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  1. well the problem seems to have gone away after completing a research tree segment that doesnt include atomic research
  2. might be completing any research at the atom collider is causing me to crash
  3. game crashes when radiation refinement research is completed. this is very consistent happens every time i complete that spot on the research tree. i had the test branch active when this started and i have tried 1 more time with live branch and got the same results
  4. loaded into game cant see any of my dupes but there names are there and i can see them breathing but they wont move after changing the name of the save and reloading all of my dupes die of starvation instantly weather i try this with an old save or not what happened .sav fixed boiler.sav
  5. same with auto sweeper will run nonstop until they overheat and break
  6. i can confirm dont click on your oxidizer tank once full set it and check your space map to see how much oxylite is in it
  7. dont know how to edit this post but you need to build the mess table then deconstruct the foundation underneath it and then you cant deconstruct it even after reconstructing the foundation