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  1. Night Sword's durability is multiplied by the Log Suit's? I looked in prefabs though and i can't find where to change the night armor's values. I'm assuming the file for it is 'armor_sanity' because there is no other relevantly named files, and in that file it doesn't refer to the log suits durability at all. *Edit* And if the night sword is supposed to have it's damage multiplied in it's file in prefab, then why is it already multiplied in tuning? Does tuning multiply it (say damage*1.5) and then it's file in prefab multiplies it again (like 1.5*2)? *Edit Edit* Found out the value i was looking for actually was in tuning.
  2. The dark sword durability and damage values are in tuning. Strangely though, the log suit and football helmet are also in this file, but not the night armor. Does anyone have/can anyone make a list of which files hold what?*Edit* If not, can someone point me to which file has the night armor values please?
  3. I think they may be so clever, they put in a phony texture in case anyone did something like this to reveal it. Maybe by the time the update hits, we will never see this "deerclops" texture in-game. And this is Don't Starve! we're talking about here. It's perfectly possible. All i know is don't starve has yet to fail us, and it's not going to start now.