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  1. Instead of a new game maybe just a continuation of the same one Maybe make the farther away astroids with the really high tier materials not possible to get to unless you build refuiling/resupply station on a closer asteroid The cargo pods could act both ways the astroids already have very diverse bioms they would just be a full cold biom or full slime biom multiple bases might be a lot to ask for though
  2. 1000 degree thermal sensor

    just type it in was this in the patch notes i didnt see it i sure hope it stays
  3. dear baby jesus tell me this isnt a bug
  4. sounds like an opocalypse imagine purposely building a small base that can house 3 dupes near a cool enough clean water source and starting over just turning the lights out on the rest of the base and letting the remaining few dupes turn to zombie morbs after the huge hit to moral and the depression wears off slowly move back into the what remains of the broken old base doing quick supply runs for what little algea you can find or a few meal lice seeds that had been long forgotten Sorry got a little to into that one
  5. @ishakaru what I liked was that I could drop my algea distiller in a 0 degree room with some gulp fish and a compost heap and my output would be exactly the right ratio and temp for a sleet wheat farm no extra water nobover production of dirt it’s just a done deal
  6. Very quick math I think you can get 14 sleetwheat per gulp fish but you need like 30 pufts per gulp fish and they need a **** ton of po2 something like 900kg per day I think I hope my math is just wrong
  7. Haven’t thought about the critter consumption issue i do plan on using gulp fish that convert the polluted water into clean that might help
  8. But the ratio of polluted water to algea then to polluted dirt then to clean dirt is exactly what is needed for sleetwheat it1/2 algea/polluted water out of the algea distiller 1/2 algea/polluted dirt out of the gulp fish making 1/4 polluted dirt/polluted water which both convert to clean dirt clean water using compost and the gulp fish exactly what you need for the sleetwheat all these numbers I got from the wiki not sure if they are right
  9. So here’s my thought polluted o2 from vent feed it to puft algea distiller convert slime into algae gulp fish tank convert polluted water into clean and algea into polluted dirt compost polluted dirt into dirt the numbers look perfect just a ton of cooling depending on how hot your o2 is but I can’t wait to get home and try this
  10. I just leave as much of the abyssalite as I can and build around it it is still a free insulator no need to dig it out at all just make a door in it and bam a huge perfectly insulated room
  11. slicksters stop moving

    o hmm i have them on mesh tiles
  12. slicksters stop moving

    ya maybe its a bug in the beta update every slickster i have gets bugged stuck expelling waste
  13. after an hr of trying to catch one of the 3 slicksters i have uncovered without dropping back down the ladder or having a drekko run to the trap the second it is built had to kill about 7 of them now i have one in the co2 room and its just sitting there my poor rancher stops bye once a day to wave at him but nothing so i delete the tile under him and he falls into the oil and 3 cycles later hes gone so so i catch one more drop him in the oil and dead so i scum save it and build a platform under the tile hes on drop him and finally hes moving again for about 2 cycles and hes back to being hungry and sitting in one spot im guessing they are dying because the oil is 200 degrees what i dont get is why dont they swim back up to the top of the oil and why do they just sit there acting like they are in a coma
  14. Carpeted tile now costs 2 reed fiber and 200 raw mineral of your choice. Im fine with that but why does it not give speed boost or more decor boost than crown molding. At the moment there is no reason to waist your reed fiber when you can just make everything out of crown molding for 200 raw minerals
  15. so what your saying is im just dumb for some reason it seemed like the picture quality was betting in full screen