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  1. I've never measured it, but I think pwater offgassing can overpressurize in a mixed oxygen environment. I typically use suits exclusively so it's a bit of a sewer outside my living quarters. I never bother cleaning polluted water, and I usually see pressures in the 3-4k range.
  2. Could have sworn this was the suggestions and feedback forum, not the "it is what it is, just deal with it" forum.
  3. Unlock it when you research the metal refinery. Unlock space age material recipes when you research the protowhatchamacallitinizer. Buildings appear with a mystery icon in the menu when they can be researched; are greyed out when researched but their mats are unavailable; are colored and clickable when it becomes possible to build. Recipes should follow the same pattern, not simply appear at the last step.
  4. Just drop some water on magma without an airlock between it and your base.
  5. Click on a tile of oil. It's the "evaporation point," 400C.
  6. When starting a map, I give it a quick once-over in debug mode, then reload if I like it or reroll if I don't. I'm not picky, but if you don't have at least one slush or polluted water geyser you're in for a rough time, and without at least one metal volcano you're going to spend most of your mid-game waiting for refineries. Since it usually takes a savescum or three and since I have the memory of a goldfish, by the time I get to exploring with my dupes I've typically forgotten exactly what was where, only that there's enough of something somewhere out there, and that's mystery enough for me. This is too long of a game to realize you have a poor map at cycle 200.
  7. Factorio pipes would be great. I just can't wait until I have to tear out an entire system of pipes because one drop of a different liquid got in somehow and now nothing else will flow through them again.
  8. Open ranches are by far superior. I like having the choice, but there's just no contest. I think a couple of small changes could give each their own niche: Wild critters get a small reproduction boost when fed. Enough to slowly grow their numbers. Eggs of tamed critters are wild. Grooming stations/shearing stations only work in a stable. 'Crowded' debuff is computed by sampling the local area and counting other eggs and critters, not by room. So open ranches become more like free range habitats, where you leave food out for the wild critters who otherwise can fend for themselves and eventually gather their by/end-products. While stables exist to tame critters, boosting their metabolism and actively harvesting them and their eggs. The last point is so we can have stable designs that aren't just giant boxes of 96 mostly-empty tiles.
  9. Just make it competitive with water sieving. Powerful enough to justify stringing a cooling loop across half the map for.
  10. Or flip the priority systems around again so every delinquent job does not become a guessing game of matching implied job task to dupe preference and hidden priority order.
  11. I prefer lots of local cooling systems, with different cooling mechanisms depending on what resources are nearby. My current game has an open bathroom loop - the pwater dumps into a small cistern with an aquatuner cooling my bristle blossoms. It fills faster than it heats, so I pump the excess at ~90C to be sieved and dumped into the clean water tank. I don't bother cooling the clean water or heating the pwater further, as the efficiency wouldn't be worth the complication. My refinery system uses multiple chained refineries with oil as their coolant and heat dump. Uses more space, but so much simpler! Oil (100C) -> refinery (hot) -> refinery (Hot!) -> oil refinery (75C) -> refinery (hot) -> refinery (Hot!) -> Petroleum gen (deleted). I'm using dreckos for plastic this game, but if I wanted some polymer presses, I'd cool them with a loop just after the oil refinery step and feed them with Hot! petroleum. I have a slush geyser that I'm just starting to make use of for pepperbread. I was hoping to warm the peppers enough with the sieve and fertilizer maker but they don't quite get there, so I tossed out a pwater loop to a nearby gold volcano that I'd left exposed all game so far. The coolant seems to be making a difference; we'll see in a couple hundred cycles who wins.
  12. If by "distinct" you mean "disinfect," there's a checkbox on the germ view that will disable automatic disinfection jobs. It's the first thing I do on cycle 2 when my dupes wake up and immediately start hosing everything down.
  13. Real world hatches would simply fail to close rather than operate against a pressure gradient greater than they were built for in their capacity as a door. Same for the "line of doors making a perfect vacuum" trick. [ETA] There's a term for a device using the same mechanical effect, but designed to pump a medium: a "pump."