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  1. Sure, and that's fine, it'd just be nice to be able to roll back to something playable after a couple crashes, instead of walking away from the game until it's fixed(or forever if someone gets annoyed enough)
  2. They are not the only one having the problem. It seems to be quite a number of us that are running into non-stop crashing with this update. It is honestly 100% unplayable. The moment I try to use any production building the game hangs, then drops to desktop.
  3. Hard crashes seem to be caused by the microbe musher for me too.
  4. Awwwww.... Haha, jk. I mean it does mean I have to do some rebuilds, but it's a good idea. And in amongst the rest of this is nbd either way. For the rest, huzzah! Awesome how much attention is paid to user concerns. This is how Early Access should be. That's an interesting question. It's kind of a one time cost, unlike food, but now there are so many more things that use it that reducing the cost might make sense. Though doing so too much feels like it would devalue all the work needed to get dreckos to properly work.
  5. Kiln causes crash if you try to stop an order in progress, either by changing priorities or deconstructing kiln.
  6. Yeah, I think the 'no workable orders' bug happens whenever an order cannot be immediately filled and is checked. It therefore happens to any production building if there is a momentary loss of power, but also happens with any building that uses water at any moment there isn't pre-bottled water sitting around and the bottler is momentarily in use for something else. This gets recorded as 'no water available' and glitches the building. The same general problem with two separate catalysts. Though this also points to an issue in how scheduling of water bottling functions.
  7. The specific work orders did not have a clash, as I was making liceloaf. So it might still be that it is any 2 that have any possible work orders that overlap, but that would end up being most every station and hard to test for, and at this point I don't see a lot of evidence to suggest that that is what is going on.
  8. "No workable orders' issue does not require 2 buildings pulling the same materials. Occurred with only a micro musher, no super computer.
  9. Oh, hey, not to derail, but how do you pop up that info on this game?
  10. Yeah, the super computer was my original collision I think.
  11. Ok, got a screen shot this time. 'No workable orders'. This issue will wipe out an entire colony if you don't keep a constant watch on your food production or build out way ahead of things. Have plenty of materials and have liceloaf set to infinite, but no workable orders. This one happens regardless of the number of producers, and is why I made so many mushers. It allows me to overproduce a bunch all at once before they all quit out, making it slightly less likely I will suddenly have everyone starve to death. But now it's happening nearly constantly. And when it happens to one building it happens to them all.
  12. More production issues: if you have 2 production sites that require the same material, they have some kind of collision and will often fail to recognize the existence of the material. This means that large bases are pretty likely to result in mass starvation.
  13. Production issues: the spamming of not enough resources seems well and truly gone(hurray!), but production sites still seem to occasionally 'forget' their tasks. The task is still set via the controls and the building shows no sign that it has no orders(no icon), but dupes don't use it, and the "current order/next order" section reads "No workable orders".