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  1. Could there have been some in the pipes beforehand? The sieve will only sieve polluted water. Clean water and salt water get passed through without energy use or heat generation.
  2. Do not want. There's too much cliquish infighting as it is.
  3. Now they don't need all 7 tiles free to get full production.
  4. NERD MODE ACTIVATED Frankenstein was the surname of the monster, who regarded himself as Victor Frankenstein's son. His first name was Adam.
  5. Your FrozenCore trait file is missing the additionalUnknownCellFilters tag. Compare it with the vanilla one.
  6. It is case sensitive. I would strongly advise using Dev for now, because Local will get caught in infinite restart loops if version information is not available in a mod. Dev (usually) gives you a stern warning and lets you proceed anyway. I'm currently making a topic in the mod forum about this. [ETA] No, it's some kind of hash check that's always returning that content has changed, not a versioning problem.
  7. I just wanted to add a quick note missing in the OP: the non-Steam mod folder for Linux users is ~/.config/unity3d/Klei/Oxygen Not Included/mods/Dev
  8. Volcanea is acceptably painful now: [ETA] Note this is with the new volcano traits. If the magma is spawning far enough from the starting biome to have a full abyssalite layer, it will. It then needs POIs to overlap with the abyssalite.
  9. Wrangling work on fliers now? Not being able to corral the little bastards was my tipping point. I get what Klei was going for with indirect control, but it just made something marginally useful into something not worth the trouble.
  10. The decor plants seem to provide different morale depending on what their surrounding gas is. Buddy bud is +26, radius 5 in polluted oxygen and (+15,2) in CO2. Mirth leaf appears to need < 800g chlorine, and bluff briar is CO2. Was it always like that?