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Rename the Masked Pig to Pig Burgler or Pig Pocket

Klei, please rename the Masked Pig to...  

11 members have voted

  1. 1. Which name do you prefer for the Pigbandit?

    • Masked Pig, please don't change
    • Pigburgler
    • Pigpocket
    • Swinedler
    • something else; comment below

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Philsam    293
7 hours ago, _midnightrain_ said:

C’est aussi une bonne idée, mais je suis à peu près sûr que ce n’est pas possible en raison de problèmes de droits d’auteur.

Pig pocket is awesome XD

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On 16.11.2018 at 7:14 PM, CaptainChaotica said:

Make this a poll!  :)

Because here's another vote for Pigpocket.


Oh... yeah, thats a great idea... wait a moment... I did!

Edit: @Wyulliam I left "Hamburgler" out, since I'm pretty sure McDonald's holds the rights for that one.

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