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  1. I thought that deerclops looked damn scary o.O....just wait till you're face to face, THEN it'll scare the **** outta you.
  2. This is why I use Steam...It sounds to me from what others are saying and your post that you're not dealing with coding, just a simple file change. Play Minecraft? if so, you'd be a pro at it XD
  3. Yeah I'm not sure how that works, one time I hit him and he ran off another and he attacked me and wouldn't leave(which is why I had to kill him) so I guess it just depends on his mood XD
  4. I often get krampus with killing birds, I killed him on day one by kiting XD he hit me once but i dodge the rest, he didn't drop anything useful besides charcoal :/
  5. So, I have a great world with a place I always set by some beefalo. But I have a question, on this world there are only 3 rocks to mine, after that there's nothing, is there a way to get more and get a mine of some sorts going? Same for the beefalos. The herd only has 3, can they get more?
  6. I was browsing the wiki when I saw a post about recruiting a pig army, how can you get pigs, if you can, to follow you?
  7. Beefalo spawning seems like a essential o.O I'm surprised to see they don't respond...
  8. o.O um....my longest length is a week...So, yeah... Found a good map though.
  9. I completely agree with you, I've heard some people saying they want it so you almost have to move on eventually.But that's not the way to have the whole game go, let people play it how they like. If I want to build up the entire world to get rid of most threats and be safe and happy. What's wrong with that? Why get rid of the option entirely, if you want to explore, explore, if you want to build and hunker down, do so. That option of going the way you choose to play is what made Minecraft such a hit.
  10. Why would it be trolling? Obviously Maxwell is the demon but nothing happens after he put you there. It's interesting to think he does SOMETHING later in the game.
  11. So I bought this game thinking "What the heck, seems ok, I've got money to spare. Probly nothing good though...(Despite looking them up to make sure they were for me, I've been buying some games that didn't turn out how I planned lately.) Now, I've been playing since I bought it at 5pm today, would play longer, can't wait for the weekend. You guys made a game that I put up by Minecraft. And to compete with Minecraft's success, is almost unheard of. Thank you so much for making this. One complaint though...I was sad to hear a confirmation of no multiplayer, not even in the future when you guys are done with the initial game? I'm talking like, 1-2 years from now but really, never!?
  12. EXACTLY. This happens with a lot of games when fans get the option to help with making the game, which is great, but players tend to want to break way from the game's origin. Which is AWFUL!
  13. Oh God no! The game is still very new it needs NEW suggestions not changes to systems that already work.
  14. A lot of this I don't like, it doesn't seem to fit into this specific game, just because it worked for fallout doesn't mean it'll work for a indie survival game. The idea I DO like however is the npc camps, technically the pig men are suppose to cover this but a better chance of more being generated per map would be very nice.