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What DLC do you guys want? Or do you want one?

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  1. 1. Do you hope to have any DLC in the game?

    • It’s a definite YES.
    • I don’t expect too much on it.
    • Nope.

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20 minutes ago, Sasza22 said:

I`m hoping this game goes the route of Don`t Starve and gets multiple DLC later on. But for now i feel weird talking about DLC content when the game isn`t finished yet.

Sorry guys,

I mean, after the main part of the game is finished.

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I really want some sort of cosmetic upgrade. While the mechanical part of the game is the core, it's really fun to really style your base the way you want to. Maybe the ability to pick colors of objects in the game.

The whole spamming painting mechanic is annoying and I really wish they did something to change it. Rimworld has an emphasis on wallpaper and tiles for decor and make art a lot more rare. I like that route a bit more than spamming paintings everywhere. 

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