everywhere, so power's abundant but you'll want to keep heat from escaping your base or else everything will melt. I started with it first, but then I did Vesuvia as a gimmick to test getting rid of abyssalite, only that turned out to be survivable and fun, so I just haven't gotten back to the cold yet.
  10. You'll need to turn to mods if you want anything genuinely challenging. I have a mod, Vesuvia, that's Volcanea without abyssalite: I can also heartily recommend Pholith's Emptera mod (it's on Steam), which gives you the starting biome and that's about it. The first is a chaotic scramble to secure resources before the heat does, the second is a forced march to early-game sustainability.
  11. Water sieve outputs clean and salt water

    Could there have been some in the pipes beforehand? The sieve will only sieve polluted water. Clean water and salt water get passed through without energy use or heat generation.
  12. [Game Update] - 353289

    Do not want. There's too much cliquish infighting as it is.
  13. [Game Update] - 353289

    Now they don't need all 7 tiles free to get full production.
  14. [Game Update] - 353289

    Boozebeans are go
  15. NERD MODE ACTIVATED Frankenstein was the surname of the monster, who regarded himself as Victor Frankenstein's son. His first name was Adam.