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  1. same with auto sweeper will run nonstop until they overheat and break
  2. Are temp shifts broken?

    Ive never had much luck with building polymer press on mesh tiles i would just replace the mesh with granite and move the mesh to the side this will hold a bit of water under the press and greatly help with heat transfer But to get back to the question i do remember a transfer plate bug that would cause them to stop working if you reloaded the game try rebuilding them and see what happens maybe he bug is back
  3. Mk2

    The ability to drag and drop dupes on the jobs board
  4. Game loading time

    1- small cloud top right 2- nostrils 3- missing dot on red egg 4- stone on road 5-flower bottom right I would say the dots on the top right but I feel like that’s not part of the game @Oozinator
  5. that heat exchanger is pretty inspiring i can see looping a metal refinery threw it at one point and fitting in a metal volcano at another all depending on the temp range you are working with
  6. I don’t get it as far as I can see you have one input and one output for petroleum how is this sorting anything nvm the point was to switch on and off the flow without passing threw a valve I was confused by the first part of the post where it said you were tying to only allow hot liquid into your steam turbine build
  7. If you dump the water into a liquid reservoir it will balance temp and then you just need to monitor the output temp Of the reservoir
  8. Cooling water for plants

    ok we have cool water now we need a way to tell these dupes to stop grabbing 200 C dirt and dropping it on my mealwood
  9. Instead of a new game maybe just a continuation of the same one Maybe make the farther away astroids with the really high tier materials not possible to get to unless you build refuiling/resupply station on a closer asteroid The cargo pods could act both ways the astroids already have very diverse bioms they would just be a full cold biom or full slime biom multiple bases might be a lot to ask for though
  10. 1000 degree thermal sensor

    just type it in was this in the patch notes i didnt see it i sure hope it stays
  11. dear baby jesus tell me this isnt a bug
  12. sounds like an opocalypse imagine purposely building a small base that can house 3 dupes near a cool enough clean water source and starting over just turning the lights out on the rest of the base and letting the remaining few dupes turn to zombie morbs after the huge hit to moral and the depression wears off slowly move back into the what remains of the broken old base doing quick supply runs for what little algea you can find or a few meal lice seeds that had been long forgotten Sorry got a little to into that one
  13. @ishakaru what I liked was that I could drop my algea distiller in a 0 degree room with some gulp fish and a compost heap and my output would be exactly the right ratio and temp for a sleet wheat farm no extra water nobover production of dirt it’s just a done deal
  14. Very quick math I think you can get 14 sleetwheat per gulp fish but you need like 30 pufts per gulp fish and they need a **** ton of po2 something like 900kg per day I think I hope my math is just wrong
  15. Haven’t thought about the critter consumption issue i do plan on using gulp fish that convert the polluted water into clean that might help