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  1. You don’t you build them out of thermium. I think by doing this you are still cooling them because transfer heat with the regalith as they mine it. (Please correct me if I am wrong about this.)
  2. Everybody knows the MSI aetn runs just a bit colder than most
  3. So if you were to set up a storage room you could have a bunch of compactors with random crap and then a few compactors at a higher priority and only one material each as long as they were the closest to the entrance
  4. I wounded if it matters where the container is are they grabbing from the closest container or are they specifically going for the container with the least amount in it
  5. Kinda off topic but this gave me an idea. Could we now make a killing room with poke shells
  6. You can put a liquid pipe thermal sensor on the pipe one tile before the aquatuner input run the automation wire to the aquatuner to disable it if below 14c Then you need to continue the pipe past the input and use a bridge to tie it back in to the output pipe of the aquatuner without the bridge the flow will get confused and try to run directly from the output to the input of the aquatuner
  7. Do solar panels even generate enough power to operate the bunker doors above them. How much more effective is it to just use the heat from the bunker ceiling to directly run the turbine
  8. A new stress reaction binge drinking
  9. Micro delivery fails, duplicant stuck in loop

    same with auto sweeper will run nonstop until they overheat and break
  10. Oxidizer and liquid fuel tanks

    i can confirm dont click on your oxidizer tank once full set it and check your space map to see how much oxylite is in it
  11. mess table can't be deconstructed

    dont know how to edit this post but you need to build the mess table then deconstruct the foundation underneath it and then you cant deconstruct it even after reconstructing the foundation
  12. can't deconstruct mess table