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  1. [Game Update] - 299241

  2. By building an aquatuner instead. It's a tepidizer, not a boilinizer.
  3. It's also very late game. Gradually breeding wheezeworts the way we do crop seeds could scale early cooling enough to replace the mid-game sieve.
  4. In addition to Sasza's buildings, there's a whole other class of building whose outputs are fixed to the temperature of the building and the input temps are ignored. Natural gas generators are the most prominent examples: cool the gens down to -10 before switching them on, and they'll make -10 polluted water basically forever because they create their own thermal mass. It's not as convenient as a totally fixed temperature, but it is very capable of deleting a large amount of heat nonetheless. I think there's a long enough shopping list for the devs to make a "Thermal Update" in the future. Remove the heat deletion exploits but add wheezewort breeding, space radiators, buffed AETNs (maybe eventually buildable with space materials), and you ought to end up with a fairly straightforward heat management progression.
  5. [Game Update] - 296878

    The decor plants seem to provide different morale depending on what their surrounding gas is. Buddy bud is +26, radius 5 in polluted oxygen and (+15,2) in CO2. Mirth leaf appears to need < 800g chlorine, and bluff briar is CO2. Was it always like that?
  6. And I'm explaining that your concerns are always going to be very niche cases, because if they ever do arise you have bigger problems to worry about. Without seeing your setup it's hard to provide concrete advice, but cycle 60 is well beyond what it should reasonably take you to get food going, and batteries really should not be the culprit in any overheating issues. Even so, there are still good options: mushrooms are my go-to early game food these days, you can stick them in any neighboring slime biome and their temperature will be fine; and in the process of excavating all of your muckroots you've also rescued a lot of hatches. Try starting an early ranch and living off eggs. Each set of 8 hatches should feed three dupes (give or take) on bbq and omelettes with eggs left over for replacement.
  7. I would suggest that if your dupes find themselves in these situations, they are having a very bad time and you probably shouldn't hold it against them. You will probably have more success just finding more food than handling the particulars of starvation. There's usually quite a lot of muckroot buried in the temperate biome. Excavate all of the buried tiles in the starting area. It'll either be food, a hatch you can kill for food, or seeds you can grow for food.